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  1. Rough coup,e of days. I need to focus on my goals and realize nothing happens overnight. Posting here helps. I feel like I am eating better and less which is good. Exercise is far and few between. Really need to get out and join a gym. I don’t love going but I have so much trouble doing anything from home. tomorrow is another day....
  2. I am glad she is a step above the ex that I hated with a passion. I know that here we here the worst and best of people and it is hard to see the big picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have someone nurture you for a change? You deserve that. At least someone who is motivates you as much as you do her. I don’t know the current gf, and I am not saying anything bad against her but you know my story. I waited ( kissed a lot of frogs along the way) to find someone who is my equal intellectually and mentally lifts me up as I do him. I didn’t find him till I was a spinster of 37. Sometimes it is easier to be smarter and fix others. I always liked feeling that even if I was screwed up I was still better than the boyfriend de jour. I only was able to challenge myself and see how to work on my weaknesses when I was faced with someone who could objectively point them out and help me, not out of spite or being better than me but because I helped him do the same thing. Lift yourself because you want to be a better person with them and because they are trying too. Enough said....
  3. So proud of myself. I made my son homemade doughnuts and didn’t have any. Didn’t even lick the cinnamon sugar off my fingers.
  4. Sorry to hear of the troubles with you and Vivian. How old is she now?
  5. Heading there in June. Taking my son on a graduation trip. Flying into Miami then driving to the Keys.
  6. Pretty good! Took a job I love but spend too much time on it. My step son is a senior in high school this year so lots of things to do even with Corona around. Hubby and I both have jobs that had us working normally ( and sometimes even more) with all this crap going around. Just sucks because you also can’t just get away and go have some fun. Lots of jig saw puzzles have been put together, lots of cooking comfort food ( why I am back here trying to reel it in) and even an axe throwing outing. i am glad to be back. I have really missed you guys!
  7. You know exactly what I would say to you. Do I have to repeat it?
  8. A few days off but not gone yet. Set up my shiny new iPad I got for Christmas. You know how technically savvy I am so it took me a minute to set everything up. Long days at wor, but still hit most of my goals with the exception of getting on line. some food pics for you chicken Alfredo minus the noodle but with shredded zucchini and a taco salad.
  9. Lots of snow here yesterday into today. I think the final total was 11 inches. Exercise was shoveling. Dinner hot wings and a salad. I was starved and didn’t take a picture. Good day but I am exhausted and headed to bed. I will catch up on here after work tomorrow
  10. I would have had a hard time with that. Great job! Will have to watch that series right after I eat so I am full.
  11. You are as awesome as ever! I hope to be you one day when I grow up! (Or not grow up) I am back and can’t wait to catch up. How’s the family?
  12. Day 3 so far so good. Marathon day at work. 12.5 hours. Now home to cook dinner. Steak and chicken fajitas with no tortillas of course. Will try to snap a pic and post. Still want to get some stretching in at least. This is how I felt at work today but kept it together and didn’t kill anyone
  13. Proud of myself for being on day 2. Posted on threads, ate good today. For anyone who doesn’t know me I usually eat healthy, just too much. I am also cutting out bread and trying to stick to under 100 g of carbs this week and then go into keto. It works for me to drop some weight fast and to get motivated. Didn’t look for a gym yet. Did do some stretching after work before dinner. Not a bad day.
  14. Rise of the machine baby! In it to win it. Missed you too!
  15. This made me laugh out loud. Sorry but it is funny. I miss your rants.
  16. No where and everywhere. Still in Iowa, still with my loving hubby, just rebooted my professional. Now rebooting my health.
  17. Beautiful words that have never been so true.
  18. Nice to see I am not the only one who has decided to return. I am here to support your reboot to your Ninja Warrior greatness.
  19. Thanks. The awesome Elastigirl was one of the first to welcome me the first time around and now welcoming me back. 2021 is going to be epic
  20. Thanks. Glad to be back and see so many familiar friendly faces. You guys are awesome and I have missed you.
  21. Must have felt that yesterday was your anniversary here at nerd. I am back baby! Ready to cause havoc and mayhem. You with me?
  22. So many memories! Glad to see you are still on here. Hope you can forgive a friend who has been absent but ready to catch up. So proud of you with your goals this time around.
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