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  1. How do you like it there so far? I'm still on Oregon, but I was just back home like two weeks ago for awhile.
  2. Hey!!! Long time Trout Creek resident here temporarily transplanted to the coast, but I'll be back on our property one day!
  3. Thank you dayzee! I am very determined. =)
  4. So I started a little early and posted a little late =) I've always had a problem with morning workouts. I like sleep to much so I end up failing miserably, but this time I'm just going to try things differently, and I am going to succeed. I will be doing all my exercise after work at about 8 PM. My Main Quest I want to drop two pant sizes. My Goals I will eat more fruits and veggies, get back into cooking more paleo meals.I will walk/jog an hour or more every night.I will plank according to a schedule I have every night after I have a friend who is going to help keep me on track wi
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