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  1. I'm from South Bay.. trying my luck here! I used to be pretty regular jogging on the trails in san jose/ santa clara. I'll pick up the habit again now that summer is around the corner
  2. Great diet! I should try the green smoothie that you're having regularly. My protein powder does not mix well with the oats!
  3. Hello Sunshine, I dig your Main Quest SFO has a great half marathon this July, and I'm hoping to take part as well. You're right, sweating is the best way to deal with stress and sticky situations. Wish you all the best.. you're setting a great example for the kids! What distance do you run typically? I found making a schedule and gradually increasing distance very helpful.
  4. <Reposted in the Woot Room > After about 10 days of starting a new routine, I'm finally below 180 pounds weight. Wohoooooooo !!!!! I was 186 pounds on Jan 2nd, and 178.8 on Jan12. This feels great and it calls for a celebration right? My 6 weeks challenge is to lose 15 pounds overall while maintaining muscle. The first few pounds came off easily. The last few days required more patience... I hope to keep the momentum going - I'm pumped!!
  5. Foood ! Its been 10 days since I started eating healthy, and things are looking really good. Compared to the usual carb overload that I used to call lunch, my lunch consists of only veggies and a dab of feta cheese. I dont eat meat, so I make sure to have tofu or egg for my proteins. I'm so glad my office has a full salad bar - gives the the variety that I so badly crave. I've stocked up my home with fruits. I've noticed that I feel like (over)eating when I'm stressed, or when I'm alone in the house with no major plans for the day. During these times I make it a point to remain hydrated and attack em fruits!
  6. Hey there, great set of goals! 7lbs in 8 weeks sounds achievable - especially if you stick to ( No pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, grains, lentils or other starchy/carby ‘naughties’. ) and drink lots of water. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you I'm trying to lose 15lbs by Feb end. I noticed that the first few pounds came off more easily than the rest. So we really to persevere till the end - change the routine a bit and keep ourselves motivated. All the best girl!
  7. That's a bad-ass storyline right there! Great challenge. I didn't enjoy running in the beginning too. But it became involuntary ( and even pleasurable) after a few weeks of practice, and by maintaining a log book regularly.
  8. All the best, dude! And thank you for introducing Sworkit to me
  9. Great goals, and double congrats on including your family! I'm curious to see how your 'no milk in coffee' quest goes I love my coffee too and not having it can make me quite cranky. I've started using less sugar in my coffee, I'll get reducing milk when I'm more brave
  10. I love the Spreadsheety goodness.. I use one just like it! All the best
  11. Jan 08 : 30 min of exercise on the elliptical interval style ( ~450 cals ) 10 ab crunches ( still sore from doing this last time) Shoulder press 2 reps of 10 each. I can feel my endurance improve over the last five days
  12. Hey there. Yes, 15 lbs isnt easy.. thats why I'm keen to get a headstart - I'm sure there will be off days! The workout is the basic one described for beginners . In addition I do 1-2 routines with weights and some sit-ups on my gym days. I want to make sure I dont lose muscle, but not looking to gain muscle par se.
  13. - Eat some veggies every day -- I like that! Its not easy the first few days but after the first couple of weeks this is very rewarding!
  14. I like the points system! And feeling sore is a good thing right.. all the best!
  15. ah, I really like the grading system ( and the highly precise Quests ). All the best you!!
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