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  1. Ensi: The Fox-Box

    EPIC. I've seen a place here where all the tattooists (is that the word in english?) have a fine arts degree, so instead of bringing your own or choosing from patterns or pictures, you can ask them to draw the design exactly as you want it. I guess you could find a place like that in your city.
  2. The dawn will take you all [Endor]

    So many good things in week 3 Nice choice!
  3. Day 57 2 victories yesterday. One, I had to go through this medical procedure, that is usually done under deep sedation, but for reasons sedation wasn't applicable, so I had to endure it as it is. The thing is, I was ok. Everybody had warned me about the awful pain, so I was a bit scared. But I was just fine. It hurt, but it was no biggie -specially when I compared it in thought to the crazy pain I feel when I put my hands on ice . Nurses were puzzled that I refused to take a painkiller afterwards, but I wasn't being brave or anything, I just didn't need it because I wasn't in pain. I'm almost 100% sure this is all breath's work. Second, last student came for his lesson in the evening, and when he entered the classroom he said "eeeer, don't you feel cold in here?" and asked me to close the window. I wasn't feeling cold at all, so it surprised me a little bit. Then I went back home and it was 17º. It was a bit too low to wear only a t-shirt, but I walked all my way back home without putting on the cardigan I had brought. Feet were ok, not cold, even when I was wearing sandals. I still needed to put my hands in my pockets, but otherwise I was fine. Also, at other times of my life, when I've done this, I've woken up the following morning feeling sick and with a runny nose, but not this time.
  4. There’s absolutely no need to painfully inject adamantium into your body to get that beautiful, totally shiny, unbreakable adamantium skeleton you’ve been dreaming of, you can build it yourself in the comfort of your own home… yes, you can, really, no pain. Well, some pain may be involved. But not much… How much, do you ask? Hmmm, do you see that barrel full of icy water, my dear? Just get in and we’ll talk… Main goal. Complete the Wim Hof course, so as to become The Wolverine. Starting the challenge at week 5 of the course – it doesn’t seem to involve moving to Svalbard yet Thinking on how intense this is going to be from now on, points are going to be generous here. Same as last challenge, it is an all or nothing goal, I do it or I don’t do it. 2 STR 2 DEX 2 WIS 2 CON Second goal. Exercise. Anything that helps to become The Wolverine, counts: self defence, running/sprinting, dead hangs/pull-up prep, push-ups, abs… 1 STR 1 DEX 2 STA 1 CON Third goal. Don’t throw everything in the trash. I’m getting back to work in a few days, and there is big danger here of getting overwhelmed. I am quite active at this moment, with plenty of exercise, the WH course, music practice and so, and soon my free time is going to be reduced. The goal will consist on being attentive and see whether I need to reduce my activity, by how much, and how much time it takes to adapt myself to the new routine. 2 WIS If I succeed in finishing the course and I get all my points both from the course and the exercise goals, stats will change and I will start at Level 0 as The Wolverine, won’t be a Wood Elf anymore.