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  1. Next Friday I'm on stage again! Here's a shot from rehearsal last week: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhU5LYnHRBN/ I did ten squats yesterday and have DOMS. Oh how I've missed DOMS.
  2. I'm in a group act and we're performing at the end of April as well as at the festival in May! I don't want to say too much, but there's tuxedos. XD I'm in the east end, so we went to the one near us. I love old movie theatres. I wish they'd just upgrade the seats and sound systems and still play movies in them though. It's cool when they get used for other things, but seeing a movie in an old theatre feels extra special.
  3. Hi folks! So last week was March Break and I went to the climbing gym with my kids for the first time. They'd been before, but it was my first time ever climbing, and it was so much fun! It was pretty easy to get to the top of the wall using any holds available to me, but it was absolutely terrifying to drop off and let the autoblay catch me. D: I climbed until my arms started to get sore (fyi they're still sore lol) and watched my kids climb some more. Fun times. Rehearsals are going really well for the group act. I'll be on stage again at the end of April!
  4. Thank you! I don't know if I'm in the right place in my life for fitness challenges right now. I'm planning on signing up for more dance classes when this pass expires, but I don't feel the need to have the structured accountability framework that NF provides. The cheersquad is really great though. I have two videos from two different angles that I haven't uploaded yet. I'll post em ... not here because of reasons. Thank you! I lip synced to Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and took some clothes off. It was so much fun! People were singing along! I'll check in from time to time, but checking the forums is pretty low on my priority list these days unfortunately. SO much going on, as always.
  5. Hi!! I had such a great time! It went so smoothly, and I only missed one of my queues, but no one noticed!! My next performance is in April! I've kind of fallen off NF ... sorry about that. Feel free to follow me on insta or twitter if you don't mind NSFW stuff. (My insta is much safer than my twitter!)
  6. Making progress with my solo act. Casting is done for the group act. Thinking about what classes to take after my groupon expires. Had a big emotional time last night at the end of the night when I was winding down, thinking about how grateful I am for the queer and gender performance community.
  7. Hi all! I broke my glasses catastrophically last week, and spent a whole week without them. I couldn't work, I couldn't function; it was awful. I got my new pair yesterday and went right back to dance class! This was my first floor work class, and owwww. I had to stop because it was excruciatingly painful on my knees and ankles. I knew strippers were athletes, but holy crap you guys. Someone lent me a pair of knee pads and I was able to finish the class, which was great. I wasn't going to take another one of those classes, but having knee pads made it possible and enjoyable. I worked up a sweat and tried out some new moves. Rehearsals for the big show in May start on Sunday!
  8. Oooh I really like the idea of bookmark habits. Thanks for the video - I've been looking for ankle strengthening stuff.
  9. Great weekend! On Friday I went to the drag show and introduced one of my partners to a bunch of people, including my drag dads. I'M UP NEXT OMG. Saturday I introduced my new person to my partners and kids, and it went really, really well. Sunday I took my younger kid shopping and it was lovely. Dance class this week is on Tuesday. I might be able to do Thursday, too! Really enjoying my new strategy of not killing myself over trying to fit everything into my schedule.
  10. Gorgeous photo! 8km WHAT! Great job!
  11. I do plan on doing the burlesque thing, too! Just not for this one. The group act I signed up for has been confirmed! I'll be in the opening act on Saturday night on May 26! http://www.fiercequeerburlesquefest.com/ AAAH! Rehearsals start for real on Feb 11. AAAH!!!
  12. They have a bunch of classes, including Drag Queen Ballet (which is ballet as taught by a person who happens to be a drag queen, so we're dancing to pop instead of classical ), and my thighs and butt are SO SORE from Tuesday's class! All of the classes I've done so far have been a great workout, and only one or two of them is actually geared towards trying to look sexy for an audience. Lots of people attend just for fun; not everyone wants to get on stage. So I mean it's an option as far as dance classes in the city go is all!
  13. Weeeeelllll ... drag queens don't strip, so why should drag kings? This is a drag act, so stripping isn't a given. I've got no problem with nudity, but it bothers me that this is one of many double standards between kings and queens.
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