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  1. revisiting this thread for the first time....since I posted last, actually. Been getting some good walking in, been getting some decent enough studying in. We started doing agility work with the dogs, which has been pretty fun so far. Workouts beyond that have been essentially nonexistent. I just don't have the energy for them. Actually seen a few lbs go down on the scale with healthy eating, so that's a plus. Just gotta keep getting to that stupid chopper
  2. 100 pushups baseline - 15 pushups
  3. For the world of books, I just started the first book from The Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings. So far pretty good, but definitely not a 2 week book. There was a time known as college when it would've been a one week book, but not so much anymore. Either way, fill me in on how yayog is when you're wrapped up with it. Could be interesting. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Mmmmmm, steak. I like my steaks like Daniel Day Lewis likes his oilfields. There will be blood.
  5. Mmmmm, it's grilling season again. Finally warm enough for the only kind of smoking I partake in. Get a big slab of meat, a good dry rub, a little bit of sauce for finishing it off, and a whole lot of time.
  6. That remind me, I needed to share the news with you. I got transferred to a new job site within my company and I am now allowed to have facial hair at work!
  7. I'm still working on all the specifics of this challenge. I don't have it broken down into I want to do into nice, neat little goals of (A), (, ©, and (D). But there is a goddamn Predator after me. The only way to keep from being slaughtered or *shudder* ending up in a movie with Danny Glover is to improve myself in mind and body every day. This means pushups, planks, squats, lunges, step-ups. It means logging my diet into myfitnesspal. It means studying like I mean it. If anyone is interested, it might involve having some fun in the mud. I don't have a specific regime in mind. Right now my schedule Monday through Thursday is wake up at 4 am, get ready for work and out the door for 5, hopefully finish fighting traffic and get home from work for 6 pm. Once dinner has been consumed, I try to summon the energy to exercise and study. Then there's a three day weekend. Which also needs to contain exercise and study. ... And cleaning my house....a lot The point is this. I have one chance for survival. GET TO THE CHOPPA!
  8. I need to make a habit on habitrpg to actually log my activity on habitrpg Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Tapatalk
  9. challenge recap: things I did successfully: pull up! get my diet into better shape things I did okay: study for my cpa exam things I did much less successfully: exercise - probably managed 3 weeks worth, then fiancee got sick, and I got lazy when she got better run: I did one week of couch to 5k, one morning of frantically running my neighborhood searching for the dogs
  10. I'm in the Tennant corner, though Eccelton has some really strong highs. I never fell in love with Matt Smith the same way. Gotta be honest, sometimes I want to give him a wedgie Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Tapatalk
  11. sea.bee ffe68c02-3052-4292-8d24-fdd1adbdce8b I think that's it
  12. I think the "golden ratio" of paleo is an 80% paleo/20% nonpaleo split. There are people on here that absolutely shoot for 90something to 100% all paleo all the time, but I think they also wear big flowy capes and their underwear on the outside. I'd recommend you go for it as best as you can.
  13. down with dishes? with dishes? DOWN WITH MOWING THE LAWN! I figure I've got about one or two more weeks grace period before it explodes into supergrow mode down here. And that's only because the bradford pear that was in the back yard when we bought the house killed a wide swathe of grass. We cut that son of a bitch tree down without an ounce of remorse. Now I'm just patiently waiting (who am I really kidding here?) until the blackberry bush and blood orange tree we planted can bear fruit in the next few years
  14. I'll give this thing a whirl and send you said info once I can go home to a computer that doesn't only have internet exploder as a web browser. KABOOM!
  15. Stupid app, not windows phone compatible. New phone time in something like a month, back to Droid goodness Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Tapatalk
  16. So we've finally found something you're not a destroyasaur at! Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Tapatalk
  17. Spent the weekend in Shreveport to attend my baby sister's white coat ceremony. She's now one step closer to being a doctor! I definitely was one with the seefood diet over the weekend. Apart from the weekend, I've been testing the waters of IF for maybe the past week and a half to two weeks. So far it hasn't been too bad. Main side effect is that I've been drinking a whole lot more water in the AM. MFP has been treating me well enough, all things considered. Just got to keep it going for one more week.
  18. Yeah, quantum fetish mechanics is a dangerous thing, only made worse by the interwebs.
  19. I think one thing we could do is in an intro post, throw a link to a few different fairly successful/interesting people's threads/battlelogs. One of the first things that caught my eye after I first joined was Jitters' battlelog. There were people on there with close enough wavelengths to mine that I decided to stick around and say hello. I think the trick there could also be minimizing the intimidation factor. For example, I think a lot of people consider Waldo to be a pretty solid bodyweight guru. But I think he also considers the ability to do one armed pullups and big toe only pistol squats basic. So when I first started, I couldn't mentally close the gap between his abilities and mine. Now that I've stuck around and learned a little more, I can see the progressions from skill X to Y to Z to pinky toe pistols, but it wasn't there at all in the beginning.
  20. Awwww, goat! And I wish it were that easy to bathe my dogs. My biggest fear was that they would get hit by a car, as we're not terribly far from one of the busier roads in the city or the interstate. Second biggest, that somone would see our two dogs, that weigh in at a combined 120-130 lbs, panic, and try to kill them out of "self protection". Third place, while unlikely, had a screaming voice in my head saying somoeone had seen our dogs around in the neighborhood when we were walking or working them and decided to steal them for a dog fighting ring, sadly not an unknown problem in my fair city. Still waiting for that pit in my stomach to thaw out
  21. so I obviously needed a panic attack to start my morning. There was a pretty sizeable storm last night, big enough to blow our back gate open. I, not realizing this at 5:45 in the morning, let the dogs out to go do what we all do when we first wake up. So I close the door, finish getting dressed, put food out for all the animals, and opened the back door again. Most mornings this leads to a two canine version of Pamplona's running of the bulls. Today, nothing. So I rush into the back, surprise, the gate is open. Now here's where panic starts to kick in. Our husky mix is a runner, but the shepherd, I've had her get out before only to find her sitting patiently at the front door waiting to be let in. I look left out the door, nothing. Right, the same. I run to both ends of the street, probably waking up most of it, no dogs to be seen. I wake my fiance, hop in the car to drive the neighborhood and half an hour of frantic searching later, we find the dogs safe and sound marking bushes as theirs and sniffing trashcans. While a small part of me was furious that they'd run so far off, there was too much relief for it to really stick. When my mind is going "did they get stolen to get sold on craigslist or to be bait dogs or hit by a car?", sniffing trashcans is a relief. So, rebels, how did you wake up this morning? P.S. in the world of pullups: ONE!
  22. Step 1: drink a glass of water Step 2: If you're still hungry a bit later, eat something Fruit can be good because fruit can be pretty calorie inefficient (a big apple is maybe 120something calories, much more filling than a 100 calorie pack of crackers or cookies). Alternate - protien. eat some jerky or chicken or a steak. steak is delicious. mmmmm, steak
  23. whee, graphs! and my offer's still on the table if you want someone to crunch number and spit out graphs for you at the end of the challenge
  24. FOR DINNER! Quick, someone add baby seal to madhatter's ingredient list!
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