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  1. Week 1 report Wim Hof 6-7/week - SEVEN DAYS! Self-defence 2/week - DONE! Cross-country running/uphill sprints 1-2/week - Only walking by now, but DONE! Abs 1-2/week - NOPE Wall walks and handstands prep 5/week - NOPE
  2. Well, I don't know whether they can be considered zen or not, but I have a list Mainly: getting back into reading, sketching, and learning something. All those are things I love doing, and for some reason I have completely stopped doing them. Some reason that I can't find. Specially thinking of books, since reading has been by far my prefered hobby since I learned to read. It seems I can't just stick to a book anymore, I feel bored, disappointed, uninterested, I don't seem to enjoy my favourite authors anymore or any new ones I am in fact quite surprised that I finished this habits book, maybe I succeeded because of the boring lost hours in the airport last week. It also helped that it goes straight to the point.
  3. [Mad Hatter] Many shiny, such log!

    So sorry to read you feel like this. Looks like it was a very bad day, emotionally speaking. It sucks when we've worked hard to accomplish things and then we lose shape Maybe try to take one thing at a time? Glad that you could at least enjoy friends time Feeling better today?
  4. Well, I decided to try today. Results: Breath rate and heart rate at the beginning: 20 and 67 per minute. After one minute of humming: 17 and 68. After the second minute of humming: 13 and 69. After a third minute: 11 and 72. After the last round: 10 and 74. It took 4 breaths per minute to do the humming. 5 minutes after the exercise, breathing is up to 15 per minute while heart rate stays at 74. 10 minutes after the exercise, breathing is up to 17 per minute, heart rate is at 72. So it seems that the situation is reversing back to the way things were before the exercise. However, the breath feels deeper than before the exercise and I feel quite relaxed. ----- Repeated the experience but now did the 4 minutes of humming together. Breath rate and heart rate before the humming: 20 and 68. Afterwards: 8 and 72. Same 4 breaths per minute for the humming. So the pattern of breathing going down and heart rate up repeats itself, but the breathing slowed down even more. 5 minutes after the exercise: 12 and 69. 10 minutes after the exercise: 18 and 68. I wonder whether doing the exercise daily over time would make the results stay for longer periods or establish a permanent lower breathing base. I thought the heart rate would descend too, a little bit, but it went up clearly. Anyone has any clue why this happened?
  5. karinajean is late, stress-hungover, and directionless

    Happy to see you back! This would sound awesome if it weren't for that "5AM" scary detail... Are the classes going to be always at 5am or you get to choose another hour? So you'll be doing plenty of things, as expected. Welcome back!
  6. WH stuff properly done yesterday, though not today yet. May take place in the afternoon. Done. Extended the cold shower to 40 seconds. Yesterday was a rest day except for the WH thing, but today I went to the woods and walked. Briskly but randomly. I walked through the place as I founded it appealing, and it turned out to be a very nice walk, of about 1 hour. The morning was amazing, blue sky, shiniest sun, nice smells and sounds. Run a little bit at the end, felt good. I've just finished reading Babauta's zen habits book (short second edition without the fluff) and I liked it. Ready to try and establish a new habit following his advice. Abs work and handstands haven't happened yet. I hope I will at least try before the first week (well, my first week) is over.
  7. I'm glad that you found all this discussion interesting, and that it seems to be giving you some motivation. Know that I've been a wuss my whole life regarding cold temperatures, cold water, and anything below 25ºC and yet I keep on working on this because the benefits are huge in so many aspects.
  8. lucky fire dragon shifts shape part 2 SMILE

    Yeah! She said update on tuesday. Where is our update, where? Huh?
  9. Roll with the punches and HIIT back hard [Endor]

    That's the way to go! Congratulations on the pets' achievement!
  10. [Darth Yoga] The Weasel returns!

    Smart! I think brains were specifically designed for this. It is amazing the amount of crap they can make us believe. A fellow musician! Now I want indian food. HMmmm... the nearest one is at about 30 minutes by car... Mmmmm... I want it. Thanks to you for participating in the discussion Nice vid!
  11. This makes sense to me, in that there are people that will stress a lot about doing things "right" or "not knowing what to think about" during the exercise, and those people will probably benefit from a loose approach, and I also think that there is nothing like constant practice to make you deeply understand and integrate the exercise/pose/whatever, but total lack of explanations can be defeating sometimes. The 10 week course was like that, a total blank regarding any information of why the method worked, or how, or any guide about the yoga poses or the breathing (and there were poses like astavakrasana and mayurasana with no more indication than "just put your leg over your arm/hold yourself over your elbows" :'D The new fundamentals one, has a yoga instructor doing the poses and explaining them, and for the breathing and other exercises he's a bit more down to earth and has understood that some people may need some guidance other than "go with the flow". For example, in the old course there was no indication on how much you should keep your hands in the ice, he just said "stay there until the veins reopen", which was quite a bad advice since there are people, like me, that won't have their veins reopened since the vascular system doesn't work properly. So the first time I tried I stayed there for I don't know, maybe 5 minutes, and when I took my hands off the water, my veins were superthin and dark and it was f*** scary. I had to do a search through blogs of people having done the course to finally find, in a comment of a youtube video that I should have taken my hands off after only 2 minutes. So, although I share and respect that some teachers try the "just practice" approach, maybe they should consider saying something more other than "go with the flow" (In fact, in the new course, he explains the exercise better and mentions the 2 minutes rule). Yes, I did the search too. I've found the study the excerpts were taken from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3361916/ Is this what you found, too? I agree that the best of the WH method is, as you point out, that he has found an accesible, minimalist way to reap the benefits of techniques like pranayama and tummo meditation, without the need of years of previous training. I think that if you practice his method for years, you will probably see deeper changes other than those you feel through the first weeks or months, but you can start right away at any point of your life, and you will feel the benefits right from the beginning. Still, he insisted a lot in his first 10 week course (I don't know about this one because I haven't reached that point yet) to not to practice the second type of breathing exercise (the one that makes your body produce heat on its own) unless you had gone through all the previous weeks and had mastered the exercises, since it could be dangerous, so there is still some need of physical/mental preparation you need previous to working on some more serious stuff. I think you are totally right about the cold stuff. As much as everybody talks, including me and WH himself, about training for cold exposure and resisting cold temperatures, you soon realise it is all about mental discipline, mind control, breath control, to be able to endure discomfort instead of running away from it. Thank you for your post, it was enlightening.
  12. Bwahahahaaaha awesome I tried yesterday, just to see how it felt. My boyfriend was practicing his violin on the next room and I realised I was catching the pitches he was playing Then suddenly he stopped and I thought "oh, god, now he's going to hear me doing this" and I stopped myself too It reeeeally feels weird But, I did as WH suggested and measured my breath rate before doing the exercise, which sadly I have to say it was quite high: 22/minute. I am usually at 16-20, which is considered to be a state of chronic stress, and yesterday it was even higher, probably because I had been talking to the dentist on the phone a while before. I did one minute of the humming thing -only vowels and humming since Wolverine affirmations hadn't been suggested yet - and checked my breathing again, it had went down to 15. I'd like to try it in a sequence, 1 minute breathing check, 1 minute humming and so forth to see whether it can slowly bring breathing to a more restful state. Thrilling discoveries!
  13. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Back to Basics

    Awesome backflip!!!! Thanks for sharing the video!
  14. This makes a lot of sense to me, thank you for pointing out that aspect of the chanting/humming. I wish. He is an expert on not giving much explanations about anything though... so I am not very confident. A lot! Thank you very much! I totally get this. I may sit down and think what I could sing, because using only vowels or such will definitely make me feel weird, at least in the beginning. Do you think it would be appropriate to choose some short, clear, personal affirmation or maybe specific words? Ok, I'm thinking it will feel weird anyway Thank you very much for taking some of your time to explain me this
  15. NeverThatBored :: A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do

    Congratulations on the meditation mark!