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  1. Howdy stranger! I am back and ready to cause some trouble.
  2. It has been awhile. I have missed you all so much. Lots to catch up on but that will come. I am taking this challenge to get back into good habits. Have kept up on so much of what I learned from the times past from everyone but I want to take it to the next level this year. Goals for my butting in mid challenge 1. Log in daily and post at least on my thread and 2 other threads 2. Do some sort of exercise 6 days a week. Will probably be done at home for now. 3. Research gyms to join. 4. Track food Simple and easy to start. 2021, It’s all about fun
  3. Week 2 was a bust. The flu hit our house. First my son, then hubby then me. Did get 3 water aerobics classes in. More snow hit and we hit a record of most snow in Feb here. Thinking of this
  4. Good luck with getting the coaching job off and running. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. Keep it up. Remember even one thing that you do different counts to a better you. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. Week one down. Haven't got on the scale yet but will before the days end. Last week was good. 1. Nutrition 6/7 days sticking to my plan. The one day I didn't count was a lazy night and bought fried chicken from the grocery store. Did pair it with a cauliflower casserole (my go to instead of potatoes) and green beans. 2. Exercise 4/4 days. Barely got this in Lots of snow here (7 plus inches yesterday) one of the days water aerobics cancelled but I went anyway and swam laps and did my own workout 3. Posted 5/7 days and 5/7 on someone else's thread. Here is a pic of the fried chicken Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Wed and Thursday dinner was the same. Zucchini noodles some Cole slaw mix with no dressing and alfredo sauce with chicken. Didn't get the picture taken until I had almost finished Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. What I wouldn't give for 90 degree heat.
  9. Day 2 done. Everything complete. Didn't hit the gym ( I have 1 out of 4 done) but shoveled snow for my workout. We received 4 inches Sunday and then an additional 5 yesterday ( Monday into Tuesday). [mention=25713]RES[/mention] do you want to visit? Dinner was chilli. It did have beans but I will take it as a win with me not having crackers.
  10. Day one down and goals accomplished. Dinner last night chicken marsala of sorts. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. Glad to see you back. I too have slipped to the dark side and am back to jump start this year.
  12. Thanks! Your support means so much! Glad you like the music, it speaks for me sometimes.
  13. Here to support you and follow along on your awesome journey. Thanks for calling me out so that I can continue my awesome journey. you are truly my twin!
  14. Here to follow and see those cute kids! Thanks for calling me out and making sure I did a challenge this go around!
  15. Here for the party even though you are from the Euro-raving-generation.
  16. I am here! You are so right about the scotch. i hope to do you both proud this go around.
  17. Try try again. i tried and fizzled last challenge but I am picking myself up, dusting myself off and I am back in the saddle again. I will celebrate the fact that I am back at the gym 3 days a week consistently for the last 4 weeks and down 4 pounds. I realize I can not out exercise my fork. Even though I think I eat healthy something is not working. Anyone know the definition of crazy? I could list a million excuses but I will not. I am only positive about today and what I can do. Every day is one step towards a happier healthier me. I am doing things a little different this time around. It is not that the standard challenge doesn't work, but I need to work for the challenge. 1. Nutrition. Going again with taking pictures of my dinner each night. Going back to MFP to log every morsel that enters my mouth. Let's do some scientific research here. I need data and this will lead me to my next steps. This week I will limit my carbs to 100 g a day. No sugar, no bread, no pasta etc.. I will allow rice once this week but it needs to be kept with in the 100 g range. 2. Exercise. Gym visits 4 times a week. We will get more specific later. 3. Accomplish 3 things daily. Each day I will make a list of three things to get done and do them. Before I tackle anything else I need to accomplish those three things. They could be incredibly easy like vacuum the living room or more time consuming like cleaning the hall closet. 4. Post on my thread daily. I need to be here and be accountable whether I am successful or not. This will be the only way to learn. 5. Post on others threads daily. I sometimes feel overwhelmed to get through everyone's threads. I will not use not being able to get to everyone as an excuse. I love all the encouragement and inspiration that is here. Being active here keeps my head in the game. Everything is is pretty much a choice and I need to choose what is best for me at this time. Enough typing....start doing Oh yeah. There will always be music
  18. My heart goes out to you. Please let me know if there is anything I could do. I would be there helping if I could.
  19. Sorry for the hiatus guys and gals. Tough week last week. Gave my notice at the sucky job with its sucky hours and no appreciation. Headed back into management ( I did like the break though). Brushing off that resume. Took the week as vacation. last week didn't stick totally to my goals ( mental breakdown requires pizza) but still ate better than if I was not doing this. Went to water aerobics Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  20. Had 3 teenage boys over for my sons birthday party. They went bowling then to our house for dinner and a movie. Dinner was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and fiesta corn ( whole kernel corn, cream cheese, butter and diced jalapenos). Chocolate brownies for dessert. I skipped the mashed potatoes but had a sliver of brownie. Forgot to take a picture of my plate but here are the leftovers. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  21. I loved her book. Started working of clothes and never got finished. I need to go reread and start again.
  22. Glad she is okay. Scary stuff. Glad she has you to take care of her, and I know she is glad too!
  23. Posted on 5 or 6 level one threads. Wow, not many level ones out there. What happened?
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