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  1. It's been a while since I was on NF...like a couple months. In those months, I'd been doing quite well. I'd eaten hardly any sugar (besides the artificial stuff), had stuck to a paleo diet, and worked out consistently. Then, I celebrated my birthday and it all went to pot. I GORGED myself on everything I'd denied myself and have continued to gorge myself for the last month. I also stopped exercising. To say I have an unhealthy relationship with food is an understatement. I just like to eat, and I usually like to eat the stuff that's horrible for me. So, I've basically eaten away and sat away all the progress I'd made over 3 months. Now, I'm back in that cycle of not caring. HELP!
  2. Do you know of any guides/suggestions for snacks? Healthy fats? Maybe something would give me a model of what a balanced day of food might look like.
  3. I've been doing pretty good with my diet for the past couple weeks. My main focus right now is to stop eating refined sugar. Hi, my name is Doug, and I'm a recovering sugar addict. And no, I don't write that for comedic effect...I seriously LOVE anything sweet. ANYWAY, I've been doing well with my diet. A little cheese and peanuts/peanut butter has crept in here and there, but nothing too major. It's been about two solid weeks and in the last couple days, I've had an insatiable appetite. I've been reaching for food all the time. I've not caved and gone back to my old habits. Is this sort of thing normal? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? How do I curtail this psychological hunger?
  4. Hi Sammy! I can relate to your story. I was once at 250 lbs and managed to lose 50 of those lbs. My new goal is to lose about 6% of my body fat. You can totally do it!
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