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  1. Challenge week two Day: Monday Water: Yes! Walk: Yes! Eat: Yes! Italian: Yes! Day: Tuesday Water: No Only drank 2 litres as I was taking care of my little one and didn't even think about water Walk: Yes Eat: Sorted Italian: Started adjectives Day: Wednesday Water: Yes! Walk: Yes! Eat: Yes! Italian: Carried on with adjectives Aaaaargh! Having a 3 month old is not conducive to daily updates. Managed water and walking but went over my calories on Sat (wine...mmmm) after a particularly trying day Overall grade: B
  2. Challenge week one Day: Monday Water: 3 litres on the dot! My Mushrimp even levelled up and now has a friend in the pot (Plant Nanny) Walk: Did 17 mins of walking. Eat: Ate well today and made a good choice when I was starving in the afternoon on the way to the chiropractor Italian: Strengthened prepositions twice. Still haven't reached full strength yet so will do it again on Tues. This is the last skill I need to strengthen before I pick up again where I left off when the nerve pain stopped me from typing last year. Day: Tuesday Water: Done and dusted Walk: DId a
  3. Main quest: Reach 70 kg or under by the end of 2016 - I suffer from idiopathic polyneuropathy caused (apparently) by pregnancy. The heavier I am, the worse the pain and numbness seems to be, so for now I need to focus on the scale numbers. Challenge goals: 1. Drink three litres of water every day - track on Plant Nanny A - perfect record B - missed target 6 days or less during challenge C - missed target 12 days or less during challenge F - missed target by 13 days or more 2. Walk a minimum of 10 mins outside every day - track on The Walk A - perfect record B - missed target 6 days or less
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