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  1. Try /r/weightroom, it's really good. I like /r/bodyweightfitness most of the time too, and the mods really stay on top of quality now.
  2. That is mild annoyance. This is me losing my shit.
  3. Oh look, it's this thread again. Using the search function will give you plenty of opinions.
  4. Yes, it's a good routine, but bodyweight strength work is as taxing as lifting weights, so it's not something you should be doing on your off days.
  5. You could also just keep the elbows in.
  6. Disil, you could use a little more ROM at the bottom judging from the first set, but looks very solid otherwise. There's likely some other factors going on in Waldo's example as I've gotten stronger in weighted pulls and consequently learned to pull very explosively. The trick is to try and explode up on every rep, even during your warmup sets.
  7. EE you mean with the hip snap? That looks so ugly.
  8. Goddammit why does everyone always want to make every bodyweight workout a circuit? It's very likely going to hamper your strength gains if you do it like that.
  9. Okay, this comes dangerously close to medical advice, but here's what you'll want to be doing: you need to regress the movement until it comes to a point where you can do a bit of work. Then you do that work up until your forearms start complaining, and right at that point you stop. Ask your body to increase its capacities, but don't push it hard. If all goes well you'll see some improvement over time.
  10. Shoulder look fine. You should work on your compression ability.
  11. Range of motion is the range through which you move. For instance, the top of a pushup is a plank with straight arms, and then you go down until your chest is to the floor. That's full ROM, whereas if you'd stop halfway, you'd be doing less ROM.
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