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  1. Hey Hurley sorry that your weight is going in a direction you're not happy with! It can be very frustrating when you're not hitting the goals you want, you just want to throw up your hands and say screw it.On the plus side, and it may sound trite, you still are lighter than your heaviest weight and there is plenty of time to get back moving in the direction you are hoping for! It might be time to really sit down and examine your current strategy if what your doing isn't working. Food intake, exercise, the whole thing. It's hard, that's for sure and there are no easy days other than yesterday
  2. Did you look into advertising with local vets too? That would be the first place I'd think about stopping at if I needed a pet sitter.
  3. I was just about to suggest shoes and then saw you put it in there! Also might want to consider your sleeping positions, you might be twisting up your legs in some weird way during the night that causes soreness in the morning. Have you tried tucking a pillow under your knees? Sometimes knee pain can be related to back pain, might all be tied into how you sleep.
  4. Might be due to some of the tension around the house living there? Plus no one ever wants to feel like the third wheel! The Big E is pretty much just a giant food disaster waiting to happen. Pretty much the only thing healthy you could find there would be the hay the cows are chewing on. Last year some place was selling deep fried sticks of BUTTER.
  5. Grats on the anniversary Shaarawy it's get to see your evolution and the progress you have made! I feel you on the beer front. As much as I love beer and bourbon, waking it really screws my sleep. Waking up at 4 in the morning, can't fall back to sleep.. feel like garbage, etc. When one weekend day is torched recovering from the night before it's a real bummer. Some of it is trial and error, I still socially drink at times but have really learned that fine line between "Hey this is fun!" And "Whaaaz yooour name again- fungle.. wazz gurp!". Also I think you'll start to appreciate it more.
  6. Don't be embarrassed to be there with both your parents, you should be glad they're still together! Sucks about the comments but unfortunately many kids that age have alot of growing up to do. This reminds me it's just about fair season. I might have to fast for a few days before I make a trip up to the Big E.
  7. Depending on where in NJ you go, that light, leisurely jog could turn into a frantic "Let's get the hell out of here" sprint!
  8. I usually buy a few tickets when it gets up into the 70+ million range. I figure I don't want to use up all my luck on some piddly million dollar lottery, I'm banking all my good luck on the mega millions jackpot.
  9. This is why I plan on winning the lottery in order to fund my early retirement.
  10. Great job on the challenge! And wow on the shoulders, they're ripped!
  11. Well looking back at the challenge over all it was generally successful! Goals I wanted to accomplish this challenge: - Drop some weight. Started @ 205 and ended, this morning, at 197. 8 pounds in 6 weeks with no loss of strength I'm pretty happy with. No real complaints here other than I wish it could go quicker so I could get back to eating like a horse. Weight might take a slight hit this weekend as I have a 3 day weekend for the first time since November and a bottle of Four Roses small batch bourbon begging to be opened. - Increase chins and pulls: success! I can crank out 9 co
  12. Blargh, is the 6wc seriously almost over? Where the hell did the past 6 weeks go?!?
  13. Ok..getting back on updating track! Been fitting in pushup 2x per day this week, averaging about 80 per day (40 in the morning, 40 at night) hit a rocky spell there for a bit but want to finish up strong!
  14. I get the same problem at the office. Any time people bring in donuts, or pizza, cake etc (seems like there is constantly some sort of celebration) invariably the comments come about how I'm not having any. Don't worry, if I wanted some I'd have it. It's not like I have pirate hooks for hands and lack the capability of shoveling pizza in my mouth, I'm just choosing not to.
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