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  1. WHOAAAAA!! I like it very much! I'm going to keep this one. I think you don't give yourself enough credit for your sketching. I think you do really nice things. I like very much the dark-haired woman portrait.
  2. New Year's dinner looks amazing! Sorry to hear about the virus spread. Here news are all mixed up, some look like serious information, others look more like paranoid fakes, although they have a point when they say the official rates of infection and mortality that had been published here (I don't know about the info arriving to other countries) don't match the extraordinary measures deployed to keep the virus at bay. In any case, I hope you'll enjoy your stay there as much as is possible given the circumstances. I guess you won't face any restrictions to come back home?
  3. I guess you went through that not long ago I don't know in your case, but in ours, if it were only the advice that wouldn't be that bad, but we are also being delighted with predictions like this one: we need to look whether there will be a full moon on the birth day, because if it is a full moon, everything will go well, but if not, I should start accepting I'll need a C-section. Boyfriend's aunt swore that's how it is, and that her experience over the years has proven her right. She is also a nurse (and the only person that until now appeared to be more respectful and rational) and has worked on a maternity area her whole life, so once again the authority principle. She doesn't seem to have ever thought that if what she says were true, given that the full moon has such a short window, most babies in this world would need a C-section to be born.
  4. I thought total chaos would be what we would find, but yep, they were doing well. Visited my in-laws, and ended up up to my ears from "baby" chatter. The amount of advice they give, covering several years of the girl's development and what should we do in each case, is starting to feel like way too much. What makes it worse, is that both my boyfriend's parents studied health care careers (his father was a doctor, but after a couple of years of work decided to quit and has been a taxi driver for the rest of his life, his knowledge is not exactly up-to-date; his mother is a surgery nurse), so they consider their advice must be followed. On a more positive note, I'm definitely better. Nausea is out of my life, yay!!, although tiredness isn't yet, and I'm planning to get back on exercising and actively pursuing feeling better. I've decided to prioritise healthy food and movement over anything else, including music practice. I'm thinking of challenging myself to move everyday for the next 30 days, as a way to commit to get back into my life. And talking of movement, there's this little thing inside me that has definitely grown in strength. What for weeks has been a slight feeling, like if someone were tickling me from the inside (that was so cute and weird at the same time), now feels like a finger poking me softly It's quite fun.
  5. This week was better! I still felt nauseated on monday, but then on tuesday it was like if someone had turned off the nausea and pressed the HUNGER switch . Spent 24 hours eating like there was no tomorrow, even needed to get off the bed in the middle of the night to eat because my stomach ached from hunger. A colleague at work told me this usually happens when the kid is going through a growth spurt, and I can swear it's true, my bump is suddenly bigger 2 days after (until now it was bearly noticeable, now there's no way to hide it, no matter the clothes). Now I feel more or less back to my normal me. I still find it difficult to eat fish and meat (not during those 24 hours, though), but I've been slightly more active: did 10 minutes of yoga everyday, was able to go groceries shopping twice, have been drawing and playing a bit my flute. I was supposed to receive a call from the hospital last week, regarding my appointments, but it never happened and it was weird. Then, on wednesday I saw on the news that a computer virus had spread through the whole hospital's computer system and everything was down. We drove there this morning and they seem to be managing more or less well. They're not giving new appointments unless you're really sick, but luckily the other exception are pregnant women, so I got my visits scheduled. It was the weirdest thing to see the girl at the desk consulting planners and handwritten documents, and needing to call the doctor to check the information she had was accurate (apparently it was not, because later in the morning I received a text message saying my first appointment is sooner than she said).
  6. Glad that you're finally having some rain!
  7. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. Hi to everybody, I am here because I've always wanted to be Lara Croft. I never thought this would be an easy task for a skinny elf like me, but here I am ready to try. I have walked a long path to be here; I've spent the last 3 years of my life doing things like: ending or changing hurtful relationships; quitting my job (a place full of unpleasant and angry idiots) and finding a better one; changing my diet to paleo (one of the greatest decisions I've taken in my life; feel free to ask me about it if you are considering going paleo; I am not an expert but I can tell you about all the great things it has brought to my life); meditating (4 months now following the getsomeheadspace program). While doing all this stuff I tried to exercise too, but it was just a long line of starts&stops, which didn't bring me closer to impersonate Ms. Croft. After reading Steve's article "The 5-step plan to success after failure" (and many others), I've found my mistakes, which were A LOT, say: I defined global objectives like "I want to be able to climb to trees", "I want to be strong and put on weight", "I don't want to use a cane and walk dragging my feet when I get old", but no specific tiny objectives; I let my (fitness) health in hands of -now I see it- not truly professional trainers; I undervalued the role of rewards; I didn't keep track of my progress; I always started too many things at the same time so I finally became overwhelmed and quit; I forced myself to do activities I clearly dislike just because everybody said "it's very healthy" (e.g. swimming); I had very little support from friends and family (one of the reasons why I am here, among others). So... to be Lara... I have a lot of work to do... Life quest Besides becoming Ms. Croft, skinnyLara has two more big goals she wants to accomplish in her life: One: beat a state of general anxiety that has been with me for too many years. Two: beat a frustrating stage fright which appeared as a consequence of suffering work harassment for almost four years at my old job. Postscript: Appart from a little background at highschool, I've learnt english mainly by reading Tolkien books and watching to "The big bang theory", so please, be compasionate and forgive any misspelling, grammatical inaccuracy or weird/uncomprehensible expressions.