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  1. zenLara

    NeverThatBored : You Are What You Repeatedly Do

    And then, why is it that when I read your challenge I thought "she should call it let's do all the things"?
  2. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Practices Allomancy

    Well, I like Sabertooth for you. Sounds cool, and realistic And I have no idea who this Noot is, so if this is a European thing, either I'm too old for it, or it wasn't broadcasted here (reinforcing a popular spanish thought that Europe actually ends at the Pyrenees...)
  3. zenLara

    Wolverine has been sent to a wrong timeline

    She's been always nice to me, until the moment her daughter failed my subject. Since then, it's like she's gone crazy. Thank you. I don't have the same feelings I had in june, when I wasn't at all sure about how I had handled it. I know there's still room for improvement, but I'm quite pleased that I didn't let her drag me into the mud. That's supernice, thank you Ensi. You know, my boyfriend was quite upset when I told him the story. He thinks she's been way too disrespectful, but when I arrived at the part when she said "you have zero self-criticism" he laughed and said she's definitely not the type of person that can suss out people Thank you!
  4. zenLara

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    Is your forearm back to normal now?
  5. zenLara

    Ensi - Urban Pirate Witch Cherishes Autumn

    This looks so simple, but it is not so easy to notice. I'm glad you did and that you're working on it to feel better. Also, I see you've kept yourself busy this week. Maybe I missed it, when is your job interview taking place?
  6. zenLara

    Wolverine has been sent to a wrong timeline

    It finally IS sunday morning Boyfriend is doing well. The surgery was really short because the doctor was skilled, and he says he is not in pain at all. He needs to rest a lot, but he's fine, and his mother will come this week to take care of him in the afternoons-evenings while I am at work, so everything is solved for the best. About me, I'm, I don't know, kind of puzzled at myself, since I've been able to manage different stressful situations and do my best in every of them Even if it sounds weird, the least of the stressors was boyfriend's surgery, since he is in good health and he was being operated by the best surgeon in the hospital. It was also reassuring that his aunt, who also works at this hospital with his mother, was present at the operation and said everything was fine. He recovered quickly from the anesthesia and everything, and was discharged early the following morning. A bit more stressful for me, was the driving. Or at least the idea I had about it, since I always get stressed driving in the capital. But I was surprised that even when there were some stressful moments, I handled it pretty well. I'm happy and proud about this. It was still very tiring, though, because it involved driving around 200km a day, and after 2 days I'm worn out. And then, the same afternoon boyfriend had to be hospitalised it was quite a busy day at work. It was the day when every kid comes with their parents to choose their timetable for the year, and it can be a very stressful day both for them and for the teachers. I solved things pretty well, with only some trouble to find a place for one of the kids that chose last, BUT: do you remember that woman that confronted me in quite a rude way in june? Theeeere we go! And now... the challenge! Did I manage to achieve my week goals? And what about the overall week? · Breathing 1h 48m, only 2 minutes less than last week, which is very good considering the crazy week I've had · Yoga 3h A pity, but I missed some mornings because of the hospital, so I'm feeling good because I tried to stick to it even when circumstances didn't help · Cold shower I didn't count my max this week, but took a cold shower everyday, even when I didn't want to · Ice once, maybe a second time will happen today twice · Morning pages 5/7 just ok, but not bad · Bone broth 3/7 I run out of it and wasn't able to prepare more until today, but it's ok · Veggies 14/21 Good · 15' decluttering/cleaning 6/7 Very good · Self-defence 2h · Pull 3/7 Total: 2'20" Such a pity · Push 10kp · Backbends 16m May do a bit more today yes, another 15 minutes · Abs nothing · Mus 4/7 · Ísk 3/7 15m Worst week ever since I started the habit. Justified, but feels bad · Reading 2h 10m Very good! · Walking 3h 50m Not bad, considering the situation · Groceries shopping thrice Total time of deliberate movement: 8h 50m That's 5 hours less than last week, which is normal since my leisure time was reduced Total time invested in getting back to a 2018-Wolverine state: approx. 15h 40m 6h less than last week So, I'm feeling good. This was a challenging week, and I still managed to do a lot of work. The days preceding the surgery my anxiety was quite high, but I focused on keeping myself active instead of letting anxiety paralise me, and when I lacked time I just kept on doing what I felt I could still do, no pressure, no bad feelings. Anxiety was there, but I was able to work with it, even in a very bad situation like the confrontation at work. I'm happy of my increased self-control at this confrontation compared to the one I had in june. Maybe it was easier because I was expecting it, but it feels really nice to know I don't care what she thinks about me and that I could face her and not let her drag me to her position. I don't know how this next week will be. Classes start tomorrow and I'm going to be busy, but the goal will be to keep going and maintain my routines while trying to expand to the new activities I want to become habits.
  7. zenLara

    Ensi - Urban Pirate Witch Cherishes Autumn

    This is wisdom talking.
  8. zenLara

    Wolverine has been sent to a wrong timeline

    Self-defence day and I'm starting to worry: none of the new guys showed up and I was alone again. Everybody else preferes the MKG class, since they are allowed to play with shiny things like sticks and knives and they wrestle and all that. So I'm worried that if I keep attending these lessons all alone mostly, they will finally discontinue them. I guess they have way more people in the evenings, but is it profitable to have one teacher there for one only person or a couple of them in the mornings? Anyway, I was there, the guy was there, it had to happen. I had double portion of my push-ups, abs, and lunges because according to him I could totally go for it. Then some work on proper technique for punches and elbows, and then we worked on a sequence that combined both and of course... there we went! He made me repeat that sequence on 3-minute rounds for 20 minutes, against him, full speed and strength, which may be not much for boxing standards but in my case I was dying there. I was happy that he mentioned that some of my punches were real ones, hurting ones, and it is the first time he has said something like that to me. He encouraged me to continue (ehem) with my fist push-ups sets (ha, sets, in plural, lol) and to find 10 minutes every day to work on these drills. Cold shower after that felt better than ever. Not much more to report. I'm doing my tasks, I'm trying to keep myself busy to avoid overthinking, and I got some anxiety peak last night. It was about a meeting I was supposed to attend today, but it has been postponed, probably rescheduled for tomorrow. At the meeting I'm going to meet the guy who will be the other flute teacher this year (the woman that has been here for the past two years has been moved on to another city) and every time I have to face a new colleague I go through all these thoughts about having trouble with the new guy. I know it's just a remembrance of the past (in case some of you don't know, I was involved in a work harassment situation for three years), and that I have had no problems with my co-workers at all since I moved here, but still those bad memories keep coming back every time a new flute teacher comes. It's completely irrational, not only because people at my work place are usually nice and respectful, but because he, like the other ones before him, will be a part-time worker and be there one or two days a week, so I won't probably even see him much or have much interaction with him. Still, anxiety... To make life a bit more complicated, my boyfriend will be hospitalised for a couple of days at the end of the week, because he needs his gallbladder removed. There's only a bit of "mud" in it, but doctors are worried it may cause the pancreas connection to be blocked and cause serious problems, so... He's a bit anxious, but not much, since his mother is a nurse in that hospital and she has even chosen which doctor will do the surgery, and he will be taken care of very well. Still, it's not nice to know someone is going to make holes on you and take a little part of your body away, so he's a bit worried. Then, since we're not married or anything, I don't get any work leave to be with him at the hospital, so I will have to be coming back and forth from the hospital to home to work, and you all know how much I like to drive in the capital. I want it to be sunday morning. Now.
  9. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Practices Allomancy

    Shiiiiiiit. I hope it's only one day. o_O And the dentist had to work on the 6th of them? How much time have you been in there? But yes, definitely you go to the med journal... and definitely you need a mutant name.
  10. zenLara

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    A tough monday (but that's how mondays are, right?) I usually take nuts for mine. I specially love cashews. And if it's not enough I add a banana or two, or carrots. What about yogurt or sandwiches, can you eat them at work? Some type of milkshake? You can even put egg yolks in there.
  11. zenLara

    Jonesy’s Choice Challenge. Word!

    Great! You went hiking?
  12. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Practices Allomancy

    Something's wrong here?
  13. zenLara

    Mad Hatter embraces fall

    Some days, that's not enough for me... Awesome!
  14. zenLara

    Wolverine has been sent to a wrong timeline

    Thank you. It felt really hard, it's unbelievable how much power this thing has. Back home now, though, with a new bone broth simmering in the kitchen, a nice duck shank waiting in the fridge, and me getting ready for backbends.