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  1. 1) Terrible thing to do from a personal freedom POV. 2) No argument that less soda is the right idea for health. 3) Those who want a 32 oz soda will just buy 2 16 oz sodas. At most FastFood restaurants, you can refill as many times as you want. 4) Doesn't even address one of the major contributors: "Only establishments that receive inspection grades from the health department, including movie theaters and stadium concession stands, will be subject to the rules. Convenience stores, including 7-Eleven and its king-size Big Gulp drinks, would be exempt, along with vending machines and some
  2. Now THAT makes sense. AND it goes along with less gov't intervention (since the subsidy comes from the gov't) instead of more gov't control.
  3. That's awesome!! Keep going and you'll be doing 15 mph avg in no time.
  4. Was that a challenge goal? I like it. I think I might steal that for the next 6 week challenge. 3000 Woots for U!!
  5. I got my +1 WIS for the mini-challenge, but have to give myself a disappointing C for the full Challenge. Full Challenge Report here.
  6. Week #6 and Challenge Final Report Goal 1: 8 hours sleep/night +1 WIS +3 CON 7.5 hours avg/night = B Goal 2: 10 Consecutive Pullups. +3 STR Working it....see Final report to see how many I made. Goal 3: Swim 11x (30 mins or more) during the challenge. 1 more swim this week..... Life Goal Basement ceiling (see last 2 challenges)....when this is completed, there will be a party. +3 CHA +2 WIS I did more Algebra this week than ceiling work. :-( Full Challenge Report Starting stats: STR:7 DEX:7.33 STA:14 CON:3 WIS:4 CHA:4 One mini challenge completed: I have my workout plan documented on Trai
  7. Smokin' ....my best half is 2:11. I did 11.9 miles yesterday in 1:50:40, and it was the longest run I've done since my last half in March. I hope to get to your speed someday.
  8. I've been told by a Garmin rep that the odometer on your bike (or car) is far more accurate than any GPS. I use mapping software or mile markers on a local trail or my bike or car odometer to get my *real* mileage.
  9. That's how it starts. First it's a 5k, then after you do a couple them and you keep getting new PRs, you go for a 10k. That seems easy, so you say, "A 10miler? Sure, what the heck? ". At that point, a half is *ONLY* 3 more miles. Then you can go 20K, 20miler, or just go straight to the Marathon. (Of course, there are those really strange people who say "why stop there? an Ultra sounds fun". Then we're talking about 50k's and 50 milers. ) Go for IT! Just increase your mileage (or your duration for about 10%) each week, and take a 20% off week about every 4th or 5th weeks. That helps
  10. That's the one I'm doing!!! I did the Half in DC this year and it's close to home, so I figured it was the perfect full for me to start with.
  11. Test out some options during a ride in the next week. Bananas are generally easy to digest and will top off your carbs. I do a loose paleo, and just saw a recipe for some homemade bars with rice, bacon and natural cane syrup. There were some other fat/protein additions to the bars. I don't seem to have immediate issues with anything I eat, but can tell the next day if I've strayed too far from my paleo base.
  12. Running with a friend definitely makes it easier and can actually make it fun, or at least something you look forward to. Is there any particular reason you want to make friends with running? I always hated it, too, but my ego goaded me in to signing up for a 10 mile race last year, and I haven't looked back.
  13. I'm doing my first Marathon in March 2013...2013 must be the Scout Year of the Marathon.
  14. And so it begins. The miles only get easier from here. Good work.
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