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  1. It does make sense to me that intensity strengthens the body more efficiently than volume. So, with BW squats, it sounds like what you're suggesting is that intensity increases with the number of reps within a single set, but only to a point. I suppose at that point, one would need to move on to a more intense style BW squats, like pilots.
  2. Well, if doing 100 squats was easy, I wouldn't be where I am right now wondering about doing 10 sets of 10. What do you mean by 3x3-5?
  3. Do you think doing 10 BW squats 10 times per day produces similar strength builiding results as doing 1 set of 100 squats/day? I realize the cardio element would be different, but what I'm really wondering about is the strengthening aspect.
  4. BW Routine 3 Sets circuit style: 5 Push-ups 30 squats 5 negative pull-ups 60 second plank 30 good mornings
  5. Ok we've been moved in for a couple months and life is finally starting to normalize. It's time to get back to a routine! I've been taking a ballet class once a week since July, and now I want to recommit to my strength training 3x week. I lost some ground after not working out regularly. I gained some weight too. I'd like to get my pull-up back, be able to do 3 sets of 10 pushups, and lose 7 lbs isn (I haven't taken measurements, but when I do I'll think more in terms of BF %).
  6. I think I would like to be a member of the assassin guild. For the next challenge I would like to work on pilot squats. I can do negatives, but I can't stand back up yet. I have a running list of goals I would like to work towards. It's a fluid list, and probably not comprehensive. Here it is: MONDO GOALSPULL-UPPISTOL SQUATFROG STANDHAND STANDTUCK PLANCHEADVANCED TUCK PLANCHEFRONT LEVERSTRADDLE PLANCHEPLANCHE
  7. haha yup! He doesn't crawl, and probably won't at this point. It has been his mode of transport for 3 months... walking soon I suspect.
  8. haha, yup! Kipping seems scary to me, especially in a door frame. thank you thank you!!
  9. oh goodness! I'm grinning ear to ear! Thank you very much! You'll get where you're going too, stay pumped!
  10. Thanks everyone for your support and high fives! I'm stoked!! You help keep me pumped about strength and I am very grateful for that.
  11. I have a single word for you rebels... ONE. and just in case the first one doesn't show enough full ROM (but it was) here's #2...
  12. I'm still here. This challenge has been close to a total failure for me, but I'm going to keep trying. I dropped everything I had committed to trying, especially during our move/vacation. I'm going to recommit to my every other day workouts. My shoulders are feeling better after the break, but I know I need to be conscious of them now. I'm not going to push so hard for constant improvement. I'm going to focus on consistency. My baby turned 1 yesterday and I've been waiting to show a side by side of the last year. I'm really grateful for my body and its recovery. I feel great, and I think I look awesome! But I still want that damn pull-up!!
  13. Thank you Piro. The posture idea is a good one. Sometimes I do stand extra straight when I need to feel tough and communicate with others to not mess with me.
  14. I've rested for 3 days, the discomfort/mild pain in my shoulders actually got a little worse, which seems weird but maybe suggests healing? I'm going on vacation for 10 days, not bringing the pull-up bar. I've decided to do a lower body+core workout for the next 10 days. I'll give an update for the rest of my challenge. The packing is going really well. My husband and I are driving 1 of 2 trailer loads out to Washington today, the rest in 1 month. I would say half the house is packed. As for the eating and drinking, I've eaten after 8p maybe 3 times, and had wine 4 times since the beginning of the challenge. And the rule breaking. It turns out staying at home with the baby doesn't allow for many social opportunities, but I sense that the next 10 days will be plentiful. Last week I bought a piece of quiche from the deli and the plastic to go forks wouldn't do, so I snagged a metal one. Oh and I had my punch cards consolidated. And last night I planned in my head what I'll say to my ex coworker if I see her around town before moving. Measurements from Wednesday: 4/30 MeasurementsWeight 125.7 lbsWaist 61.8 cmHips 85.8 cmNeck 27.5 cmBody Fat 17.08% 4/9MeasurementsWeight 127.4 lbsWaist 62.5 cmHips 87.3 cmNeck 27.5 cmBody Fat 18.48%
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