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  1. Well, I did think of you 3 nights in a row 😚 Give it time 😤 And, by the way, he actually talks to her like he would talk to a cow: shhhhheee, ieeeeee, tsss tsss, look here, ieaaaaaaa 😶
  2. We hadn't even thought of any of this yet, sincerely. I thought we were still weeks away from her beginning to sit. But you reassure me in that if she's trying is because she's ready.
  3. Yeah, I retreated to my old battle log, feels comfy here when I'm in between challenges. Well, it wasn't that I expected my whole life to be back, but at least a small part of it, where I could move a bit, read... little things. I managed more or less well until the sleep crisis. We're still on it and scarce hyper-fragmented sleep is starting to have a huge toll on me. I'm cranky and tired the whole time. Around 8pm I'm exhausted and when I think the night is already there but that it doesn't mean anymore it's time to rest I feel desperate. It's like the days never end, they just happen in an endless line. It's been a month and I don't see the end of it. Aside that, things are going great. The kid is awesome: she's fun, has always a smile on her face, her favorite instruments are strings (my poor flutist heart cries at this) and she's developing fast. Well, to be honest, too fast for my taste. My SIL told me, when Wolvie was 2 months old, that she was one of those eager kids and she would probably be on her feet before she turned 6 months, a comment which I laughed at. The week before she reached 4 months, she escaped from my arms, rolled to the couch, and sat on her own. WTF, she hadn't even been practicing. Three days later, sitting wasn't enough and she tried to get on her feet using the toys' box as support 😫 A week later and she's strong enough to stand by herself (but I don't let her), only that balance is not in place yet. I'm worried that all this, so soon, could be too much pressure for her bones or ligaments, but I've been told that the problem only comes if we force her to try things she's not ready to do, but that if she tries by herself it means she is ready and it's ok. Still, I'm a bit scared. About nasty comments... That list I made, that was ONE day of comments. You can imagine. But, since then, we've retreated home, and haven't seen them again. And now, with the virus flying freely all over the country, I don't think we'll see them in a long while.
  4. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. Hi to everybody, I am here because I've always wanted to be Lara Croft. I never thought this would be an easy task for a skinny elf like me, but here I am ready to try. I have walked a long path to be here; I've spent the last 3 years of my life doing things like: ending or changing hurtful relationships; quitting my job (a place full of unpleasant and angry idiots) and finding a better one; changing my diet to paleo (one of the greatest decisions I've taken in my life; feel free to ask me about it if you are considering going paleo; I am not an expert but I can tell you about all the great things it has brought to my life); meditating (4 months now following the getsomeheadspace program). While doing all this stuff I tried to exercise too, but it was just a long line of starts&stops, which didn't bring me closer to impersonate Ms. Croft. After reading Steve's article "The 5-step plan to success after failure" (and many others), I've found my mistakes, which were A LOT, say: I defined global objectives like "I want to be able to climb to trees", "I want to be strong and put on weight", "I don't want to use a cane and walk dragging my feet when I get old", but no specific tiny objectives; I let my (fitness) health in hands of -now I see it- not truly professional trainers; I undervalued the role of rewards; I didn't keep track of my progress; I always started too many things at the same time so I finally became overwhelmed and quit; I forced myself to do activities I clearly dislike just because everybody said "it's very healthy" (e.g. swimming); I had very little support from friends and family (one of the reasons why I am here, among others). So... to be Lara... I have a lot of work to do... Life quest Besides becoming Ms. Croft, skinnyLara has two more big goals she wants to accomplish in her life: One: beat a state of general anxiety that has been with me for too many years. Two: beat a frustrating stage fright which appeared as a consequence of suffering work harassment for almost four years at my old job. Postscript: Appart from a little background at highschool, I've learnt english mainly by reading Tolkien books and watching to "The big bang theory", so please, be compasionate and forgive any misspelling, grammatical inaccuracy or weird/uncomprehensible expressions.