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  1. Struggling with my new healthier diet

  2. I want to start out with sets of squats, work my way up to push ups and pull ups (previous neck and shoulder injuries make me a little worried about jumping into those) so I will start with wall push ups and the inverted rows. I would love to try dead lifting but like I said I'm worried about the issues it could cause with my neck and shoulders.
  3. I want to start working out more outside of my rugby practices, which are twice a week. I've been in recovery, undergone a lot of physical therapy, for neck and shoulder injuries. I've been avoiding push ups and pull ups because the strain on my shoulders worries me. I'm wondering if someone can help me develop a good strength work out that won't be hard on my shoulders. I also have physical therapy exercises that I do but I want to build back up to regular work outs.
  4. I may be getting a little ahead of myself with this. I've literally been on the sight a matter of hours but I'm bad at not just jumping into things head first. Please let me know if you have suggestions or help to offer, whether you think my goals are too vague, too specific, or my methods or anything like that. I would love feedback. Main goal: Feel confident about my body. I want to lose weight while maintaining muscle (I play rugby) I don't want to put a number on the weight I want to lose because I'm hoping to also gain muscle. I don't know how to be more specific but I really want to
  5. Hello fellow nerds! I just found this sight today while looking up stir fry of all things and I've been reading through it and clicking on links and generally using up my day with it. I haven't really picked a race yet and I'm not a hundred percent set on a goal profession either. My d&d characters always lean towards rogues (what's more fun than stealthing in plain sight and sneak attacks) but as a rugby forward I feel like I should lean towards a warrior or such. Basically, although I do play rugby and I stay active I would love to be more in shape and just generally more comfortable wi
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