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  1. Got a new job. If only losing weight was this easy.
  2. I agree you don't want to rush into physicality, but I don't see a kiss as particularly physical. It's just another test of compatibility, and a genuine signal that you are interested in someone romantically - not just as a friend. A girl who went three months before kissing, I would regard as dicking me around. I'd be out of there a long time beforehand. Like I said, maybe it is a cultural thing.
  3. I'm not the kind of guy who pushes for a relationship to get physical, but if a girl isn't interested enough for a simple kiss at the end of a good date then the chemistry is lacking as far as I am concerned. Move on to greener pastures. You sound like you were friends with your boyfriend before hooking up, which is cool. If you were actually going out with him for three months before you even kissed - well, that's a little extreme in my book. Maybe it is a cultural thing. I am Australian, a kiss at the end of a first date is pretty commonplace. But then, first dates seem a bit more seriou
  4. Not bad. Feel good. Just plugging along with my previous gym plan - presuming I continue to make my rep progressions, I will up weight at the end of next week. Not stepping on scales or measuring til a lot later in the challenge, possibly close to the end. Have an interview tomorrow morning for a new job, so that one is coming along well. If anyone has some tips about rejigging my workout plan, I'd be keen to hear them. Probably a few people in this forum will have some ideas, given that they are also trying to balance strength training with cardio: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index
  5. For what it's worth, I'm a guy and I view the end-of-date kiss as a litmus test. I always go in for the kiss and if I get the brush-off, then I am figuring she's not overly keen on me. But don't talk about it or analyse it. Just go with what feels natural.
  6. Happy to organise a meet if there's a few people from north of Sydney: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/45378-possible-meetup-newcastlehunter-australia/ Is there some way to tag users and alert them? Tearose, TheFourth, clandestine, dominic have all indicated in the last few pages they're in the area. Probably others floating around too.
  7. Just thought I'd check the interest in something like this, for us out-of-Sydney folk. Would be happy to organise a meet if there's a few of us.
  8. Just... keep expectations under control. Same as with weight loss/getting fit, trust in/commit to the process and try not to fixate on results. Regardless of whether this particular date works out, the fact you are out there dating and meeting people is fantastic progress all by itself. If you keep it up, you will see the results - even if it is tough going sometimes. Don't stress too much, and enjoy yourself. I love first dates.
  9. I listen to Philip Glass a lot when working out. Because he's a minimalist composer, his stuff is very repetitive and beat driven - good for workouts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYLHRdgdnKk Probably my favourite piece of classical workout music is the Mars movement from Gustav Holst's Planets suite: Makes me want to go off and conquer something.
  10. P.G. Wodehouse is hilarious - the Jeeves and Wooster novels are brilliant. If you don't mind reading plays, pick up a collection of Oscar Wilde's stuff. The Importance Of Being Earnest is one of the funniest things I have ever read.
  11. My garden is pretty small. I mostly focus on a kitchen garden. I live in the temperate east of Australia, and my courtyard faces west, so I get enough sun to grow must stuff right through the winter (I just have to make sure I water everything enough in summer). I do herbs and aromatics in pots. Currently I have mustard, cress, basil, mint, continental parsley, french tarragon, rosemary, thai chillis, chives and lemongrass. I really want to grow coriander (cilantro), but after trying a few times I struggle with it going to seed too quickly (tips?). Next on my list is to get some big tubs and
  12. Not sure if one exists for IP Board, but a plugin that would automatically display unit conversions when you mouse over them would be awesome for us non-Americans. I write all my posts in centimetres and kilograms, and I am sure that makes them pretty inaccessible to a lot of posters. Likewise, whenever I am reading other posters' stuff I need to have a calculator handy.
  13. Mmmkay, so I did a level one challenge last time and it went fairly well. I am sort of continuing along but I haven't done up a new challenge yet. I figure it should go here since improved strength and endurance are basically how I intend to get my weight and body fat down. Main Quest: To weigh 73kg with 15% body fat. Missions: 1. Complete three full-body barbell workouts per week 2. Bike or complete HIIT on three rest days per week 3. Have no more than one 'bad' meal per week Life Quest: Apply for at least one job in a different industry to my current job each week. Current Measurem
  14. If you don't want to drive in the city but are nervous about catching the train home alone, you can always park-and-ride. You said you're on the Northern Line, yeah? I often park at Wollstonecraft (just past North Sydney), which has decent parking facilities. Nice area, easy to drive to and there's always plenty of people still on the train when you get there. Carpark will be full of commuter cars during the day, but should be starting to empty out a bit by that time in the afternoon.
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