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  1. Make sure to perfect your technique. I always felt it helpful to do a judo shoulder roll (probably not just from judo, but that's where I learnt it). A tip could be at first to have a focus point in front of you, and try to find that again after your roll. Other than that, just do it and don't be afraid to put your entire body in it to get back up again after the roll. Maybe you have the tendency to stop somewhere at the end causing you to lose momentum?
  2. Welcome =) Better start throwing barrels!
  3. Hey, I'm teaching some kids in secondary school (ages 13 - 14) about the importance of silence in our lives. I was thinking of adding some meditation, or Yoga or Tai Chi and was wondering if some of you druids could give me some suggestions for good exercises?
  4. My goals are: Run a 10 miles (16K) run in April Run a 10K run in June After that, I'm going to build off running a bit and focus on gaining muscle mass. I would like however to beat my 5K record So one additional goal: Run 5K in under 19 minutes
  5. I'm European! From Belgium. Totally haven't been following this thread so I don't know what's what, but I might be down for future meets
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