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  1. A hahaha, nice! I think I can only do 3...
  2. Male 155 lbs/ 70 kg Decreased to 22 sadly
  3. No, I like to eat everything fresh.
  4. Besides the rolls with cream cheese and fried things,which youve already cut out, I dont see how sushi is bad for you. The japanese eat sushi and everything in it in different forms all the time and they are amoung the healthiest in the world.
  5. I definitely recommend getting a pull up bar, it's my main exercise
  6. I just like doing pull ups, they feel so nice
  7. Ive been a bit busy but Ill pop in once in a while
  8. AHahaha, I dont mean to brag but right now I can do about 25, which is a slight decrease from earlier this year when I had to get stitches on my hand Its always a pleasure to see people make progress on my favorite exercise.
  9. Bodyweight works for me, I pretty much only use weights for deadlifts and pull ups.
  10. Get well soon! I went hiking on sunday, slipped on ice and cut my hand up on rocks. Had to get 6 stitches on my finger. All in all, it was a good day!
  11. Darn, missed doing push ups again. Awesome job everyone who hasnt missed a day yet, and to those who have too!
  12. 505 more push ups today! Thanks body! Had some panda express too. Oh, and thanks for your comment on my album bekah! Saw it earlier today
  13. Y'all better check yo selves fo you wreck yourselves! Haha, just kidding, hope everyone had a good rest day
  14. Did 500 push ups today, feeling good. Doing some pull ups and deadlifts, and now I'm getting hungry. Hmm, what should I eat?
  15. Thanks guys! had to make up for yesterday. I've been neglecting push ups and never tried doing so many so it was kind of a challenge.
  16. Sorry guys, I failed, got a little busy and forgot to do pushups for tues . Did pull ups and deadlifts tho
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