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  1. Oh damn, was not even thinking about it. So much stuff in my life that I forgot about this. Last challenge didn't even end well. I'll need to rethink what I'm doing for sure !
  2. Moving is done at last. I haven't workout for like 1 week or something like that. I've made my 1st grocerie yesterday. That was good to make and eat good food. I was glad to go on the scale and see that my weight was still the same though Sadly, this challenge was a "complete" failure.
  3. Big thumbs up on the 10ish % bodyfat loss between 2013 and 2014. That's really impressive
  4. Hey! I'm back!... Moving takes a lot of time, work and etc. That was like, the worst week for the last 4 months. I ate a ton of fast food because I had to place to cook really... I still tried to ate well like, salads and stuff even if I was "on the go". Working out was also really bad because I was totally exausted of moving from place to place because I'm not the owner of my new place at the moment and when I come home after work I just want to go to bed... But well, it takes less awesome weeks to have better ones ! And I think I'll probably fail this challenge. I don't think I'll have lost 1% bodyfat with all that, sadly.
  5. Allright so, buying a BRAND-NEW place is A LOT of work. I consider all this a workout... Carrying a ton of heavy boxes, an oven, and all too heavy stuff a house needs. Standing up durings hours painting wall, ceiling and other things... I stayed up 12h today. I sat down 15 minutes to eat once... That hurts more than 200 squats, haha. By the way... It's not done yet, but it's probably good for the body. At least, boxes of heavy stuffs are easier to lift now that I train a lot!
  6. I pushed myself a little harder tonight. It went well 3 sets of : 20 squats 7 chin-ups 10 side things with dumbell on each sides (for shoulders and triceps) 15 bicep dumbell stuff on each arm :40 side-plank on each side That was a good workout.
  7. 1st post of the topic ! Thanks Teros to bring me back ! Even if I don't write in blue. The day before yesterday I've made 45 push-ups 18 pull-ups Today I've made 60 squats 21 chin-ups 144 = 14 dead zombies
  8. I was running for a couple of days. I didn't felt like doing strength workout... Don't know why. But well, tonight I came back to my old love and I've done 3 sets of 15 push-ups 15 dumbell bicep stuff with 20lbs on each arms :60 plank 6 pull-ups Sixty seconds plank is not a walk in the park at all ! I'm also trying to eat more protein because I'm losing weight and at that point, this is not what I want at all.
  9. My muscles are still hurting from the 100 pushups, 100 squats and 200 sec of plank so I ran tonight. That's better than nothing !
  10. I'm reading the FrostKing stuff. But I'm sad that doing more than this is not my priority for this challenge. With the new house, personnal project and other things, I've focused on other stuff. Sorry to not be AS present with the Fanatics as the last challenge Teros.
  11. That's not a bad idea at all ! You know that's the 1st time in my life that I'm NOT happy by losing weight... Because losing weight mean less bodymass VS bodyfat so my % bodyfat is rising !... That seriously sucks
  12. Weather sucks here outside. Raining for days. So when I wanna see colors and sun, I look at this topic!
  13. So true ! But it was sunny outside so there were not a ton of people. I wanted to buy new shirts but god, 30 bucks for a t-shirts... I hate paying that price for simple shirts and they were all ugly as f**k. So I went back with nothing, sadly. Anyway, I wanted to do something quicker and different for my workout yesterday evening. That was not quicker though, haha. 10 reps of: 10 push-ups :20 plank 10 squats Push-ups were not easy...
  14. Hahaha, exactly. We are in control! We need to . So weather was GOOD today here up north. So it was snow shoveling on the terrasse to be able to sit and take a sun bath! And I went shopping with my GF. I walked during 2 hours. That was, some sort of, physical activities. If I can say so.
  15. Allright, so that was strenght training evening. 3 sets of 15x15lbs DB on each arm (bicep stuff) :60 plank 6 pull-up 8x15lbs DB on each arm (side tricep/shoulder stuff) I can see that my body has already forgotten how to workout from his 2 weeks of sickness. Time to do a little push to reminds him who's boss.
  16. Well, it depends on what you want to do when you get home and how much you can skip stuff. I used to sleep like, 5 hours because I was going to bed around 12 and even 1 am sometimes and my gf was waking up at 6 to go to school. But then I was always going to work at 10 (flexible hours are super great and bad at the same time). I forced myself to go to bed at 10-11 and wake up at 7. Instead of going to bed at 12-1 and going to work at 10. Now I come home early so I can do more stuff and go to bed earlier that what I used to. On the other hand, some day, I don't game for example or I don't read, because I need to train myself, make foods, etc and it leaves a few time to do something else. I really force myself to go to sleep earlier. Sometimes I hate myself because of it cuz I WANT to do stuffs but I know that sleeps is SO important now... There's no magic tricks I think... Just focus on going to bed earlier if you can't change the time you're waking up
  17. That was "hard". I'm on the end of a really absurd huge cold. I was SO weak the last days, just thinking about working out almost made me passed out. I was still running though... between 15-30 minutes. That was better than nothing. But I've done a workout tonight at last ! 12-16-20 push-ups 12-16-20 crunches :24-:32-:40 side planks 6-8-10 chin-up It felt great
  18. Yes, this, exactly. Not saying that I'm better than everyone, far from it. But sometimes I ask myself "Why the fuck did they do this that way?" or "Oh wow, this is a really bad level design for this reason", etc.
  19. When I was a video game tester, at the beginning of my carreer, yes, I was like, almost not playing any game anymore. But now, I still game a lot, my job is way different. The sad thing though is that I can't really enjoy a game like I was enjoying them before. Like people who are creating movies for example. They can't really watch a movie like they were. But that's still my biggest passion and it's also my job
  20. So yesterday was my cheat meal of the week. I ran 30 minutes to even it out, haha. Tonight, strenght training!
  21. Yeah ! And another point about gaming. My job is to create video games. So I'm in front of a computer 8 hours a day at least. I don't think it'll be bad for me to not stay in front of another computer on the evening, every everning .
  22. Oh, well, by everyday I mean, the usual, one day is strengh and the other is cadio And for the gaming part, I need to do something else, like, reading a book for example
  23. Subbed ! I should do the same for "people I care" and such... like your goal #4.
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