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  1. This is the beginning of third week so here is the progress Weigh in W - 264.6 (-2lbs) BF - 27.3 (+.2 %) Stomache 45" (-.5") Chest 45" (+- 0) Lifts My theoritical max since I started the program has gone up on my BP and OHP by 15lbs, which is kind of awesome.I would say on the OHP it still is noob gains and getting more comfortable with the lift itself. It's been interesting. I feel like I simply can't get or find enough food, but mentally am telling myself to reign it in a bit, so after workouts I feel like Which brings m
  2. Hey all! sorry about the absentness. Here is the workout for the rest of the week, i gave up on the counting calorie thing. Wednesday 11/9/16 Squat Day BB squats - 4x4 @ 240lbs BB squats - 1x20 @ 140lbs Leg Press - 4x20 @ 230lbs Stiff Legged DL's 3x6 @ 230 Seated Leg Curls 5x10 @ 130 Thursday 11/10/16 Kickboxing Conditioning ( 4x 30sec on / 20sec off "110lbs hang cleans"/" 45lbs each renegade rows"/" freestyle kicking the bags" Kickboxing Drills (drilling evasions and counters) BJJ (practicing getting into Side mount)
  3. I find your lack of food pictures, from New orleans, disturbing.
  4. Ohhh man, election day. i don't know what it was yesterday, but I got home and just had a big case of the "I don't wanna" Macros Fat Carbs Prot Cals 82.95 299.42 223.71 3003 Lunch walked about 1.5miles on lunch Short and sweet today.
  5. Alright so quick update here. I don't really jump on the forum much on the weekend, so there are a few things to list. Friday Crazy day and I can tell by the food 3740 calories, 189.69g of fat, 351.55g of carbs and 172.84g of Protein Workout skipped morning stretching and lunch walking Lifting session Deadlift 4x4 @ 330lbs Powershrugs 2x20 @ 105lbs Bent over Row 5x10 @ 95lbs Assisted Pullups 5x AMRAP 2/2/1 @ 70lbs and 3/4 @ 95lbs Hammer curls 3x12 12/8 @ 30lbs and 8 @ 25lbs Did no working out over the weekend and
  6. Quick and dirty today, I am tired Fat Carbs Prot Cals 112.91 326.69 253.62 3230 Morning stretches and a tripod Evening did Muay Thai which consisted of clench drills and a 10x30sec/30sec burnout Bjj which was all take down defense
  7. Grats on the lifts!!!!! Now eat all the foods!
  8. Gonna try and keep this quick and dirty Macros Fat Carbs Prot Cals 100.79 323.63 282.11 3340 Workout Morning: Stretching and Tripod practice. Look! I held one, not the most beautiful thing, but i did it, without a wall! Lunch: Walked a bit more and caught up on some Harley Quinn. This red tool guy described exactly why I like her so much (Harley Quinn Vol 2 #28) Evening Workout Squats: 4x4 @230lbs Squats: 1x20
  9. It is super exciting, THANKS! and less sleep through, more waking up late? LOL
  10. Haha ya, especially in the morning when everything is still super tight.
  11. all year long is Horror movie year... at least imo
  12. Oh 2nd day of challenge, here we are. Well getting up this morning stunk, sleep was crap. But the almighty Alarm clock woke me up at 6am and I rolled out of bed at 6:15am. Workout This morning I did the stretches assigned in the mini challenge and tried a few tripod headstands, this whole floating my legs up thing really sucks I walked a bit on lunch but no clue how much For my normal workout in the eve, i was supposed to have kickboxing and BJJ. But silly me, fell asleep watching "Supergirl" Once i woke up I decided I needed to work out
  13. Yup, that s*** sucks big time. Something... something... be proud of them.... something... something
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