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  1. I almost forgot to log my food. I need to start logging my walking, regardless how long the walk is. I have been going for at least 10-15 minutes with my dog. He's probably ready for longer walks, but I'm trying to not let him go too far while still recovering from his surgery. On Saturday, I helped a friend move out of her house. There was a lot of heavy lifting and moving around from 9am to 5pm. I was too exhausted to cook anything for dinner. Date Name Type Quantity Units Calories 2/16/2018
  2. Big Why: I want to be a positive influence on my family, especially my mom and sister, by showing them that everyone can become happy and healthy. I also want to be the most awesome Auntie to my 2-year old nephew who is strong enough to climb trees and roll down hills and has the stamina to play and goof-off all day long. Respawn for the nth time: Started my respawn on Wednesday. Declared it with the whole world in another area in the forums, on Facebook, from the mountain tops (or my condo balcony - that counts, right?), and to my loved ones. I finished my third
  3. His article is what pushed me to say "screw this" and unsubscribe to all the emails I get. It's also what forced me to realize what I was doing. Sometimes, you just need someone to point out the ugly truth. Information overload is a big problem with me, but I'm taking steps to get rid of all the "underpants".
  4. Hello there, I'm Sacculina and have been reading NF since 2010 or so, been part of the NFA since the beta testing for women only, and even started Rising Hero's during the first month, yet I have not made any lasting improvements to my health. I have found new friends through NF and even had the 20 seconds of courage to start my own group called the Nerd Scouts. I haven't been faithful to NF though. I started to read conflicting articles from The Greatist, MFP, etc which caused information overload. I had intense debates with other medical professionals which required
  5. This weekend was a bust. I went to a cabin with a bunch of friends. I was afraid they would make fun of me for doing odd things or cutting into time from their itinerary for doing something that I wanted. I know that they aren't that type of guys, but being the only woman for a bit make me a little self-conscious. I did manage to eat without too much distraction -- giggles and conversation doesn't count, right? Today, I went on a walk in the 99F heat and may have over done it. I need to know when to go for a walk and when to swim in the pool.
  6. It's not going as planned, but I'm still trying to rock with it. Most of my dinners have been without TV or reading, except for maybe three. I'd catch myself after I have eaten half a plate for dinner, so I'll stop. I have not even started spreadsheet for daily spending. I keep planning to do it and then something comes up and I forget. I'm going to put it on my calendar right now. Hopefully, I'll remember tonight. No mobility exercises -- laziness and lack of interest has been the culprit. I really have no excuse. I have been going on w
  7. I'm in a darker, more shadowy place since the last time I undertook a challenge with the Adventurers. My heart and soul was corrupted by outside influences. My brain was thrown into the murky waters of depression and anxiety. I was lost and alone, staring into the one-way mirror that is other people's lives. I was envious and too proud to ask for help, but I've realized that I need to change. I need to become my venturesome self again. Many stressors in my work life have infiltrated my home and personal life, creating a shell of a person who lost her love for an adventure. I've wor
  8. Today, I'm trying to figure out how I should log my food. I have a MFP login, cron-o-meter login, paper/pen, and fitbit since this goal has been around for YEARS. I thought about just paper and pen, but I plan on having a caloric goal to help with portion control around May. My timeline may shift and change, but I want to take it incredibly slow. I've been building up the courage to post my current picture as a way for additional accountability. I am also going to figure out my "big why" again because as life changes, my "big why" changes -- maybe that's why I have such a hard time
  9. Respawn time yet again! I am currently struggling with complete burn-out. It was so bad that I had to ask for help from my PA. I didn't have the motivation, energy, or spirit that I had prior. I couldn't get back into eating paleo (did a Whole30 in 2014 that changed my life forever) so I ended up with all my symptoms of IBS. My eczema and weight returned. My allergies worsened and had to be put on multiple different anti-histamines. Life-wise: I got married to an amazing bibliophilic man. Our home became a book haven once we merged our collections together. I got a be
  10. Days 4, 5, & 6 was spent camping out in the middle of the woods during the hottest day of the year so far. Nothing like spending the time outside in 101F weather. I rather enjoyed it. Day 4,5, & 6: Logged food Drank 4 cups of water Missed: Meditation (day 4&5) Stretching Academy work Push-ups It was a great time to just unwind.
  11. It truly does, but I'm just proud of myself for doing what I could anyways. I also have a camping trip to look forward to, so I kept that in my mind when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball. Seemed to have worked well.
  12. Sacculina

    Me Knees

    Mission complete: 15 minutes of walking the stairs at work (during break).
  13. Day 3: Logged food - check Push-ups- Check Stretching - check Worked on Academy (started wordpress blog for accountability and joined Forums) - check Missed: 4 cups of water --- major fail, try again today Meditation - oops forgot Day 3 was a mess. I had a procedure done at my doctor appointment that shouldn't have been as painful as it was. I felt like my whole inside was about the explode. I barely had energy to do my planned workout.
  14. Sacculina

    Me Knees

    I'm not going to add in the time I walk around during work because I feel like that's cheating. So I did 1 hour of walking the mall on Monday, 20 minutes of prowler pushes/stair climbs, and knee highs on Tuesday, 30 minutes of walking around Crystal City with a friend on Wednesday, and 1 hour of walking on the treadmill. I have 10 minutes to go and then I'm done! Score! I'll do that tomorrow for my lunch break!
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