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  1. Welcome, Sarah! We both found this the same way. I'm looking to get some accountability in my workouts this year and stumbled across this site. Don't worry about what people think when you walk into the gym. I feel the same way but you just have to put your head down and power through it. What matters is that you're going and screw what everyone else thinks! Keep at it!
  2. Welcome, Allen! I've joined up for the same reason - trying to figure out how to exercise correctly and get some accountability in my training regemin.
  3. You've already made the hardest step and that's realizing and taking the first step to change! Good luck in your challenge and welcome to NF!
  4. That's really cool! I'm new here too and really love doing outdoors stuff like that. I wish I had a chance to do all the stuff you've done! Keep at it!
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