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  1. Inspired by Blake Masters Your mind is software. Program it. I am good enough.(+3 WIS | +1 CHA) Your body is a shell. Change it. Exercise as a lifestyle.(+ 3 STR | +2 STA) Death is a disease. Cure it. Healthy eating habits (+2 CON) Extinction is approaching. Fight it. Financial awareness. (+1 WIS) Program it: People who know me often compare me to a metaphoric real life Lara Croft, with smaller boobs. I don’t aspire to get myself into the same messes she does, but I do want to have proven to myself that I am physically and mentally ready for life’s next challenge. I need to reprogram my brain. Once a week, I will log an event that brought out my insecurities and I will log why I am good enough. Change it: I am a professional geek. I get paid to use my brain so it follows that my body is being neglected and therefore suffering. I am on a mission to make sure my body is happy, incorporating regular exercise into my lifestyle. I need to know my body will listen when I tell it it’s Tomb Raider time. I am good enough. Cure it: I have gained an uncomfortable amount of weight over the last few months. My unhealthy lifestyle is finally catching up to me but I am still good enough. Mission 1: no more sugar in my coffee. Mission 2: actually cook instead of eating out for every single meal. I have a meal plan saved, weekly cooking session will be held every weekend. Fight it: I feel my finances are out of control. I’ve set myself up on mint.com again to gain awareness of what I’m spending on, even though I kind of already know… I don’t want to admit that I choose expensive things. By the end of this challenge I promise myself to have found and consulted a financial expert, and created a plan to feel better about my financial situation. I am good enough. And to track my progress, as any good geek would, I have created a spreadsheet. You can peek here if you like. IFRAME Not Available. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QzCSNNZGyRJwJ0QdlaLMl6svuYcFERy8cIBprNthncs/edit?usp=sharing">Direct Link to Google Document.
  2. That is an awesome idea. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  3. Broke up with the bf last week. For the approx 6 months we lived together, I couldn't work out. I just wan't comfortable with it. That right there should have been a red flag that the relationship was doomed... but anywho I am excited to be free to work out again and am getting myself psyched for the next challenge. My old training plan still seems good and exciting so I'm putting my battle armor back on and standing by! Woot!
  4. Hang on... another female engineer? Where are my fellow female engineers when I'm actually at work? my desk must be in the wrong department! Anyways I'm staying tuned, looks like greatness is coming on this journey. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  5. Just curious. What do your training plans look like? (Looking for ideas) I'll stay tuned for awesomeness! - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  6. Additional Assassin inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=alxyVjbqQks
  7. Maybe going to try the next challenge but I still want to make forward progress so I have started a battle log, with room to incorporate into the next 6 week challenge if it will be helpful to me... which I will decide probably at some point next week. Links will be in my sig.
  8. WoMD Progress googledoc spreadsheet IFRAME Not Available. Direct Link to Google Document.
  9. boxcarkid engineers Weapons of Mass Destruction for Fort Box A lot of Nerds are writing marvelous fictional adventures as guides to their NerdFitness journey. I've been through the looking glass and back so I don't think I need fiction right now. I'm going to go ahead and stick to facts or my usual metaphoric references to facts. Exactly 6 months and 1 day after walking away from a sucky job to save my sanity and making a life changing move from my apartment in San Antonio to my box in the middle of nowhere, just north of Dallas and south of Oklahoma, I find myself with a new job and new opportunity to make things right. Operation Fortify the Box has been complete. My abusive father and his 4th mail order bride who used to live 2 doors down, are now half across the country and out of my hair. My boyfriend has finally moved in, saving my motivation for working towards a normal life and working against being a high functioning sociopath. "I may be on the side of angels, but I'm not one of them," as said by Sherlock. I've added Engineer to my official job title and am having too much fun letting my inner geek run wild. No one is telling me they will gouge my eyes out because I don't know how to do my job. No one is reporting me to the uppers in Washington for "not supporting the hospital as agreed in the contract," citing falsified reports as a basis for their claims. No one is telling me 2+2 is not 4 and threatening me for not solving the equation correctly. Instead, my team is appreciating my geek-ness in a supportive way. They are respecting that I am indeed both a young and a female engineer and giving me room to grow into the bada** engineer we all hope I will be, apparently seeing more potential than I see in myself and gently letting me know to quit beating myself up. My boyfriend is sticking around, trying to comprehend the sh*t storm I've marched through that's messed me up to a frightening extent. He's doing what he can to help me clean up the aftermath of a traumatic life so that we can move forward together on solid grounds. He's giving me every excuse he can to hang on to my sanity. He's helping me remember the deeper reasons he inspired me to stay alive for many years ago. He's helping me remember that my son doesn't need a rigid and evil genius contracting for the dark side as a mother. He's pushing me towards letting go of my coldness and welcoming love back into my heart. Even though I did go off the deep end -- not going into details here -- I came back up: the box is fortified. I've found help and am going to bring in the heavy artillery to make sure this doesn't happen again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons of Mass Destruction BLUEPRINTS: Financially stable and consistent with goals/planning​+ WIS, CONFree assassin status - competitively physically fit - not contracting for the dark side​Run October 2015 Tough Mudder w/Son of Odin (*boyfriend)​+ STR, DEX, STAFollow boxkid_FitNerd spreadsheet + CHA for including Son of OdinMentally/emotionally liberation​Maintain open comm channel w/Son of Odin​+ CON: lowered stress levels due to maintenance of healthy relationshipSteady engagement in the Professor's going ons (*Kindergarten man)​Minimal contact w/abusive sperm donor: preparing for no contact ​+ WIS​Tune the body -- healthy food and drink intake --Decrease coffee intake -- no coffee after 11 am​+ CONIncrease healthy food habit: cook meals & packing lunch vs eating out ***** Friday and special occasions are exceptions ******​+ CON: Immune system boost Stay tuned for spreadsheet drafts and overall WoMD blueprint progress...
  10. Today is day 1 of week 2 with the new job so things have been a bit crazy and taking care of myself hasn't been happening exactly so... going to replace evaluate my situation, get situated at work and jump back onto Nerd Fitness when I'm going to be set up for success. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  11. I think I'm going to look back at your pre disappearance stuff if you don't mind... I seem to have taken too many rest days and have gone backwards in working on the handstands. At this point I think it's back to being a fear of falling issue. I'm afraid to move my hands closer to the wall to find out if I'm even strong enough. It doesn't seem logical but yep can't move those hands when I'm thinking about falling. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  12. That sounds completely exhausting... It did work out, I start tomorrow. The story HR gave me was they wanted to actually figure out what team to put me on after deciding the one I applied for wasn't the one I'd be most useful on. I'm glad it finally worked out when it did because yeah job hopping totally sucks and my anxiety about it was building pretty high. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  13. I am looking forward to following this awesome beardness when you start posting! Welcome back! - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  14. 24 pikes for me... my arms and back feel like this is actually helping. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
  15. This is great because one of my quests this challenge is to work on handstands and I've been looking for ways to get my strength where it needs to be to hold longer. - please excuse typos. "Sent from my phone."
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