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  1. Almost a year ago since I stopped training seriously. I really miss it, the training, but I just can't fit it in my schedule. I do want to go running tomorrow. I really do. One day I'll even stop making excusesp

    1. El Exorcisto

      El Exorcisto

      Realize that saying "I can't fit it into my schedule" really is just an excuse. There are plenty of people, myself included, with full time jobs, kids, families, and winter prep that still get their work in. If it isn't a priority then admit that. If it needs to be a priority then make it one.

    2. Wolfgirl_6666


      true. You are right. as I said It's my current excuse. The day I'll stop making those is the day I'll go in full swing. It's half swing until that moment

  2. Took a little time off, but did zombierun 3.3 today:D

    1. Moriartea_time


      Zombierun sounds like such an awesome idea.

  3. Zombierun 3.2 in the snow today! because snooowwww!:D

  4. After being busy with deadlines I took a week off from running, today I started again with workout 3.1. I think I might have done really well, but I won't know for sure untill MY DARN RUN IS SYNCED WITH THE WEBSITE....damn I'm really curious now:(

    1. Steppinon D'Arrows
    2. Wolfgirl_6666


      Yaay results are in! I was faster! :o cheers all around! I ran 5.15km in 44 minutes in the third week of training, which is good for someone who has loathed running all her life:D

  5. Did run 2.3 yesterday. If I go for a run every other day I've caught up this week:P

  6. ZombieRun 2.2 Sam, why'd you have to run off:( I can't keep up with that. argh agony in the calves. Still an epic run^^

  7. Week two.1 on the Zombie Run 5K app. I'm really enjoying this and I'm even refuse to skip when other people tell me I shouldn't go since it's too late on the evening. Yes I'm aware of the fact that it is thursday. I'll get to that^^'

  8. Zombie Run 1.3 Last workout of week one. I guess than means I'll have to plan one more run to keep up:D Went outside after dark today. I didn't feel like doing that, but I had a real awesome workout. I'll go out after dark more often^^

  9. how did I run 7km today with the zombie 5K app? Can that even be right or did the accellometer glitch out?:o workout 1.2 has been completed though :D

    1. Steppinon D'Arrows

      Steppinon D'Arrows

      "Kill the zombies by shooting them in the head~! They can't eat you, if you make them dead~!" -Some song I heard somewhere

    2. Wolfgirl_6666
  10. Started the zobie 5K run running workout today. I'm in love with the story already:3 I even realy enjoy running like this :o

    1. Chris-Tien Jinn

      Chris-Tien Jinn

      Yea!! I love that app!

    2. LadyGrey


      I love it too but I never finished it (I can't run anymore ;;). It was fun to use to prep for my 1st zombie 5k obstacle course tho!

    3. Wolfgirl_6666


      oh 5k obstacle courses! I've read something about those. It's such a shame they don't really do those in the netherlands:/ I might enter on the discovery obstacle run when it comes around. less zoms though, possibly with vikings...hmmm...will still be fun^^

  11. 355 yesterday during a 15 min jog in place...my legs are sore:')
  12. Alright! we can do this! (that and I really need a kick in the butt^^' oh well)
  13. I tied really hard not to snap at people really doing stupid things. things like screwing in broken light bulbs from the box labeled "Broken!!" for the sixth time. (I even had to write it on on both sides since someone kept turning the box around so that others could not read the text and used the bulbs AGAIN) It was a rough two days and I tried being very patient and giving compliments:')
  14. Oh right! Forgot about volunteering! I'm a girl scout guide It's really nice work to do so I usually don't conciser it as volunteering^^' We played hide and seek. I did some epic disappearance moves decided I was making it too hard for them (they are still young) and let them find me after a while. I'm not that cruelXD
  15. Hmmm, let's see. only small stuff I guess, Being a good team mate and such. I got someone a tea when he was to lazy (I mean hard working;)) to walk to the cafeteria and cleaned up after them also I shared candy:)
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