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  1. Yesterday was not as stellar. After working my 1:30am to 9 I was starved when I got ho.e and grabbed a piece of leftover pizza. Curb fail. Then slot for a few hours and had this for dinner. Beef roast from the crockpot with onions, cauliflower casserole with green onions,, turmeric and cheese and some acorn Sqaush.e581849b562eb2dc4b0068bfcbad4a8f.jpg

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  2. I IF. 
    I have an eating window of about 9 hours (from 12 - 9). Instead of breakfast, I have coffee with heavy cream and / or keto creamer (or keto coffee. I'm not fully on the keto train, but the extra fats really help me power through without feeling crappy). I eat lunch, a small snack on workout days, and then my dinner after my workout (which is why my eating window is ~9 hours). 
    Data on IF for women is kind of spotty. Women don't respond the same way that men do, so it's definitely, "whatever works for you" versus prescriptive, which is why you'll see differing times / hours / etc... 
    Thanks for your input. I think I will benefit more by just eating one less meal

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    w1d1 ( I started on Sunday)


    nutrition.  This for dinner.



     Chicken enchilada filling in a bowl with lettuce, avocado and the last of my homemade salsa.  Didn't track on MFP but I didn't have any carbs that were not in veggies or cheese.  My eating window was 10am to 6pm.

    Exercise.  Nope.  But was planning on it.

    Lifestyle.  Nope and wasn't planning on it.


    My day was without many expectations but I will still count it as a win.



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  4. Relaxation Feat.  Done.  Each day last week did something to pamper myself!


    Distance feat.  Hit 20,000 steps each day I work. I typically log in about 15,000-17,000 a day so this will require an addition walk or water aerobics class.  Also need to make sure I log 10,000 on my 2 days off. 


    Social Feat.  I know this will be hard for you to fathom, but I don't have an issue socializing.  I will talk to a tree if necessary.  I think I will go another route and post something in a First Time Challenger's thread each day.

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  5. 15 hours ago, RES said:

    We got this twin!

    We are on it like blue bonnet!


    9 hours ago, SkyGirl said:

    I've done IF after a fashion, but not by setting a window of time or anything like that; more like skipping breakfast so I go a solid 10 or 12 hours without eating. I've skipped breakfast or had small breakfasts for several years now, so I "save" my calories for later in the day. It's served me pretty well, especially in periods of time when I'm a little less active. 


    Following for the awesomeness and the music!! "Mr. Blue Sky" is one of my favorite songs!  :D 

    Thanks for the input on IF.  We shall see what this brings.


    glad you like the music.  I jump around but it is mostly feel good music.


    9 hours ago, Thom Ulfhedinn said:

    You got this.

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    Thanks.  I really need to give it my all this challenge.  Having everyone chime in really helps me stay on track.

    7 hours ago, deftona said:

    Get it, girl! 


    Out of the gate and ahead in the race!

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  6. I start my weeks on Sunday ( I hate Monday starts)

    Focus this week 


         1. No bread, pasta or gluten anything.  Carbs from veggies including potatoes, sweet potatoes are okay and 1/3 C rice on a few days ok.  Just got my 21 day Keto reset book by Mark Sisson.  Most of this I already know but I will read this week.  I enjoy Marks take on nutrition.  

        2. No grocery shopping except for fresh produce, dairy and eggs.

        3. Bought smaller dinner plates at Target today to use.  

         4. Pictures here for all dinners this week

    .   5. Attempt to log meals on MFP

    .    6. IF 3 days this week.  Eating window of 8 hours ( I think I have settled on 1-9)


    exercise. I know this is a little short of my original goal but I am really focused on nutrition this week.

       1. Research gyms

    .   2. Two days of BBWW and two days of lifting and/or bands



        Finish taking down all Christmas decorations and organize and store neatly with labels 



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  7. 21 minutes ago, RES said:


    1. What are your hunger cues? Are you forcing yourself to eat more when you're not hungry because you don't want to waste food? Are you eating because it's time, not because you're truly hungry?

    2. If you're hungry again within two hours you're probably not eating enough, you should be able to go four hours between meals.

    3. Are you able to go for a walk or better yet, do downward dog after eating? If you feel like you're going to get sick doing this you've probably ate too much.

    4. No one is going to die or get pregnant if you are hungry for a little while. (this one because it made me laugh!)


    Love, love, love this.

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  8. Best meatloaf ever


    11/2 lbs hamburger.  I use 80 or 85%.  It sits on a rack as it cooks so the grease drains.

    1/2-1 C of Oatmeal

    1 package Lipton onion soup mix ( or generic)

    1 egg

    then a squirt or two of yellow mustard, liberal shakes of Worcestershire sauce and maybe a squirt of ketchup if I have some.


    make your loaf, coat top with a thin layer of BBQ sauce then lay on the bacon.  I also use the pepper grinder liberally on top of the bacon.

    i have found that at 360 degree oven once the bacon is done on top it is cooked perfectly. 

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  9. Welcome back and this just had to be done or I would disappoint the Rangers




    Sorry to hear about your mother passing.  Never an easy time.


    i like your goal of exercise minutes.  If you fall short with workouts you could always just do 10 minutes of squats! Or any other BBWW.


    The world of taxes and finance is a tricky one. I wouldn't suggest doing your own taxes especially with a death in the family and transfers of property and /or money.  Your bank or credit union may be able to help you with either a class or a consultation on investing and there should be some tools online to utilize through your 401k program to help you keep the right mix of investments in that.


    cant wait to see you kill the first week of the challenge



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  10. 12 hours ago, Thom Ulfhedinn said:

    ELO, I havent listened to them for years. Time to fix that.

    I haven't tried intermittent fasting before. My Eldest did, she chose similar hours to you. 12.30 to 8.30pm roughly. She wasn't very successful at it as she ate a lot of crap during that time. Chocolate, bags of chips basically junk.

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    I am going to avoid that food so hopefully it will work better


    6 hours ago, deftona said:


    Personally I only saw success with very large fasting windows - 18-20 hours was probably my best dynamic. I think it matters less what fasting times you stick to and more about using it as a way to reduce your overall intake so I'd stress less about the actual number of or how you arrange your fasting hours and just focus on tailoring the fast (and eating windows)  to suit your needs. 

    Thanks Deffy.  That does my sense.

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  11. 51 minutes ago, Thom Ulfhedinn said:

    Thom looks over at Cheetah, "Nice hat."

    Turning back to his drink Thom quietly mutters to himself, "I think it is time for a wee dram or three. I am too old for glamours."

    Face brightening Thom looks over at his good friend T2SarahConnor, "Another round and another tune gorgeous?" Pouring two shots of the good whiskey from the bottle as he speaks.

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    My turn to buy.


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    On January 3, 2019 at 3:13 AM, Volki said:

    Hey I am very motivated by that gif. Squat booty goals for sure



    I need to figure out some way of getting my 1RM on the lifts when I only have 100# to work with :/ maybe I can get the kids to hang on the bar lol.

    I am subd for the brutal thread so it should get interesting once we get all the math out of the way.




    Math and Johnny Depp?  Be still my heart.

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  13. 21 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    I'm gonna give IF a 3 week trial starting Sunday, I'll let you know what I find.


    Most of what I have read is to limit eating into an 8 hour window.  This is hard for me because work is 3 days of 5am to 2pm and 2 days of 1:30am to 9am.  We eat dinner as a family around 7:30-8pm.  I can usually stay busy enough to not eat at work or at least just have a snack.  I think I am going to play around with the 8 hours as 1-9pm at first.  

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    Sun is out even though it is chilly, it is unseasonably warm here in Iowa.  39 degrees is a heat wave this time of year here.  Usually it is below zero.  I have a day off today.  Prepping the Batcave for a successful week one of this challenge.  Purposely left week zero as a no stress week to get prepared.  I cleaned out the pantry and frig already today.  I am going to go for a walk then go get a pedicure and manicure with a gift certificate from son and hubby then tackle the freezers.  


    I did go to the grocery store last night.  As I said in my goals I will not be going for anything thing but fresh produce, dairy and eggs in the month of Jan.  It is a great way to dwindle down all the crap in the freezer and pantry.  The end of the month the dinners could get very interesting.  Remember I am committed to taking pictures of each dinner and posting here.  I did pick up a 10lb tube (2.99 a pound for 95%) of  ground beef and some chicken breasts (1.49 a pound).  That sale I could not pass up.


    Anyone else doing IF?  There is so much fluctuation in the amount of hours between dinner night before and next meal.  Curious what others have found.

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  15. 18 hours ago, Korranation said:


    Glad to have you!


    16 hours ago, Thom Ulfhedinn said:

    I'm here for the music. And because no 69 reference is complete with out them. c117a79b28a6104ad1b04dc3b7b859bc.jpg36839de0a77fef681e6fe69830cfc95b.jpg

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    " Strange things are afoot to theCircle k" 

    and on this thread.  I will keep the music coming!

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