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  1. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    So you'd be strength training 3/week + running once a week, and doing some sort of mobility work of your choice on your recovery days or as a way to stretch/move a bit more later in a workout day. That's a very healthy routine, and you'd only be adding aikido, which is probably less demanding than crossfit, specially taking in account that you are a fit person. Well, maybe with time you will also make some friends there.
  2. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    I have some bad news regarding two things I thought were going to work. 1) That special bread I desperately want in my life. The guy that was going to bring me the bread never appeared, so I called him back a few days later and he said he was sorry, they didn't have the type of bread I had asked for at that moment, but that he would bring it to me the following week. This didn't happen either and I still called him back to ask about it; he had had a week leave, but he would come next week. He didn't either. And now I don't really feel like calling him again. I mean, the guy was going to do me a favor so I don't feel I have the right to demand anything from him and that's what a fourth call would probably look like; but at the same time, I want to buy the bread. The website allows online shopping, but I would have to pay 7€ for the delivery which is way too much since it doubles the price of the bread. 2) That awesome gym I visited has stopped offering MovNat lessons. And I don't mean on fridays, they have removed them from their schedule. They now offer Animal Flow fundamentals and rings on fridays, which is tempting, but we're talking of a long car drive (1h each way, 1h30 if I go by train+subway), and I am not sure since this is not what I wanted to do. Maybe when holidays arrive I can give it a go. On a more cheerful note, my students finished their 3rd flute team technique competition, and I am preparing the next one. I had thought about some territory conquer game, since some of them had made some suggestions towards this type of game, and I had already decided most of the rules and had drawn a map draft, when yesterday my boyfriend suggested a mistery game, with clues and all that, like in somebody's been murdered (a famous flutist in this case) and they have to find out the whole thing. He gave me very good ideas and it could be a very fun game, and now I'm undecided. We've played an exploring game these past two years and the mistery game would be a change, while the territory conquer one would keep the same map discovery structure although adding team "fights" and different goals (and a new map).
  3. Maybe it's the opposite? You say that climbing less is already benefiting you in some ways, maybe having a bit more of recovery time than what you were giving to yourself until now will help you with other aspects of the climbing? This happens to me sometimes and is like, why is my body giving me false information?
  4. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    I don't think I even walked this week. At all W4 recap Movement: 1h15 of yoga, 10 minutes abs, 1 minute dead hang, 2h self-defence, 30 minutes animal flow. 4 hours, maybe 5 if I go for a walk today, but it's pouring with rain so I don't think so Worst week of the challenge WHM: 6/7 Best week of the challenge Reading/squatting: 2/7 oh, shit. Challenge results Movement - Self-defence 6/8. It wasn't really my fault that I missed the second week, so I'll say this was good. - Yoga: more than 4 hours. This makes for 1/week, which is ridicule, but hey, I tried. - Silat: only did the tables twice, about 10 minutes. I enjoyed it very much, so I don't know why I completely forgot about this. - Walking: around 10 hours, not bad. - Run: 20 minutes. Oh, well. - Push-ups: 90 sink push-ups, 12 regular push-ups, 6 diamond push-ups. Really? - Animal flow: 1h45m. - Abs: 50 minutes. I am satisfied with this. I don't think I have ever worked in my abs so much, if we except that PvP we made a few months ago. - Dead hang: 4 minutes. Total time of deliberate movement: 23h10m. So, what do I think? Mmmmmm... This challenge was not about achieving any results, I just wanted to keep myself active as much as I could, and do a variety of activities. I think there is enough variety, although I would have liked to use my bike and do some parallettes too, and I didn't even think of it. Also, ... handstands?... About how much time of exercise, maybe I was too ambitious? It didn't occur to me that since I have never checked how much exercise I do, I don't have any previous reference (genius, I know). My impression is that it is quite good, since I've been doing something almost everyday, but I kind of expected more, like around 7-8h/week or so, while I got an average of 5h45/week. I think I'll give myself 2/3 of the points I wanted to earn. WHM 18/28. Not excellent, but not bad either. Half of the points would be ok for me in this. Reading/squatting Ehem. Whas this a goal? Really? Because I couldn't have cared less I still did 13/28, which is almost half of it, so I may scratch 0.25 points here... But no, obviously this goal hasn't worked. Maybe it was the timing, or that I've been feeling worried and down so I didn't want to do things... I don't know. Anyway, this goal will be put on hold until summer arrives. That said, I'm leveling up! Level THREE!
  5. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    That is a lot of time. It's the same amount of time I would need to invest to go to the new gym in the capital (with one added hour if I stay there for 2 activities), and it is really making me back out (more than that, MovNat classes have disappeared from their schedule ; I'd still could attend Animal Flow and rings, but oh). And if your not even liking it that much... Which are the reasons you're not enjoying the activity anymore? (aside from the time spent and the driving). I may be saying something silly, but if you really can't decide, what about drawing straws? Make a list of all the activities, and commit to practice only 2 or 3 (or the number you choose) for an X amount of time. Then see what comes out and embrace your fate
  6. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    So, how did last week go?
  7. lucky fire dragon DON'T PANIC

    How are things going? You haven't posted since the begining of the week. Busy?
  8. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    Challenge ends tomorrow!!???
  9. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    That's enough most of times, thank you Yes. 2017's work on anxiety and mind gremlins has really paid.
  10. You rule, lady! Well, she run this week. Anything can happen from now on.
  11. Annyshay - Concerning Ents

    Well, I disagree. I like them. I like to come here and find those green posts where you list everything you did for yourself on that day. But of course, Lady of the Shyre will do as she pleases
  12. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    I'm trying to find a way to start opening up a little bit more without feeling so fragile or "exposed". I know it is something it's worthy to invest time in. My boyfriend has said to me sometimes that my lack of sharing is what makes it so difficult for me to make friends. He says I don't appear detached or cold at all, but I do look like someone who has no weaknesses and has control of every aspect of her life, and that that impression can put off people. Related to this, I remember that a few years ago, I shared some things about my childhood with a guy I had been friends for years. He was puzzled not only that I ever told him about it, but also that what I told him had completely changed his image of me. He told me he had always thought I was a tough, self-assured woman, and he had never suspected I had been through so much trouble or that I was so sensitive. It also surprised me, since I would have never guessed somebody could think of me as any of that. These things, and other people reactions through the years have made me think that I share so little about my feelings or worries that people are actually getting a false impression of who I am I know how I reached this point and why, but I am not sure how I can change this. I guess that bit by bit* *My brain is already telling me I have no need to share anything or to change any images people have about me. That I am fine the way things are. That even writing half-anonymous posts here is a waste of time. Please, somebody buy me a new brain and send it priority mail. BUT, good news regarding this sharing thing. I received a message yesterday at work: a coworker from my old work place was trying to contact me. He had left his name and phone number. I wasn't sure about calling him back, because thinking of my old work place is enough to make anxiety appear, but I decided to call him back in the end because he was one of the few nice people there. He was calling because he was in town with his wife and child and wanted to meet and talk and see how my life was here. So we met, and it turns out they're trying to leave that hellish place. He told me how things have gone even worse than they were when I worked there, has explained me how him and his wife are in a bad work harassment situation, and that he has decided he has two choices: either they soon find a work in another conservatory and leave that place, or if they find nothing and have to stay, go full berserker and make the harasser to be expelled from public service and go to jail (yes, it is THAT bad). After a while, he asked me about what happened to me when I was working there, and I decided to tell him what I went through. It wasn't that hard since years have passed and I don't even think about my harasser anymore, and I even told him about my sleepless nights and how I totally stopped playing and thought of changing career. I felt just a liiiiitle bit uncomfortable, but not out of place like other times. Big win. All in all, it was nice to see them, and to share our experiences. We've decided to stay in touch, and I really really hope they can leave that place. ------------------ W4D4 Movement: 15 seconds dead hang, 20 minutes of yoga. WHM: nope. Reading/squatting: nope. W4D5 Movement: 30 minutes of animal flow, 10 minutes abs, 10 minutes yoga. WHM: yes. Reading/squatting: didn't even cross my mind.
  13. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    You're always so kind The thing is, I find it very difficult to share the things that upset me I think I got so used to keep things for myself, that it's become a habit. Also, when I try to talk to people (or to post things here) I'm always worried that I will bore people, why should anybody be interested in any of my problems when they already have their own? I know there are people that care, but still I won't feel comfortable sharing my feelings. I totally know where this comes from, and I know it's not healthy, but it's one of the hardest things to change. Prove is I've spent about 10 minutes writing this post and then erasing the things I had written. I use the excuse that they were disorganised thoughts and ramblings, but I know such thing wouldn't really mind here, I know I erase them because talking about all that shit will make me feel vulnerable.