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  1. This is the beginning of third week so here is the progress Weigh in W - 264.6 (-2lbs) BF - 27.3 (+.2 %) Stomache 45" (-.5") Chest 45" (+- 0) Lifts My theoritical max since I started the program has gone up on my BP and OHP by 15lbs, which is kind of awesome.I would say on the OHP it still is noob gains and getting more comfortable with the lift itself. It's been interesting. I feel like I simply can't get or find enough food, but mentally am telling myself to reign it in a bit, so after workouts I feel like Which brings me into my next thing. Anybody read the Walking dead comics? I picked up the first compendium at the local comic book shop the other day. It is crazy and hard to put down.
  2. Hey all! sorry about the absentness. Here is the workout for the rest of the week, i gave up on the counting calorie thing. Wednesday 11/9/16 Squat Day BB squats - 4x4 @ 240lbs BB squats - 1x20 @ 140lbs Leg Press - 4x20 @ 230lbs Stiff Legged DL's 3x6 @ 230 Seated Leg Curls 5x10 @ 130 Thursday 11/10/16 Kickboxing Conditioning ( 4x 30sec on / 20sec off "110lbs hang cleans"/" 45lbs each renegade rows"/" freestyle kicking the bags" Kickboxing Drills (drilling evasions and counters) BJJ (practicing getting into Side mount) Saturday 11/12/16 Kickboxing drills - (changing levels) Kickboxing sparring with focus on the drills Deadlift Day Deadlifts - 4x4 @ 340lbs Power Shrugs 2x20 @ 110 Bent over Rows 5x10 @ 100 Assisted Pull ups (5x AMRAP) 70lbs 3/1/ 105lbs 5/5/5 Standing Curl bar curls 3x12 @ 30lbs Monday 11/14/16 Bench Press Day I tried taking two scoops of pre workout and a scoop of BCAA's before working out. This was to easy lol BP - 4x4 @ 200lbs OHP - 4x4 @110lbs incline DB press - 5x10 @ 50lbs each Tricep Push Downs - 4x15 @ 57.5lbs Arnold Presses - 5x10 @ 35lbs each Boxing bag work - 2x 3min/1min Sling shot work to work on my hip mobility to assist with kicks and squats
  3. I find your lack of food pictures, from New orleans, disturbing.
  4. Ohhh man, election day. i don't know what it was yesterday, but I got home and just had a big case of the "I don't wanna" Macros Fat Carbs Prot Cals 82.95 299.42 223.71 3003 Lunch walked about 1.5miles on lunch Short and sweet today.
  5. Alright so quick update here. I don't really jump on the forum much on the weekend, so there are a few things to list. Friday Crazy day and I can tell by the food 3740 calories, 189.69g of fat, 351.55g of carbs and 172.84g of Protein Workout skipped morning stretching and lunch walking Lifting session Deadlift 4x4 @ 330lbs Powershrugs 2x20 @ 105lbs Bent over Row 5x10 @ 95lbs Assisted Pullups 5x AMRAP 2/2/1 @ 70lbs and 3/4 @ 95lbs Hammer curls 3x12 12/8 @ 30lbs and 8 @ 25lbs Did no working out over the weekend and didn't track my food. I had a lot of burgers, hotdogs, sweet stuff and booze Weigh in (compared to first week) 266.6lbs (-1 lbs) 27.1% BF (-.4%) Stomache 45 1/2 (no change) Chest 45" ( -1") Since I am trying to become stronger I am going to add 300-500 calories a day, mostly carbs. Today Food 3605 calories, 119.43g fat, 375.23g of carbs and 255.21g of Protein Workout (compared to first week) BP 4x4 @ 185lbs (+5lbs) Incline DB BP 5x10 @ 45lbs each (+-0) OHP 4x4 @ 107.5 (+2.5 lbs) Tricep Pull downs 4x15 @ 50lbs (+ 5 lbs) Seated Arnold Presses 5x10 @ 30lbs each (+ 5lbs each) Any of you interested in DC comics. Walmart is selling packs of 3 random new 52 books for $5. They are over by the Magic cards. I picked up a pack and they were all comics I hadn't owned yet.
  6. Quick and dirty today, I am tired Fat Carbs Prot Cals 112.91 326.69 253.62 3230 Morning stretches and a tripod Evening did Muay Thai which consisted of clench drills and a 10x30sec/30sec burnout Bjj which was all take down defense
  7. Grats on the lifts!!!!! Now eat all the foods!
  8. Gonna try and keep this quick and dirty Macros Fat Carbs Prot Cals 100.79 323.63 282.11 3340 Workout Morning: Stretching and Tripod practice. Look! I held one, not the most beautiful thing, but i did it, without a wall! Lunch: Walked a bit more and caught up on some Harley Quinn. This red tool guy described exactly why I like her so much (Harley Quinn Vol 2 #28) Evening Workout Squats: 4x4 @230lbs Squats: 1x20 @ 135lbs Leg Press: 4x20 @ 235lbs Stiff legged DL: 3x6 @ 225lbs Leg Curl: 5x10 @ 70lbs For my financial Goal, I made the decision to invest in a better Car. I upgraded from a 2011 tacoma to a 2013 Camry. This comes with lower payments and better Gas mileage and since its a Sedan it also comes with the possibility of doing uber if I want to speed up the Credit Pay off thing.The fact that its fun as hell to drive makes it even better.
  9. It is super exciting, THANKS! and less sleep through, more waking up late? LOL
  10. Haha ya, especially in the morning when everything is still super tight.
  11. all year long is Horror movie year... at least imo
  12. Oh 2nd day of challenge, here we are. Well getting up this morning stunk, sleep was crap. But the almighty Alarm clock woke me up at 6am and I rolled out of bed at 6:15am. Workout This morning I did the stretches assigned in the mini challenge and tried a few tripod headstands, this whole floating my legs up thing really sucks I walked a bit on lunch but no clue how much For my normal workout in the eve, i was supposed to have kickboxing and BJJ. But silly me, fell asleep watching "Supergirl" Once i woke up I decided I needed to work out anyways Here is my workout focused on cardio and conditioning 5x 1min/1min fast walk/run on treadmill 4x 3min/1min rounds on the heavy bag 5x 45sec/20sec jump rope 3x (10 crunches/10leg raises / 10 sec rest) FOOD UGH it was birthday day at work. The day the office provides cake and cookies in celebration of all the peoples bday this month. Not a very healthy day but I kept my macros sort of in check. Fat Carbs Prot Cals 111.83 290.52 245.81 3125
  13. Yup, that s*** sucks big time. Something... something... be proud of them.... something... something
  14. HAHA not really. Houston is a city in the State of Texas. Texas is about the size of France, I live in Texas as well, but like 4.5 hours from where he is going to be.
  15. I was sort of excited at first, but then I realized Texas meant Houston. Damn you!
  16. Completely Forgot that Cheechoe had made that, oh so long ago. Definitly going to do these in the morning.
  17. Alright yay best monday ever! I'll brag in just a bit first the reason we are here. First off I do my weigh in mondays weight: 267.6 bf%: 27.5% Also today I ate 3296 calories 308.53g prot 272.5g carbs 108.92g of fat I started my morning off (can i just point out that i woke up at 6a? I have been struggling to get up at 7:15am lately) Whole body stretching A couple of tries at working my tripod (I can float my legs up without difficuly, just have issues maintaining balance) and some squat holds trying to work on my squat depth For lunch I walked for 24min no clue how far that is but it helped me not going to a fast food joint my Actual workout today consisted off BP: 4x4 @ 185lb Incline DB press: 5x10 @ 45lb each OHP: 4x4 @ 105lbs Tricep Pulldowns: 4x15 @ 45lb (the weight is light, but my arms are getting tired... boohhh) seated arnold presses: 5x10 @ 25lbs each Now here is the best part of today and why it rocks. I am a server engineer and pretty much got this job with 0 experience a little over a year ago, before that I did helpdesk work for about a year and thats pretty much it, all the IT experience I have. Today my director and manager pull me into an office and give me a raise and pretty much say that I have been doing awesome. Then my supervisor pulls me over later and says the same thing, talking about bonuses and throwing more opportunities my way and how he wants to do what he can to help me work my way up and try to keep me around as long as he can. It's feels damn good being recognized and makes working there so much easier now. SOOOOOO yay Happy!
  18. Alrighty we started this yesterday? Well it was sunday, so it was a rest day and I took that to heart and didn't do much in the sense of working out. Meal prep is done. 11 meals consisting of 10oz portions of chicken or beef, 7oz of beans, sweet potatoes or 250g of rice, and 5oz of oven roasted broccoli. I pack snacks and stuff the day off, as I do things like yoghurt etc.
  19. Well looks like challenge is starting tomorrow. Workout I have been lifting back in the gym for two weeks now. Current schedule and what I want to maintain throughout the next four weeks is. monday- Bench day Tuesday - Muay Thai and BJJ Wednesday - Squat Day or leg day really Thursday - Muay Thai and Bjj Friday- Deadlift and back day (optional) Saturday - Muay thai Sparring day. I go to this if there are no plans. I try to run on lunch to try and get my stamina up and have been actively working on getting up a little earlier every morning to try and stretch and do skills training ( hand stands, shadow boxing etc) Food I am hovering between 2500 and 3200 calories (yes huge range, I am not actively tracking, its more of a spot check here and there). I am easily hitting protein, and not scared of carbs or fat. There are a few issues with food a) I hate my office, I don't actually mind my work, but I work in a data center with no fresh air or even windows, bloody building is depressing. When lunch time comes, I tend to want to go out and eat because I need to get out for a bit, mood is shit, so I don't even want to run and I end up eating fast food. b)I am having a hard time finding a balance between eating to little and way to much. I end up not eating enough and can't perform in the gym, or eating way to much and feeling guilty with myself. I do meal prep and its good food, I am not super bored with it. So my goal is to just make sure I stick with the food and try and maybe walk on lunch or go to the local park or something instead. I already asked my office if we can put picnic tables up outside, so we shall see. Finances This is actually just a matter of self control. If I see $$$ in my account, I spend it, instead of saving it or throwing it towards CC debt. Not sure how to work on this, but something needs to give, so I will work on something. oh and man, when i made the comment about huge stack of comics, I didn't realize how many i really had... so... I will spending a lot of nights with Harley, Batman, Flash and Sandman...
  20. ALLLL the foods Important, will there be pics?
  21. Nerds will help you pick the weight up!
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