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  1. Totally looks like you're going to step into a new stage.
  2. zenLara

    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    Seems that you're ready to move forward and you're going to do so with a lot of awareness and taking care of yourself. I like it. This part seems specially good. Shows acceptance as well as fulfilment. GIVE.US.OUR.PENGUINS.
  3. zenLara

    Hi, I'm Jess, please be nice!

    Welcome! Feel free to take a look at the different guilds and see if some of the people here inspire you. There's plenty of variety! And we're always nice
  4. zenLara

    karinajean self loves like LIZZO

    Glad to see surgery went well and that the kid is in a better mood/situation. Enjoy your free day!
  5. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Goes Backwards

    Uhoh. I hope they won't itch all at the same time.
  6. zenLara

    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    Yes you are! Nice way to get back home.
  7. I had seen it before, yes, but it makes me laugh every time Mmmmm... shi-shi-shinydoms?
  8. You reminded me of an icelandic word: gluggavedur (weather that only looks nice if you're inside the house looking through the window) Do you have a similar word for that in your language? Nice pole vid! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Past authoring suite is finished. I enjoyed some parts of it, while others were less fun. I had to admit mistakes in my life, and accept I'm still paying the consequences of some of them. It's been nice to find that some experiences that were tough to endure, appear in my mind as good life experiences, and not only because of what I learnt or dared to face, but because I have the feeling that I was happy through the experience even when there were so many hard moments. I've also been surprised to see that, while there were important people in my life that seemed determined to hurt me and put barriers to my development, there were also many many other people that helped or tried to. Some of them weren't close people and could have not cared, but they tried anyway. I'm grateful that these people crossed my path in life. As the suite authors warned, I'm experiencing a drop in mood, with thoughts like "and this is all that it is" or "do I really want this life I've built the way it is?" showing up now and then, but I guess I'll feel better in the long run, after taking the time to reflect on why some of those experiences were still causing me trouble. I feel like going through them has been useful to some purpose. Now it's time for the present authoring suite, and there are two ways to start: faults or virtues. Probably in my current state of mind, it would help to start with virtues rather than with character flaws, although I have so much trouble with accepting my good side, that working on my virtues doesn't guarantee that I'm going to feel better. Goals for this new week: - Do yoga at least 5 days ✔️ - Use cold water to end showers at least 4 days ✔️✔️ - Practice Animal Flow 3 times before friday ✔️ - Find a way to make train time on fridays productive. Icelandic, score analysis, mental practice?
  10. Admirable week! Sorry about that. Doesn't sound nice at all.
  11. zenLara

    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

  12. zenLara

    lucky fire dragon - rock paper scissors

    You sound really excited about Insight timer now!
  13. Sorry about your grandmother. Hugs.