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  1. Week 3 Point Round Up Working out: 0 points (takes me out of the running for the extra 7 at the end) Running: 0 points Protein: +2 points (M, T) Macro: +1 points (off by 6%: 45-36-19) Juggling: +2 points (2 days of <10 minute practices) Total: 5 points Running total: 32 points Woof, I knew this last week was going to be killer but ouch. Ouch. I have a whole bunch of reasons/excuses why my protein intake tanked during the week and why my macro sucked and why I didn't add to my exercises and why I didn't go running.... But in the end I guess they don't really matter.
  2. OH MAN NYMERIA you're intense!! I bow to your superior planking It was a pleasure to face you.
  3. Aw man... I tried so hard and got so far... but Nymeria just kept putting up numbers ahead of me. She did like 49 solid minutes of planking to my almost 38... Super intense there at the end and I'm not sure I could plank any more.
  4. I'm seeking as as hard as I can, but Nymeria is seeking really intensely too! So much side plank... So much Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  5. You take care too, Airlia!! That's more important in the end. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  6. I put myself down for beater/seeker, so I'll do as much as I can though I don't know how much that will be. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  7. Oh man. Part of me just doesn't know how these last couple weeks have been so busy (or felt so busy). My calendar doesn't look full, yet somehow the fiance and I just haven't been able to do a real grocery store run so we're getting pizza or using gift cards for dinner. I've been eating odds and ends in the fridge for lunches. On the bright side, thanks I guess to dropping and doing 4ish push ups occasionally through the day at work, I was able to up my AMRAP on those. So hey, this week isn't a complete wash (though my guess is the protein days and macro won't look pretty at the end of the week)...
  8. Oh man, I am so sorry about your sleeps this week. I really don't function well when I don't get enough sleep so I get very sad for people who also don't get sleep. Sleep is important. (Go figure, I haven't been getting good sleep this week either, though it's not due to free-range children (!!!) or alarm clocks.) Also, free-range children is probably my new favorite phrase. I hope you're feeling better though!! And that your sleep starts to get better again.
  9. I'm busy with family shenanigans like all day on Saturday, so I probably won't be of much use. But I'll put myself down for Seeker, just in case it's something I can do here and there while I'm with the fam. Not sure if I should do Beater or Keeper too (just in case I can do a few triangles on Sunday when I'm home and not with family)...
  10. Week 2 Point Round Up Working out: +1 point for changing squats to split squats Running: +1 point Protein: +6 points (M, T, W, R, F, Sat) Macro: +5 points (off by 2%: 49-32-19) Juggling: +3 points (3 days of <10 minute practices) Total: 16 points Running total: 27 points OK, points are better than last week, but I don't think this is a system that works well for me. I think the points just seem a little more ephemeral and unreal than my previous way of doing challenges, which was "do this x times per week." I'll keep the points system until the end of this challenge but will probably go back to my old way of doing things for next time. I haven't worked out as much this challenge as I did in the last few I've completed here. Maybe if I got points for doing something x times per week? As is, I think I've worked out once or twice each week thus far. Life has also intruded, but not to the extent that I could blame it for all of my lapses. Maybe I should just act as though I was grading on 3x/week...
  11. Hmm...I think your circuit sounds pretty good. I'd only swap out the sit ups for planks if you were truly more interested in planking than sitting up. I personally detest sit ups, so I try to plank. If you prefer sit ups to planks, keep 'em! And if you have the time, you can add one or two maybe? How's everything been for the last few days here? I got sucked into the real world and wasn't posting either...
  12. All hail the new prefects, BoxingYogini and FearlesslyFree!!
  13. Sorry Huffles! After my modest jump posting on Saturday my shins were killing me and I wasn't able to do anything else today lesson learned! Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  14. Chasing it is! Did some jumps after my run this morning... Will do more later when I've recovered lol Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  15. I'm super proud of her! She now has two Bachelors (I think she double majored but I'm not positive) and a Masters. She's my favorite person in the world
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