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  1. Update: I began mountain biking and in NerdFitness style I began building a hub motor for my mountain bike so that I can go longer, farther, and faster. I am truly addicted to mountain biking. I was at the gym and switched it up by mixing some aspects of different days workouts together and I feel good, sore, but good : ) Hope you all are doing well God Bless
  2. Feeling good and sore today : ) I am happy to be back on track Dont let the world slow you or stop you in your tracks - Push Through - Go when you dont want to go
  3. I got my key card - Been to the gym several times and am feeling great (sorry for the late reply) Im typing this sore after a great shoulder/chest workout I hope everyone else is doing well I have a question for someone who is in the "know" in the area of shoulder workouts I was doing shoulder presses and iso-lateral presses and I feel very weak in this area - I dropped my weight and am still unable to complete a full set - I used to be able to do 10lbs more then I can now and this is just a few months ago - I dropped the weight and I still am unable Any advice? Thanks God Bless
  4. Been sloppy lately - lost my gym keycard and got lazy - I used it as an excuse not to go : / I am getting a new keycard on saturday and jumping back into it Thanks for following - expect updates saturday and beyond : )
  5. I love apples - I have a "quick-slicer" which "cores" the apple and makes even slices - So I love eating them Otherwise - I would make smoothies but the blender is too loud at night I really dont have any other foods to fill the gap and I often fall back on eating leftovers from dinner or other quick snacks Im not much of a veggie fan when they are raw - so unless we had veggies for dinner - I likely wont go out of my way to prep them I would love some insight on ideas of easy good snacks to destroy my night - time hunger Thanks God Bless
  6. Leg day is good - I feel like I have done the most on leg day but because I love "seeing" results, I look forward to arms/chest/shoulders days. I hear what you are saying though : ) As for food - im doing well but I could be better I am a late night person and I keep finding myself wanting to snack One HUGE progression for me was stopping drinking diet sodas - I have switched to water (if I go out to eat I will get a diet soda but this may be at most 1 time a week or so) I am happy with my progress and I love hearing how others are doing and also reading peoples opinions about my progress I will post new pictures asap Thanks God Bless
  7. Thanks - I always dread leg day due to not being able to "see" the gains in the mirror lol But I can tell I worked hard yesterday beyond being able to increase my numbers... Today it was extremely hard to wake up - I fell asleep super early yesterday and wanted to sleep all day Im happy with my progress Tomorrow is abs : (
  8. The Dreaded leg day.... Actually went better then I could have expected I am improving all sets and reps - added weight or reps to every exercise Things are going great How is everyone out there doing?
  9. Chest and shoulders were excellent - I destroyed last weeks numbers and am feeling stronger each day Need to clean up my diet here and there but otherwise things are going according to plan
  10. Today (actually in about 30 minutes) is Chest and Shoulders I look forward to today as I want to see if I can make similar gains as I did with my Arms Hope everyone else is doing well Also, still looking to add more to our accountability partners - let me know if interested Thanks God bless
  11. Arms day went well - upped all my reps/weight Felt good to get closer to my previous strength
  12. Thanks : ) Im doing well - getting on track - making my schedule work with my life/family
  13. Tomorrow we start over with the Arms day (My favorite) I will also be doing approx 4-5 miles on my mountain bike for some cardio Ill post with an update afterwards Thanks God Bless
  14. Yesterday I did my core with some modified chest exercises day. Interestingly my core exercises went flawlessly. I finished all reps and weights as I used to before I "stopped" working out. I normally do a "cable crossover" but I figured for my modified day I would do dumbbell flyes. This worked out great. I did some more exercises that blended some of my normal chest exercises with some new ones which I do to "confuse" the muscles. I am doing well and looking forward to anyone who wants to join our little team. Also, I live in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania so if anyone else is from PA and would like to possibly work out together - im game. Thanks guys God Bless
  15. Today was legs... On my leg days in the past I was pushing 438 on the leg press and 458 on calf raises but today I couldnt get close to that... I hit 250 on leg press and 270 on calf raises I didnt attempt squats and dead lifts because the reason I stopped working out 2 months ago was due to a knee injury and I want to make sure I can handle that type of lift before I get into it again I am excited to rebuild my legs as they were some of the strongest aspects of my strength Im interested in building a group of people who want to encourage each other Message me if you are interested God Bless
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