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  1. STUPIDLY HUGE MEGA UPDATE! Week 2 10th - 16th March Paleo meals : 12/14Visited a friends family for the weekend, so missed a couple of meals. Beginner Body Weight Workout : 2/2Runs : 2/3I missed one as it was planned for when I got back from my weekend on Sunday, but we went hiking that day, so I thought nah. Stretches : 7/7Week 3 17th - 23rd March Paleo meals : 14/14Beginner Body Weight Workout : 2/2Runs : 3/3Stretches : 6/7I've been really strong this challenge and everything is feeling more like a habit than a conscious effort, which is awesome. I weighed myself and I have gone from 130lbs to 122.5lbs - which is actually not something I wanted to happen, but as a result of paleo I guess. My longest run was 5.34 miles, which was an amazing run and soooo soooo close to my 6mile goal. I thought that I could definitely achieve that this week, but I ran on Tuesday and it's become obvious that I have shin splints. I figured the best way forward with that is rest. So I'm feeling pretty negative regarding my running right now. Also, pull ups... I would say that I'm more than half way there, but im not sure it's going to happen before the end of this challenge. Oh well, progress is what I am looking for and I'm definitely doing MUCH better than at the beginning of this challenge!!
  2. aaaaahhh, thanks! You've actually got me back on here, which is awesome. I'm doing a second challenge (adventurer) but I've really sucked at updating and doing mini quests. I'll do a mega update now!
  3. I want to see!!! I hope your challenge is going well!
  4. I get this so much because I'm at a normal weight and trying to eat healthy. I'm not trying to lose weight people!! Please stop judging me for eating carrots instead of biscuits!
  5. I like spinach fried with bacon in the morning... Or fruit and nuts. I'm trying paleo at the moment, but before that I was ALL about the overnight oats.
  6. Holy crap, thank you!! I'm from the UK but live in Korea, so I have no reminders around me! I totally forgot!
  7. I SUUUUUUUUUck at snacking too, i usually get so hungry at work that as soon as lunch comes around or someone brings in snacks I go mental and eat a loooot. Hows the non-snacking going for you? I'm also trying to figure out my mini-quest. I was thinking handstand or burpees
  8. Hello! I'm new to adventurers! I'm wondering, do the mini challenges have to be done on the week they're set? Thanks ^^
  9. Aaaaaaahhhh, if only I could get that first one!! I'm working on it!
  10. Week 1 3rd - 9th March Paleo meals : 14/14I actually thought that is would be more difficult at work, because I get lunches that are quite heavy on the rice, processed meat and other carbs, but its actually been pretty easy to adapt the meals and bring in my own paleo snacks, so I'd say that I've pretty much been paleo all week Beginner Body Weight Workout : 2/2Workouts going fine - adding reps and extra exercises gradually. Runs : 3/3I'm having a few hiccups with energy and running, but going to mess around with my carb intake before running and see if that helps. Despite this, I still managed to get my runs in (4.15 miles, HIIT run and a horrible 5 mile run with plenty of stops because of lack of energy). Stretches : 7/7Can't wait till I get them splits!! Week one, done!!
  11. You were spot on, I've kept track of calories the last few days and it looks like im getting around 1200-1400 a day! So I'm going to try and eat more during the day and see how this goes. I'm jealous of your heavy sleep! Although mine has been getting better (maybe I'm getting used to it?). I'm not sure if it's blood sugar because I used to eat cake and chocolate just before sleeping (healthy!) and I'd sleep fine. But I am going to try eating protein before bed like you suggest - this might keep me fuller for longer.
  12. I like the idea of doing bits and pieces of exercise here and there, but I don't have the willpower to do that aaaaaat all!! I think it would be too easy for me to skip. How's it going for you?
  13. Haha, yes!! Thank you for your advice!! It was spot on! Hows the running going? Did you ever get round to trying runkeeper or did you stick with another app that works well for you?
  14. I've been trying out the paleo diet since Monday (woot!) and so far it's going well, apart from my sleep. I tend to go to sleep fine (I know that if I go to bed hungry I just caaaant sleep, so I have always had a snack before going to sleep - recently fruit and seeds or nuts), but if I wake up to pee or just randomly wake up I find it really difficult to get back to sleep, or have a really fitful sleep, because of hunger. In my zoned out state I can never be bothered (and dont want to) eat a snack. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they had any solutions? Also, if eating in the middle of the night really is the only way (boo) then does anyone have any snack suggestions? Thanks in advance guys!
  15. Ok, so I'm starting a week late. I live in South Korea and just came back from a two week holiday in my home country, England, where I spent the majority of time stuffing my face and not working out. Now I'm back on track and ready to get started again! Main quest: I want to be able to run a half marathon. This is my serious long term goal. It looks impossible to me right now, but I'm hoping the more challenges I do, the closer I'll get! Challenge 2 specific goals: I have two things that I'd like to be able to do by the end of this challenge. 1. Run 6 miles. 2. Be able to do one, JUST ONE, pull up. Goals for this challenge: Do splits stretches once every day. (It's kind of another goal of mine to be able to do the splits, but I have no idea where to put that)Do the beginner body weight workout (with adaptations) twice a week.Go for three runs a week.Eat 2 paleo meals every day.Grades per week: A B C D E F Paleo meals: 14 12 10 8 6 4 Workouts: 5 4 3 2 1 0 Stretches: 7 6 5 4 3 2
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