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  1. Ok so that weekly thing turned into a bi-weekly thing. Thanks, Seven, for the luck! I need it. Haha. Still, I've kept on target, doing the angry birds workout 3 days a week (m/w/f), with sat/sun off. Diet isn't paleo, but I have cut out the huge quantities of bread and pasta I was consuming in favor of sweet potatoes, spinnach, broccoli, and asperagus. oh, and bacon. Bacon and eggs over brown rice for breakfast. The talk of bacon without added nitrites/trates is that its a better bacon, but I can't find any kind like that, so I opt for the "no sugar added" brands. I still use whole milk and cheeses as well. Love milk and cheese. Still, water makes up the main beverate, and milk only goes in my fruit/nut smoothies. I still eat out once in a while, but always something like Publix chicken or Chick-fil-a. Not exactly the pinnacle of health food either, but its no big mac with fries. On to the report! 01/13/14 [- 80 Squats - 30/30/30/20 [- 40 pushups - 12/12/12/12 [- 10 Pullups - 2/2/2/4 [- 2min Plank - 60/45/25 +5 workouts like that one, leading to today, the 6th workour since I last posted. 01/27/14 [- 80 squats - 35/35/35 [- 40 pushups - 16/16/16 [- 10 pullups - 4/4/4 [- 2min Plank - 50/50/50 But, I think antoher improvement is that I'm able to complete three sets in half an hour, where before it would take me an hour or more to work through it. That's a huge improvement for me, considering one set used to put me into blackout mode.
  2. Good evening Lara! Beating goals, now, thats something I've always had a problem with myself. I'll start something, set a goal or deadline, and then it passes and I add another broken project to the boneyard, fated to never come to fruition. So, for fitness goals, don't stress out if you don't hit the goal on the first attempt. Its something I always get discouraged over, and something I'm trying to beat as well. Just make progress toward your goals. Set them close, and then try to overshoot when you can. One more push up than last time. Five more seconds on plank. Cutting a particular garbage food from your diet. I'm working out in the privacy of my own room, nothign but bodyweight, so that takes the pressure of a gym crowd off my shoulders, no one to be embarassed in front of. A serries of smaller victories soon add up to large sweeping ones. Stay encouraged and excited! And find something good and delicious to eat after a workout... post-workout fruit blends are a heck of a reward when you've just thrashed yoursefl. At least for me. EDIT: so I read that other topic you have, and you already know everything I had to say! Its all new to me though. Haha! Good luck!
  3. Good evening, ladies and gentlement. I'm Fallhammer, and I'm pretty new to this whole "take care of your body" business. However, since NerdFitness seems to be the one place where the workouts make sense, and I'm currently a shapeless twig of a man with low blood pressure and sucky eating habbits... Well, I'd like to alter my being into someone who is proud and confident with themselves. So I'm attempting the Angry Birds workout routine. Week 1/ Day 1 (12/30/2013) Squats: (G)30 - 20/x/x/x/x Push Up: (G)40 - 10/x/x/x/x Pull Ups: (G)1 - 1/x/x/x/x Plank: (G) 60sec - 30 sec/x/x/x/x Yeah. Not too hot yet, but not too bad either. Hey, I can do a pull up! 160 lb guy, but I can get my chin over that bar on a wide arm pull up! Still, coulden't make it past a single set of any of it. The workout had flattened me after only 10 minutes or so! Forward to today, with a workout every other day-ish. Week 1/ day 5 (01/10/2014) Squats: (G)80 - 25/25/25/x/x Push Up: (G)40 - 12/12/12/x/x Pull Ups: (G)10 - 2/2/2/x/x Plank: (G) 120sec - 45 sec/45 sec/ 35 sec /x/x So, after a week's workouts and attempting to clean up my diet, I've improved a fair bit. I'm certian that this initial wave of improvement won't last too long... probably just my body waking up, so to speak and saying "oh, you're using me? cool." but then, you all are the experts and I'm fresh from the computer desk. Even so, after this one week, I'm already feeling better, but my diet is still needing work... Anyway, since you all have a forum dedicated to tracking progress, and since it seems this particular community feeds into each other, I conclude that tracking here as well as on my paper on the desk would be fun. -- as far as eating habits go, I'm comming off daily fast food and into a routine of cooking fresh and adding large quantities of spinnach and broccoli and asperagus to my diet. I'm eyeballing this paleo menu, and noting the distinct lack of bread and cheese, two of my very favorite things. Perhaps I can cut bread, but I may keep small bits of cheese and milk in my diet... but then again, that "whole30" program looks promosing too -- but then again, there's a steryotype of the "eager beaver" I need to learn to keep under control. I'm a man of many projects but none that are finished. I aim to change that streak. Anyway, I've cut bread from my diet, and most pasta (still a handful of spagetti when I cook chicken w/ fistfulls of greens), and noticed a steep energy drop-off... I'm adding in sweet potatoes (seems like a no-brainer now that I think about it) to try and get my energy back. Right? The potatoes replace the bread and pastas, from what I gather... Back to the researching I go. See you in a week! EDIT -- Quick update: sweet potatoes are delicious. Why have I not eaten these before? boggles the head...
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