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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 21!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 20!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 19!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 18!
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    [Waanie] An hour a day keeps grumpiness at bay

    I don't know there, but here in Spain, in the recent years, people have began to wear "the uniform" for every activity they do. Like it seems you can't just wear shorts and a t-shirt to ride your bike anymore, or can't go out running without the superspecial clothes, or can't hike without power walking sticks. It's like everybody became a pro.
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    Basking in the summer sun

    + Day 17!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 16!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 15!
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    H3r0 Earns Some Skill Badges

    That's wise.
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Week 2 recap
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    Basking in the summer sun

    Day 14!
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    Basking in the summer sun

    I want to enjoy my holidays, the summer, the free time.
  13. Maybe it is too much of an epic thread title for what it will contain: the same old little daily steps towards what is, by now, an unknown destination; and also many, many ramblings… But I’m a bit moody lately and I’m in need of as much smiles as possible, so Adamantium Legend it is. As I’ve said, I don’t really know where I am going right now, therefore there will be no real “goals”, other than the wish to make my life better. I've reduced my daily habits to the smallest action I can do every day about each of them, to reduce the pressure of my strong inner critic. Doing that little action usually drives me to doing way more, but also allows me to feel that I'm working my way even on those days when I only do the smallest bit. Icelandic: open r/iceland and read one headline. Maths: open Alecs and do one exercise. Drawing: open the sketchbook and do a short sketch (2 minutes). Yoga: sit and do a couple of neck cercles to reduce tension. Music: take the flute and improvise for a couple of minutes. Reading: read 1 page. Strength: 1 push-up, 1 pull-up. (Not all of my daily actions are listed here, but these are the ones I'm trying to establish as daily habits right now). Also, I'd want to use this battle log as some sort of journal/rambling place where I can talk about the every day small or big things, vent when needed, and learn to talk about what I feel instead of keeping things to myself, which I do too much because there is a part of myself that says "I don't need sharing". I'm totally not ready to share too much irl, aside from my boyfriend, who is lovely and puts up with all the drama I throw at him when I'm anxious (most of the time), but I know I can do it here.