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  1. This is the place to ask Krav-related questions, right? I'll be traveling for work in a couple of weeks, which means I'll be missing basically a week's work of Krav Maga classes. The school shut down for a week around the 4th of July and I suffered when classes started again because I did nothing in that week. I don't want to make that mistake again. I plan to do some cardio and bodyweight stuff, but is there any way I can do Krav-specific training while away? Work is putting us up in a fancy place, but that doesn't guarantee the gym has much more than treadmills and weight machines. I also can't pretend that the inevitable midnight swims with coworkers count as any sort of workout. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!
  2. I'm still here! I read this but kind of avoided computers during the long weekend (and when I wasn't at work during the week, oops!). Posting a halfway update soon. Thank you for checking in!
  3. Definitely. I'm still trying to figure it all out, plus they ran out of space where the rest of my team sits so I don't know how often/when people actually take breaks. And it's a kind of work where you get caught up in it and forget to do other things like take breaks or go home (which is a nice change in a way). You and me both have that on our list of things to work on.
  4. Unfortunately (for this situation), I go straight to Metro North/Grand Central and the stations near home are miles apart. I might never get home if I tried walking between those stations. And we all pretty much work through lunch here. It's not required, but it's kind of the nature of the work and the environment. I can take breaks, but I feel strange doing that being so new still. I'll find a way! Good ideas though!
  5. It *is* NYC. My problem is that I can see the train station from the second I leave the building. Maybe I'll just walk a few blocks and explore a couple of days a week instead of sprinting to the train. I'm already struggling to get up at 5:40...but I'm sure I could push myself to be up by 5:15. Even easier if I sleep in the workout clothes...hmmmm
  6. We're all dorks here! Well, there's got to be at least some overlap with nerds and dorks, right? I'll definitely have to check out that book since organization has always been a weak spot and I might have to work between home and 2 offices in the near future. Thank you for the podcast recommendations! I enjoy anything that makes me laugh and/or think, plus I love anything horror. I used to listen to creepypasta stories on youtube, but my dad decided to up our phone storage space but cap the data (no more unlimted) so podcasts make more sense. I found "The Trail Went Cold" (unsolved murders) and "My Favorite Murder" (basically 2 valley girls talking about their favorite murder that week - I don't think they'd find that offensive) through Cracked, which is another podcast I listen to. I'm sure I'll want some more variety though eventually. All the murder ones are giving me nightmares and slight paranoia! I'll have to look into that! If I somehow have time for an extra session, I'll definitely give her videos a try! Thanks!
  7. Days 3 and 4 went well as far as water intake (somehow well over 2L both days...I'm worried I might be getting sick), but I'm slacking with yoga and walking. It's already dark or almost dark when I get home and now it's dark when I wake up. What are suggestions for finding the time for walking or yoga? I don't know whether to force myself awake earlier and do it or doing it when I get home in the evening. I'm also starving when I get home so the first thing I want to do is eat...Maybe I need to get in earlier or hang around NYC later and walk around a bit after work (it's so tempting to rush home though). I know I can make time on weekends, but during the week I'm struggling. At least I'm on track with one part of the challenge!
  8. I see a lot of similarities to mine. Can't wait to see your progress and maybe pick up some more ideas! I bought Nerd Fitness Yoga months ago and love it. Part of my reasoning was that if I spent the money, I'd be more likely to use it. I've used free exercise videos in the past and just couldn't stick with them. Though, I also may just not have found the right ones for me. There was a hiccup of non-use for a month or so, but I love it. I'm still using the lowest level sessions, but at this point, I only need audio to follow along.
  9. Day 2 summary: Hit my water goal, but the train ride home was not fun. I hope my body gets used to the increased intake. No yoga, but I may do some tonight. 10 minutes of walking with coworkers in the middle of the day to escape the office, so only 50 left! Closet purge is at a standstill until the weekend probably.
  10. I'll have to look into that book too. Thanks! I downloaded the Waterlogged app because I was making notes on my phone, but I figured I'd let something else do the math for me. And having the visual of a chart is definitely helpful to motivate me. I need to space it out better and not panic to drink it all at once because I was dying on the train home yesterday needing a bathroom. I figure half a bottle (~8oz) on the commute in which I leave in the car, half a bottle (~8oz) in the morning, 1 can of seltzer (12oz) around noon/with lunch, 1 can of seltzer (12oz) the rest of the afternoon, half a bottle (~8oz) on the way home should be good. Then the rest after I get home/with dinner. Planning is definitely helping, especially with work because I can get so distracted with projects I practically forget to breathe.
  11. Plenty of others have commented on this, but I'm adding my 2 cents too, especially since I've done many variations of the BBWW. I had a successful first challenge and then failed at the next few attempts because I put too much on my plate, and one of those was that I was trying for 3 full BBWWs per week. Last challenge I successfully completed (though my thread for it doesn't reflect that because I didn't check in at the end) and I only had one BBWW per week, which was great for me at that point. This challenge I only included it as a potential bonus because of where my life is right now. You know what works for you and it's much better not to go overboard. There are always future challenges to increase the difficulty level! Good luck!
  12. You are killing this challenge already! Keep it up I love swimming but I don't have a pool I can use consistently, so I've never been able to incorporate that. I'll just live vicariously through you for that.
  13. I think drinking enough water will be the hardest part for me. I got over 2L yesterday (and chose water over soda at the county fair yesterday to make sure I got enough), but I’ve had about ¼ of what I need for today…on the one hand it’s already noon and I’m not that far along, on the other hand, it’s only noon and I’m ready for my 3rd bathroom break. My body hates learning to drink more water. On the upside, I did the 40 min yin stretching yoga session yesterday, so 1/3 done with that. Walking will be something else that will be tough. I might need to break that up into a few days after work, even if it’s up and down the (long) driveway a few times with the dog. I walked around at the fair, and rode my motorcycle there (which is a rare treat, so I’m in pain today), but I’m only counting conscious walking. Time to drink more water!
  14. Thank you! Glad to be back I started reading through the article and it's definitely already super-helpful. Thank you! I'm not jealous of my commute either, haha. But, I do enjoy being on the train because I'm a strange duck. And it's forcing me out of my comfort zone some because I have to be assertive and tell people to move so I can sit. I've recently started actually downloading podcasts, which makes it that much more bearable. I've got a lot to listen to, but podcast recommendations definitely welcome too!
  15. Quite literally, I have a new job working in investigative due diligence for an accounting firm in NYC. I am over the moon happy about it! I'm finally doing something I enjoy and working in a wonderful environment with and for people I like. Unfortunately, I still have a long day, especially with my commute from the middle of CT to NYC - over 2 hours each way. I knew what I was getting myself into and after I'm more experienced, I'll be able to work from home and from the office that's only an hour from me. But, for now, I'm awake at 5:30 and home between 7:30 and 8, without including exercise of any sort. That needs to change, and what better way than a challenge? To top it off, my life has been a little crazy and I completely abandoned healthy eating and exercise pretty much since the beginning of July. I haven't been planning what I eat and that meant more junk food. So, while I'm happier than I've ever been in many ways, my body needs to catch up because I know if I neglect that, everything will come crashing down. I'm at my highest weight in years and need to get back to where I was. I know the first few pounds will come off quickly, but the rest is why I need this. So, here's the plan: Ultimate Goal More strength and flexibility (not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well). Get down to under 160lbs and stay there. I'm up to 175lbs now (how did that happen?) and want to be back to my normal 165lbs by the end of November when my 10 year high school reunion should be happening. I get to brag about my awesome job and I want to look my best while bragging Diet/Fitness Yoga Yoga 3 times per week I bought Nerd Fitness Yoga for the challenge that started May 8 (which I did finish, even if my thread doesn't reflect that). I *loved* it, but haven't been using it like I once was. Now my back and entire body hurt and I really miss it. I've used lack of time as an excuse, but I know I can make time. My second day of work, I was sent with my team to AZ for a conference and I spend 25 minutes in my pjs on the little porch of my room (the rooms were do nice) doing yoga with a towel as my mat. So, yeah, I can make time. And I really miss it. Plan is 3 full sessions per week. Water A, Water B, and the 40 min extra one - one of each. I'll dread it at first, but I'll be happy once I do it. Walking Walking, normal page 1 hour per week I'm frustrated that my legs burn when I rush to the train or to the office from the train. I shouldn't be standing in the elevator dying to sit because my feet are hurting from walking one block (even if I'm walking super fast). I'm kind of unsure how much I want to walk, but it seems to make sense and be doable to put in an hour of conscious walking (not part of my commute or anything that's to get from point A to B), even if that hour is split up some. I'm really counting on weekends for this part. Water 2 liters a day Ugh, water. I never drink enough. It's so easily accessible at work now. There's filtered water and a thing full of cans of seltzer (and soda and juice) fully free and right there at work. 2 cans of seltzer and I'm 1/3 there. This should not be hard, but it's a constant struggle. I just need to time it so my bladder won't hate me on the 2 hour commute home. Life Purge the closets I have too much stuff that I don't need. For example, I rotate between 3 pairs of jeans, but have at least 7. Jeans are the easy part though. I grow too attached to things (borderline hoarder...watching that show gives me anxiety), even if the attachment is guilt-driven (i.e., someone bought this for me so I have to keep it). I've been buying clothes for work, but not getting rid of things I don't wear. And I have a pile of clothes to donate that are still just sitting there. I want to get rid of 100 things - donate or toss - even if it's something as small as socks (this includes the existing pile since actually getting rid of it is part of the problem). Grading Yoga: A: 3 sessions every week (one of each) B: 3 sessions every week (not one of each) C: Minimum of 2 sessions a week D: Less than 2 sessions a week F: Less than 1 session a week Walking: A: 1 hour of walking B: 45 min of walking C: 30 min of walking D: At least 15 minutes of walking F: Not even trying Water: A: 2L per day - 14L per week B: 12L per week C: 10L per week D: 8L per week F: Less than 8L per week Closet purge: A: 90-100 items B: 80-90 items C: 70-80 items D: 60-70 items F: Less than 60 items Bonus: I can up a letter grade in any area for any full BBWW I do in a week Officially starting the challenge August 21, 2016. Stats: Height - 5'10" Weight - 175lbs
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