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  1. Any Hoosiers out there?

    Evansville here!
  2. Hello, I joined way back in 2014, ghosted around the forums and started doing some questing when trying to get into shape after my first kid. Well now there's two of them and I'm back to wishing my last 5-10lbs of my baby weight off would magically fall of. I make lots of excuses, and my husband is really supportive but I tend to get snippy when he tries to keep me accountable. Biggest problems are - I work in a bakery and stress eat on busy days - My family hates vegetables so even though we eat home cooked a lot it's never very nutritious - Two small children make life unpredictable so while I know I do better with a set schedule for things (like working out) it rarely happens on time - Did I mention I'm good at making excuses? So here's to hoping being a bit more active in the forum will find better ways to keep accountable and can help me make a real go of it this time.
  3. GenCon 2016?

    My hubby and I are headed to GenCon. This will be our 4th (5th?) year.