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  1. How has the rest of your week gone? Make sure to post even if it hasn't gone as planned! You can do this!
  2. Great goals! Can't wait to see how week one went for you.
  3. Sounds like a solid plan of attack! Good luck and can't wait to see how week one went for you.
  4. Keep plugging away. Think of what you have accomplished this week!
  5. This for dinner last night. Steak on the grill. Needed to use the grill since we were expecting and received snow over night last night. Only 3ish inches but still snow. Also had green beans sautéed in some bacon grease with onion and grape tomatoes. Had a few of those baked crab rangoons left over so heated those up. Busy day today at home. Birthday party for my son, he turns 16 next Thursday. Headed with some friends to go bowling then dinner tonight he and his friends request meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner. Also going to try to head to the gym today.
  6. I say add one more goal into the mix this week. From experience don't try to do too much at once. Take the time to celebrate a week of standing desk for an hour before you take it up a notch. Question on about candy bar goal. Are you just not having at work and on the drive or are you not having any for the challenge?
  7. Great day! I love looking at the pictures of your food. I live in The state of Iowa, where it just dumped 3 plus inches of snow on us last night, and I am so jealous of the Market you went to. All the wonderful fresh produce. We only get a farmers market in June, July August and Sept. Keep up the good work tracking your goals daily. It really does help to list them. Sometimes you learn just as much from not making your goals everyday. Following along for the food pics and I may be asking for recipes in the near future.
  8. I remember what is going on. I am not saying give up. Just demand more.
  9. Always remember you deserve to be happy now.....not just 3 years from now.
  10. Thanks @DarK_RaideR this song is stuck in my head. Just sharing the love......
  11. I was unaware I needed this in my life, thank you!! I actually use the wontons in the muffin tin for fun appetizers too. Take cooked shredded chicken, chilli powder and ranch dressing, mix it together then top with Mexican or taco cheese. I have also done ground beef with taco seasoning and topped with cheese then have taco bar toppings.
  12. Too bad about the trip.. Can't wait to hear what fun goals you come up for the future!
  13. Caught up on all the wrestling. Sooooo many musical innuendos. I am going to have to say that my favorite is Agent 69 this time around. Is she really a spy?
  14. Took a mental health day yesterday Slept in, did some domestic Rangering including laundry and cleaning bathrooms. Nutrition on point. dinner was stir fry chicken and just veggies (onions, green and red peppers, bokchoy and zuchinni)for me. Made some rice for the boys to have. I also made crab Rangoon by taking the wonton cups and putting into a muffin tin. Mixing cream cheese, crab meat, green onions and some Worcestershire sauce and putting into cups. Baking at 350 till the cups are golden brown and cheese is melted and gooey. Yum. 16g of carbs for 3.5 wonton wrappers ( why would you list a serving of won ton wrappers as 3.5?) so not bad and I was definitely craving crunch. exercise. BBWW done. Lifestyle. Some. today I am finishing up organizing and cleaning up all things Christmas. All is down from the house but my basement needs some attention and the totes need to go back to their home in the corner.
  15. Occifer, I only had teen martwoonies.
  16. I am so proud of you for typing that sentence. i miss Ravnos. I am all RPG nostalgic
  17. w1D3 Tuesday Nutrition. Not bad. No cheats. Eating window was 10 hours. No picture of dinner last night since it was the same as Monday. Trying to make sure I use leftovers and not eat extra on my days off just to not throw leftovers away. Exercise. My son ( step son who now lives with us, long long story some of you might remember) played at Wells Fargo Arena in DesMoines last night. They were able to have a regular Basketball game there. What an opportunity! I took the opportunity and did a couple extra laps around the concourse inbetween games. Lifestyle. Nothing today. today I am off and I slept in. Felt good.
  18. The Kondo series is on my list to watch. I loved the book. Very insightful eating reflections.
  19. I haven't watched the climbing videos yet but you have me really excited about trying. I have wanted to but the old hips held me back. Now that they are titanium I don't have an excuse. Thanks for sharing and getting me motivated. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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