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  1. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Day 10 I'd like to go outside today and take a long walk, but I am not sure about temperatures. Definitely more energy since practicing WHM. I did a lot of exercise yesterday and today I'd usually feel like resting the whole day, instead I am thinking of keeping myself active. Very positive. By the way, hunger. All the time.
  2. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    I've found that sometimes slow starts lead to excellent challenges. Don't let a bad start discourage you!
  3. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Done! + 60 second dead hang!
  4. The Dailies

    Done! Yesterday and today! How's the weekend gone for your dailies, guys?
  5. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Probably. I hope. I may stay longer in week 2 to try to get them better.
  6. Oh, god, you're going to change it? I've already done it! I guess it will count anyway? Please? The beginning is awful, at least for me, it gets easier as it goes. Still, it felt superlong.
  7. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    What worries me is that it is not as usual: I start with good form and keep it for the first 3, then it's worst for another 2. With this breathing retention form is poor from the very first I'm thinking I'm just stressed out because I can't breath.
  8. [SymphonicDan] and the home run [Level 22]

    Good luck tomorrow! Show them how you rule the world!
  9. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Day 9 Missed self-defence warm-up, and the sparring was lighter today, because it was only 45" instead of the usual 3 minutes. Practiced some punching drills in pairs and teacher told us it was perfect Then some errands and groceries shopping, and ate at the mall. Time for a short rest. If I am not too tired, I may give a chance to the abs vid later, but it seems pretty hard this week.
  10. Jsss, that is some serious abs workout o_O *scared*
  11. Jonesy’s Trials and Tribulations

    Ugh. Torture. But sure you will make the right choices!
  12. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Yeah, that was my main reason But still, I'm scared of winter coming... I'm feeling high most of the time. I don't know whether it is the success with flute breathing, the extra energy from the breathing exercises, or that I am really doing a lot of exercise and it's giving me a confidence boost, but this feels like an actual upgrade of the whole system
  13. Fight in the shade

    I'll ask him, though I don't think he remembers. He's not very good for that
  14. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Will see how I feel about them when winter comes. I'm thinking maybe I am cheating taking the course during the summer