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  1. Well, I contacted a breastfeeding help group, and they're being awesome helping me redirect the situation. It is challenging, though. I miss sleep 😕 I guess that's what will happen to her. Although I'm not sure what happens with red haired kids, they apparently keep their color. When we're at home she looks blond, but out in the sun it is literally orange. Like a carrot Plenty of people stop us in the streets to take a look at her hair. I blame my boyfriend's choice of a nordic name for her: she probably felt like she needed to respond to that challenge
  2. Oh, no! I won't be that kind of woman I've shared it here because it helped to see it in black and white, and because you all people always have something helpful to say, but I think this is a thing I'll better keep for myself. Still, it wasn't that bad when I think the kid was ok the whole time, her numbers were always optimal through all those hours, so in the end it was just pain. And pain fades so easily in the mind once it's gone... I'm already starting to think it wasn't such a big deal. We're so silly we sometimes just sit and look at her
  3. Me too I think she's lovely! But what am I going to say? 😍 Thanks. I need to vent a bit about it, I didn't expect many of the things that happened. Nurses' behaviour was awful, given that we were so tired and sensitive, and I was a little walking bomb of hormones after the birth. But, screw them! I don't have to see those women anymore. And I'm better trying to hold to the good side of it, and other professionals, like the gyn and the pediatricians. I had looked a bit into the weight loss after birth. Apparently is normal to lose between 5-7%, 10% tops. Our daughter had lost 12%, and that's why we had to stay and start using formula. Only that a few hours later, the loss was of only a 4%? The pediatrician himself said he found it odd, but he didn't say out loud what we suspected (that the 12% loss wasn't real). And what makes me feel bad about this whole thing is how this lead to decisions that kept us from going home and that no one thought about coming clean and apologising. And as I said, nurses' behaviour was awful. Me too I think the most important thing is for the baby to be healthy and well fed, and I'll keep on this mixed feeding for as long as it is needed, no matter what. Only that it didn't seem to be necessary in the beginning, and now it is going to be difficult to adjust my own milk production to reduce the added doses. We've already tried once (with help and advice from our pediatrician) but my milk doesn't adjust quickly enough to keep the kid ok. I guess we're going to need time, or eventually accept that this is the way is going to be and that it is ok. I am glad it is working for you, and that you didn't receive any pressure to exclusively breastfeed. It is something that is happening here now too. We've gone to "kids are best fed by formula" to "exclusive breastfeeding is the only way" in just a few years, and I've heard of women that have been pressured to awful limits to keep on breastfeeding no matter if the kid was losing weight. Thanks! Yeah, genetics! (but we sent an e-mail to the clinic to tell them the kid was born and we made a joke in it about the red hair thing... and they haven't answered yet Maybe they're going through the files first, haha) I'll do, thanks.
  4. It has taken forever to find some time for myself after these days… Things I need to vent about: “one of the best maternity hospitals in the country”… Feel free to jump to the end of the post if you don't want to read any details on how it went. BUT: The moment I saw her I didn’t care at all for all the shit I had gone through. It was such a beautiful moment. And now that we're home it feels like the neonatal care time was just a nightmare. It is tough now to adapt to all these new circumstances, but I don’t really care. All worth it 😊
  5. Oooooh, almost! Thank you! Well, it was far from going smoothly, to be honest. I'm still trying to process some of the things that happened. Thank you! The kid is awesome!
  6. I've got 7 more weeks to go, theoretically, it could be more or it could be less, and there are still some things I need to do to prepare for Wolvie's arrival, so a great part of the challenge will be focused on that. Goal 1. Prepare Wolvie's arrival. - Wash crib reducers ✅ - Wash clothes ✅ ✅ - Wash nappies ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ - Assemble and attach crib to bed ✅ - Buy the few items still missing ✅ ✅ - Prepare hospital bag ✅ - Prepare questions for my next medical appointment ✅ - Finish writing my labor plan for the hospital (still need to collect some more information on a couple of topics) ✅ - Mental preparation ✅ ✅ ✅ Goal 2. Be active every day if possible. - Walking every day - Spinning babies stretches every day - Yoga 4-5 days a week - Try to do at least some short bodyweight workout once a week ✅ Goal 3. Stop it with the news. I need to pay attention to the end of confinement updates, but I don't need to look at my news feed so many times a day. Every time I feel the itch to open the site, I have first to do some other thing for at least 15 minutes: reading, drawing, practicing icelandic, or playing a game.