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  1. This just in: I SURVIVED FINALS without have to retake anything! (Actually, my last one which I wasn't sure on, I did way better than I though) I have busted my hindquarters the last 3+ weeks and stayed afloat. In the last 3 weeks, I have been up by 4am every day except for 2 or 3 days. To get extra undistracted study time. Coffee is my new best friend. I haven't exercised but we've eaten okay. I've been at a standard 6 hours of sleep every night, which is my absolute minimum. I have a buddy at school who does bodybuilding/physique contests. We are kinda bros. It's cool.
  2. Master Windu would probably destroy muay thai. He'd be the exception though, not the rule
  3. Update: I'm doing very well this challenge! I've been staying very busy and trying new strategies for studying. Finals are right around the corner (after turkey day break). --- Actual organization hasn't been so effective, but it definitely hasn't gotten worse. What I have been doing is trying to study more in depth and more structured. I've been utilizing the Pomodoro strategy (http://tomato-timer.com/) and prioritizing what to study based on 80/20 system as well. I haven't perfected it by any means, but have been doing much better. Now as long as I stay ahead of everything my stre
  4. Hey, Assassins! Here for this challenge. I'm going to try some different things for this challenge. I want to make it really easy to not fall out on this one. I'm digging into some personal growth work I've needed. I've been looking at it as having to come out of a whole I've dug, but a lot of it has not been totally my fault and a lot of it has to do with growing up. I will not feel shame or allow self-hatred to continue to grow. Purpose: I see a Sage as someone who uses wisdom and knowledge to grow and keep themselves alive. They move towards preserving their life and being at peace wit
  5. Subbed ----Will post a challenge this weekend. Several tests last week and 3 big ones this week. Tomorrows is HUGE! Get after it!
  6. Its been a few days! This week I didn't do a great job of working out, but I've been working through some stuff. Had a tough test and while I didn't rock it, I did well enough to be happy with the score. Been dealing with some anxiety/anger stuff the last few months. No idea what has caused it, but I definitely don't have equilibrium. Looking into some meditation stuff as well as essential oils. Part of the problem is when I drink too much coffee the anxiety gets stimulated. I'm also an introvert and a bit of a perfectionist. So being around too many people for too long (introvert) + not
  7. What? Let me get this straight, you can't gain muscle doing exercises that are easier than a full pushup?
  8. Crazy weekend! Took two very long walks with hills with my son this weekend and had his birthday. Didn't eat too much at the party either Got a new (refurbished) 2012 MacBook Pro. Can now watch movies to relax after our busy weekend, my wife and I are watching the new captain America while the little guy sleeps
  9. Got my (short) workout in today!
  10. Short update: I read my first post on this page. It seems a bit sad. I feel better and have for a few days. More positivity, less negativity. I've done quite well staying on task with school stuff lately. To get my little dose of video games in, I've just watched a little bit of gameplay (AC, Diablo 3) and read a little lore. Been doing it basically during breaks, this is improving. ////////// Does anyone else play mmos or role playing games and either do the analysis or find another persons analysis to optimize your characters gear, damage output, etc? I do. ////////// Should get a few gra
  11. Tiny update: Sunday I was quite efficient with my study time, except for a 40 minute period of time. This was an improvement for me recently. The test that was today went very well. I for sure got a B, maybe an A. The test was in my Histology class, on identifying connective tissue types, types of cells, and cell organelles just by seeing. I am pretty pleased with my perceived difficulty as it is supposed to be one of the most difficult tests we take in the class!\ Today was that test. In addition to that, I told myself to start slowly and build up until the next challenge. In order to do
  12. It really is awesome!!! Our dog got to run around back there a few times in the last 24 hours, he is so happy! He found something and started digging holes and rooting around.
  13. Short update: Still haven't worked out. But I did get a LOT of exercise in today... Our house manager (basically our landlord) was supposed to take care of fallen tree limbs and take trash (old rugs and towels, plastic tubes, old tire, etc) that were in the back yard when we moved in in March. Let's just say very few of the house maintanence things he is supposed to do have yet to get done... 7 months later. So we haven't been mowing, weeding, or maintaining our backyard at all. Fast forward to now, and we have 10 foot weeds and thick grass and sticks... An overgrown nasty forest in our yard.
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