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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I joined the current 6 week challenge with 4 weeks to go! I haven't done one in a year so I figured, better late than never!
  2. Day 1 (11/16/2015) Morning Update: First thing I did after I woke up this morning was go for a 5 minute walk. When I got home, I started breakfast and studied my Russian flashcards while it was cooking. I'm about to eat breakfast now and then I'll be starting work. I'm hoping to do my Recruit workout either during lunch break or after work. And then will be going on a walk sometime after work to get my steps up to 10k. Evening Update: Finished my Recruit workout for the day. I read through the rest of the fitness guide on the academy and decided that I'll be moving on to the Bodyweight Brigade exercises. That will give me a bit of variety compared to doing the Recruit workout every day. A small win: I made myself do some jogging in place throughout my workday so I am up to 3100 steps even though I didn't leave my tiny 1 bedroom apartment. In a little bit when my wife gets home, we plan on going for a walk (either treadmill or outside, weather permitting) so that I can get up to my 10k steps.
  3. Just starting the 6 week challenge! Need to get caught up as I haven't done one in a while. I plan on focusing on flexibility and bodyweight training. Wanting to build small habits first to get myself headed back in the right direction. Overall, for this challenge, I want to focus on building habits. My goals will be small, but hopefully steady. Goal #1 Do the Recruit workout 3 times a week. Since week 1 and 2 are already passed, that will means I'll have 12 workouts to do. Goal #2 10,000 steps a day! A small side quest that will go with this, is to do a 5 minute walk every morning for the first 7 days to complete the Walk to Mordor quest in the Academy. I plan on continuing with that habit after the first 7 days. Goal #3 Stretching every day! I have a stretching routine that I got from the StartBodyweight website that I'll be doing every day. Life Goal I've been studying Russian off and on for the past couple years but I want to take the next month to focus and do it consistently. At least for a month.
  4. Sorry guys, I've been super busy and haven't been able to do any exercising related stuff. But I started tracking everything i eat and that is going well. 4 days down so far.
  5. I like the idea of taking pictures. It'll help me be honest haha. If I write down that I had cheetohs, I can gloss over that pretty easily but if I have a collection of photos with a bunch of healthy food and then a bag of cheetohs in the middle of it, I won't like that haha
  6. I think for fitness goals, I could probably start my "Walk to Mordor" quest. Is that good enough to count towards the 8 exercises for the week?
  7. I just found this cool looking app to keep track of your food but not be a calorie counter like myfitnesspal makes people. (I really have to avoid counting. Takes a lot of work and then I give up) "TwoGrand is a new app for reaching your health goals. Join me!www.twogrand.com/main/open-app" My username is: sircharleswatson Add me and help keep me accountable!
  8. I'm not sure if I'm gunna be able to do that :/ I've got a big project that I have to work on outside of work and I'm trying to focus my energy towards my nutrition goals. Holding off on the fitness stuff for now.
  9. I've been gone for a really long time. Like, 10 months or something like that. I just finished a 6 week boot camp and it was great but I think I want to start working out at home instead of going to a class. (Saving money and all that jazz). So I just joined The Academy and I'm having a hard time in the Mindset module. My current "quest" is to create real-life rewards for completing my goals but I am totally not creative enough to think of any good ones. My current, very small, but measurable goals are to: 1. Add 1 serving of veggies to my breakfast every day 2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal every day 3. Go for a short 5 minute walk first thing every morning 4. Limit myself to 1 non-water beverage per day 5. Stop going out for lunch at work. So, can someone please help me try to create some real-life loot that I can gain by completing my quests? I'd really appreciate it Thanks!
  10. Ahh!! Guys, it's not going so well. I am totally failing this challenge right now. I got a new phone and since I don't have a job, I've totally been slacking and playing with it for the past few days. And with the weather, it's been hard to get all of my steps in. Some days I'm over, and some days I'm drastically under. I haven't been working out either :/ I have studied some, but not as much as I would like. But there's still time i guess right? Also, email notifications have been getting annoying and that was what was helping me to keep up with the rebellion. Any tips from you guys would be appreciated.
  11. The mini-challenge is complete! Great job guys! That was super fast!
  12. Did 100 high-knees today during my 5 minute jog/warm-up for my bodyweight routine! Woot!
  13. Today was definitely a battle! I almost passed out doing my exercise routine today. I realized that the "weight loss" version of my routine starts with a lot higher reps than I should be doing and therefore I am compromising on form. So I'm going to bump down to 4/4/4 for each exercise and go from there. That is the standard "basic" routine. For my step goal today, at the time I'm writing this, I still have 2227 steps to go. My wife and I are planning on going for a walk after dinner so I should be able to finish that off pretty easily. I also got in the 2 chapters of reading that I needed to do today so I feel pretty productive. Especially considering that I started the day off with 3 hours of TV. haha.
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