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  1. Day 27 Wow, I spoke too soon. My week of days seriously through off the list! I just barely made over 100 points this week. Usually, I've been over 200 points for the week. But hey, I made it over 100 points and next week is another week, right?
  2. Day 26 It's Friday night and the last few days have been brutal. It's over now. I'm currently entertaining myself by writing and listening to music. The List fell by the wayside in the madness. I hate so many day shifts in a row! It makes it hard to push through. Didn't use any sick days this time; I have to get used to this since it happens every month. I'm going to the movies with my son tomorrow. We're gonna see The Grinch!
  3. Day 24 I'm tired. I'm tired of working so hard with no end in sight. Sorry... today I'm not feeling so great. I had an episode of unspeakable hunger at work today and the only reason I didn't throw up was that I happened to have some almonds on hand. That wasn't the best feeling. I'm keeping up with the List, but barely. I need to refocus. Or rather, I need to focus period. I can do this. I know I can.
  4. Day 22 It's been a good two days for me and for the List! I've been checking things off routinely. Also, I FINISHED EDITING MY BOOK!! That was my goal for NaNoWriMo, since it's about double the goal in size. I'm so happy! I need to find a way to publish it now.
  5. Day 20 I spent the day watching movies and doing laundry. No bathrooms today. Maybe tomorrow. The list going well. I'm over 200 points for the week! And I just realized that I have completed week three of this challenge and I'm still going strong! I'm so proud of myself! Usually, I'm starting to lag by this time.
  6. Day 19 I didn't get to the bathrooms as I planned, but I spent the day eating clean and I got to my exercises! I even did my StrongLifts 5x5! I'm prepping for tomorrow's meals and tomorrow is laundry day. I've continued the List as well, though I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.
  7. Day 18 My weight loss doctor is making me record my food now - as if I don't have enough to do! Oh well, I'll make it happen. Their version of keto is so much stricter than the standard version. But the idea of safely and healthily losing 7- 10 pounds every two weeks is too tempting to pass up! Not only that, but it does wonders for my self-esteem And I must REALLY be feeling my oats because I signed up for a 6-week weight loss challenge on Reddit. Nothing crazy; I just said I wanted to lose 10 pounds. But the results should be awesome either way!! The list goes well. I think I might clean the bathrooms later today since this newfound energy of mine isn't going away. Think about that. Me... Me! Miss 'I'm too tired to do xyz'. I'm having trouble finding ways to expel all the extra energy I now have thanks to thirty days of keto! What a rush
  8. Day 17 I've been extremely active for the last two days. I mean, between vacuuming the house in one sitting yesterday (usually takes 2-3 days to get it all done), and swimming for 2 hours with my family today, I've been on a roll! Unfortunately, I got some bad news that led me to some bad eating decisions. I've been keto-snacking all day; I've only just NOW put a good amount of protein in me. Too many Alcohol Sugars too. It's been a rough day but I've been hanging in there! I even got to the List today, and it's going pretty well if I do say so myself. I plan to do much better tomorrow. I'll prep tonight for work tomorrow and get this show on the road. Just... give me tonight for my pity party, okay?
  9. Day 16 I had a busy but good shift at work. Then I did something that almost sabotaged my Keto progress. I went to work with only 4 carbs in my system! God, I was chewing my gum like a felon and I couldn't figure out why at first. Once I figured it out, I called my hubby and had him bring me cheese and almonds. I was so happy afterward. Between the snacks and dinner, I was able to stay true to my Keto goals! The List goes well. I worked on my book and everything! Tomorrow I plan to do some vacuuming around my appointments. I will see the weight loss clinic people tomorrow too and I'll have to explain about 'shark week'. Not looking forward to that...
  10. Day 15 I was so tired yesterday that I didn't log my progress, but I made some. I worked and had a pretty decent shift at the hospital, did my ten minutes on the TreadClimber, and took my son to the movies! Not a big day for the List, but I felt really good for all that I accomplished yesterday. I intend to work on my novel today during work if I can. I also want to finish TWO bottles of water today if possible. Better get started.
  11. Day 14 It's been one heck of a day. Work was crazy, but I managed to keep up with my keto by eating lunch on my first break instead of my second like usual. On top of that, My dinner chicken was already ready already when I got home. I did my TreadClimber, my StrongLifts 5x5, and then dragged my son and dog out for a 25 minute walk in the sunshine! I'm on a roll today I also managed to get a lot of things done on my List. I'm currently over 200 points for the week! It's pretty amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.
  12. Day 13 It's surprising how little I accomplish without the List right in front of me. My son high-jacked my computer Friday and I got very little done without the Excel spreadsheet there to remind me. Plus, I got my hair done, which made me headachey and lazy. I should have at least did my TreadCLimber walk - I didn't. Oh well... Today is another day!
  13. Day 12 I'm on a roll! Not only did I vacuum the second floor, I got the first floor done for the week. I've started NaNoWriMo too. I'm gonna spend the month editing Adonis. I'm not slacking on the List either. I'm over the hundred mark for two weeks in a row. I have to start looking into a non-food reward for myself at the end of this challenge. Especially if I keep up this momentum!
  14. Happy Halloween, one and all! ^_^

    New profile Pic.jpg

  15. Day 11 It's day 21 of keto and I've developed a bit of an addiction to the r/keto board on reddit. It's so nice to hear how keto has changed people's lives and made them the best version of themselves. It's inspiring and motivating at the same time. I don't think I'll be giving up the habit of perusing the boards anytime soon. The list goes well, though I've been busy with Halloween stuff all day. Tomorrow will be better.
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