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  1. I love your idea of a photo from every run-- one of my primary joys from running is to experience beauty on each run. In fact, I loved your idea enough that I created an Instagram account just so I could follow your posts (my children are shocked that I have embraced this technology). I'm looking forward to your pics and might start a similar project of my own!
  2. I love your challenge. I'm turning 40 this month and your ideas have inspired me-- I may craft a birthday month challenge for myself now!
  3. Thanks for sharing this-- my daughter now has an incentive to run with me!
  4. I've been eating out again, which is not only a less healthy choice but also an expensive one. I will limit myself to no more than one meal out each week.
  5. Congratulations on a race well run! Any more races on your horizon?
  6. Week 4 already??? Maybe I'm stuck in a different dimension where its still only week 2.... I've kept up with my challenges for the most part, but have fallen behind some in my cross training while recovering from my 50 K. This week, my focus will be on resuming my strength training with renewed vigor and dancing more!!!
  7. I'm originally from that area (upstate NY). A beautiful place! Have you raced there before?
  8. Also running the Riverside 24 hour relay on June 7-8.
  9. Update: I am never satisfied unless I have a significant running event on the horizon. Consequently, a few days after finishing the 50K I went and registered to run a 24 hr relay trail race as a one person team. So that is a 24 hour event in which I will repeatedly run a 6 mile trail loop. I wish that I could blame some of my rash decisions on alcohol but, truth is, I seldom drink. This past week I have stuck with short trail runs while recovering from my 50. I've also begun experimenting with night-running, as I will have to become accustomed to this for the 24 hr event. Sadly, my lower
  10. Race Report: So, yesterday was the 50 K the race began in 35 degree weather, with wind and rain; my back was still acting up, and I was fighting a throat/sinus illness... and.... it was the best race ever. The course was beautiful, incorporating some decent elevation gain, fabulous views (when I wasn't watching my feet); a varied terrain, with river, fields, wild flowers, rocks, evergreens, and blooming dogwood trees. 31 miles, running through the woods (mostly in isolation) definitely takes your mind to interesting places. Early on, I had lines from the Invictus running through my mind..
  11. Yes-- except ours isn't labeled, so you need to know all the states
  12. One of our parks has a (super large) map of the U.S. painted on the blacktop. Basically, one person shouts out a state's name and you have to sprint to the appropriate state before getting tagged
  13. I'm also registered for a half marathon May 17th outside of the Grand Canyon Taking the girls and making it a mini vacation
  14. Week One Update: First week went well-- I incorporated dance and strength training, got my mileage in (I'm in my taper for Sunday's race), nursed my injury (finally noticing real improvement) and practiced my mental training program. Additionally, I "got out of the box" and shook up my routine this week by PLAYING much of which was accomplished at our local parks (I live within a short walk of no less than 5 parks and our weather has been beautiful) with my daughters. Specifically, I shot hoops, threw Frisbee, flew kites, and played 50 states tag (which was my personal favorite). This ne
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