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  1. New Wolverine in town

    Hey! Thanks for asking! Well, I've been sick. It might have been a cold. It might have been a flu. I will just say it felt like The Plague. I survived, though. And it seems there's still a world there outside. In short, no nothing done. I still managed to eat, so I am not a trembling wildflower, but recovery time will be needed. At least, I exchanged a few e-mails with BigGuy and the lessons are booked, and I also got my plane tickets.
  2. Ensi - The End Of The Map

    Uh. It's so nice not to feel alone in this Seriously, girls were SO tedious. I am so glad that times have changed and roles have diversified (or at least that's what I see in my students). ^This^ So much this! My boyfriend saw the cinderella gif you sent and was like "wtf was that?" Then I tried to explain... Then he gave me the weirdest look and said "nerdfitness is such an appropriate name for that website" :'D Congratulations! And it's nice that everything fits so perfectly!
  3. Ensi - The End Of The Map

    Right away! Let me get rid of this bub blocking the passage to the fridge And yours reminded me of this one: I was having trouble with women roles. In every movie, series or book I had access to, the guys were the leading roles, and the ones making the decisions, having plans and ideas, being proactive and taking action, while the women or girls were just being dragged by them, acting like dolls, only worried about looking beautiful and talking about boys, and with no imagination whatsoever. So I was fine with being a girl, my body and such, and I liked to play with dolls and girls' stuff (though I also liked going out and getting dirty), but I just couldn't accept that I had to behave like one. I was kind of obsessed with being a boy. At 8-9 a neighbour lent me a few books of "Los cinco" (the famous five in english?) and I don't remember anything from those books, the story or the characters, except for George/Georgina, which was a great discovery. There were more girls in the world feeling like me, sure, because if not, why had that writer built up that character? I stopped using dresses and skirts after I read those books and I spent my 13-16 wearing old clothes from my brother. I got better with time, as I discovered new characters and people, but I still have troubles with it, and it still shows in that I am way more comfortable dressing "neutral" (it's a pity I am so tiny, otherwise I would buy all my clothes in men stores), I never wear make up or high heels or dresses, and every time someone tries to stereotype me I can reeeeally get angry. Now that I think of it, this explains a lot about my wish to become a strong metal-clawed man. Urgh. *sneaks away and calls her therapist* *takes notes* The whole story was kind of funny I'm glad though, that you finally got to take your train. I hope you had a nice trip.
  4. Ensi - The End Of The Map

    Bwhahaha! You're awesome! Come home, we'll have dinner Why not? I always find it's the best part... I still remember the very first time I saw that character, in a spiderman comic I had surreptitiously stolen from my brother. I was like 6 years old and I loved everything about her. It was my first encounter with a badass woman. And fortunately, because I was already having serious problems with feminine roles... It looks like you kept yourself busy today
  5. Well, you've walked a long way, @WhiteGhost This one is easy to answer. I broke up with my first boyfriend because he was a moron. And from how events developed later, I could see he was also crazy. I had to bear months of harassment and menaces, until I moved to Paris and never heard of him again. Getting involved with that guy was a huge mistake.
  6. Does the calendar come with an invitation to move to your socialist caribbean paradise island? I would like a copy anyway, but you know, it doesn't kill to ask... I firmly believe in the power of music. Use that song everyday for a year. Any cool gymnastics/acrobatics moves... I'd specially like to be able to do what she does at 2:30-2:50: That or being able to run non-stop full speed uphill (without the need of a boar chasing me).
  7. Ensi - The End Of The Map

    Have you ever thought about those special lights for SAD? I think @Elastigirl has one. I really don't know how you people living in those dark places do. It is true that you have glorious summers in what daylight concerns, but winters... The cold I think I could get used to, but the darkness...
  8. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Around the World

    Fresh or salt dried cod? Because the recipes would be different. If it is fresh I would cook it in the oven with just some salt and herbs and a bottom of potatoes and onions. If it is dried, you can find wonderful recipes for it from the portuguese. They cook cod like no one in this world. They have literally hundreds of ways to prepare it and all are delicious.