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  1. Posted in the challenge before I realized this was last month. Bravo on some great things happening in this challenge, will now find the next one!
  2. Makes me want to live in a warmer climate. Earliest race in the northeast is April! Hoping to go out west in 2017, no HH or HH12HR in northeast!
  3. Nice and simple! any thoughts on which parts of your workout your trimmingo out at this point?
  4. Has anyone in nerd fitness attempted a Hurricane Heat 12 HR? I am considering attempting this, but am wondering if anyone had any personal experience I can learn from.
  5. Just looking, as it looks like I missed a fellow nerd last year, any nerds looking at going to Killington next year?
  6. well, Didn't realize this was a thing. AWESOME! Will be there volunteering and racing all weekend!
  7. Either that or I'm going to die young!!!! Nah no midlife crisis, I just always thought sailboats were awesome, and I likely have found one that is affordable and in pretty good shape! I ended up buying a used fluid trainer, a travel trac millennium. From the reviews I have found it tends to overheat, so I will need a small fan blowing over it, but other than that it's supposed to be amazing (and it was used only twice, so really isn't very used). Last week involved 2 things - running a 50k and meditating. I did all my planned meditations, and seem to be turning that into a habit.
  8. I may be tempted to join you for that. I'm training to bust the fastest known time on the presidential traverse anyways, why not keep the crazy going!
  9. Alright thoughts on Killington (sorry for being late). For me Killington was hard but a blessing. The hill climbs were unreal, which included 2 full climbs up the mountain plus multiple smaller steep woods climbs. There was 2 of a lot of obstacles, including the spear throw (0 for 4 now) atlas carry, and so many walls to climb over I lost count. There was even 3 barbed wire crawls, all pretty long. The tire drag was uphill and the tires so big it took me a while to get it moving. I nearly puked and fainted doing burpees while starring at the finish line. I found the race challenging, even with
  10. Well, I suck at keeping this thing updated that's for sure! This last week was spot on for my activities, although it's REALLY HARD to not pay attention to the distance when your on a treadmill. I ran inside once due to the gross weather. I also did all 3 of my meditations, although 20 minutes was a bit of a struggle to stick with. This week i'm changing my workout schedule, as I have decided for my 29th birthday (tomorrow) I am going to do something completely crazy and out of the range of sanity. So crazy my sister laughed and decided to come watch the crazy spectacle. On October 18
  11. Haven't updated in a while, so here's me catching up. Last week was a recovery week, but I went a little to far on the rest end. I only ran once and only meditated once. I was bummed out at first by missing some goals last week, but have approached this week wanting to be back on track, and so far I have done 1 run, 1 hill training and 2 meditations. Since it was raining pretty hard yesterday, I caved and did my run on the treadmill at the gym. This made it impossible to focus just on the time, but instead of focusing on a pace or speed, I did interval training. I did 5 minutes at a low
  12. Little over halfway done with week 2, and have done 1 half hour meditation, 1 10 minute meditation, and 1 30 minute meditation. Will update on the beast later!
  13. A few on my team are thinking hurricane heat, beast and ultra beast. Not sure if I'm up for that yet
  14. I think there is a beast in new jersey. They list one in western mass for pre reg every year but they have yet to actually do it.
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