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  1. What an amazing life you've led! I kind of want to be your best friend!
  2. Amherst NH right here! Seems like there are a lot of locals!
  3. Welcome to the battle log of Ms. Lolavictrola! Me: 26 years old, 6'3", female Starting Weight: 350 Current Weight: 345 Current Goal: 330 by 2/16 (-20), Ultimate Goal: 195 (24.9 BMI) Calorie Target: 1800-1900 Log: Food Breaktfast: 1/2 a banana + coffee (got up late) Lunch: 1 slice leftover healthy meatloaf, leftover veggie mix (sauteed summer squash, onion, and peapods) Dinner: Red-braised haddock, a DELICIOUS and light Chinese recipe that my family loves. Also called Hong Shao Yu. Net Calories: ~1900. Exercise: None today. I have a huge 3 hr dance rehearsal tomorrow (I'm a lead in a local musical).
  4. Today I kept to my goal. I made a HUGE batch of pesto veggie quinoa. Half it is for the church Feed the Community potluck tomorrow, and half is for my pre-made lunches. Yay, me!
  5. Thanks, all! It's nice to hear that my goals seem strong. I have done the whole zero to gym rat thing in the past, and it has never resulted in a routine that I can keep up with. T2SarahConnor... first off, badass name. My workouts tend to follow the same basic pattern: 30-40 minutes of cardio 20-30 minutes of strength I do like to go to classes, as well. I go to a beginner's yoga class, and have been dying to try Zumba and kickboxing. My solo cardio tends to consist of 15 mins treadmill (brisk walk at a reasonably steep incline), and then either the elliptical or the recumbent bike. We have amazing recumbent bikes that have video games attached! You can go for a virtual ride, through a mountain top trail or a flowery meadow or more, or collect coins to defeat dragons.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes! I'm excited to be here.
  7. Hi all, I love the concept of this site... give a nerd like me a sense of community and tangible goals to work towards in weight loss? I love it! Me: 26, Female, 345 pounds. I've lost 5 pounds in the last week, and I'm super proud of that. My Main Quest: Fit into a size 22 jeans (currently a 26) How I get there: 1. Food: -Eat planned meals ONLY Spur of the moment decisions = bad mojo for me. I always choose wrong. -Stick to my 1800 calorie range goal (+- 100 calories) -Limit carbs/sugars and dairy 2. Exercise: - Work out 3-4 days per weeks (minimum 50 min) - Daily mini-workouts. Choose 3: 20 crunches,10 push-ups (currently on knees), 5 sun salutations, reps of modified planks, squats 3. General health - 8 glasses of water - No artificial sweeteners - log on to NF daily Am I right that our main goal is modifiable? Obviously, I would like to be smaller than a 22, but I think that is an awesome goal that will be the result of approximately 30 lbs of weight loss! LET'S DO THIS SHIZ.
  8. I feel like I'm cheating a bit by joining the challenge this week... because I already do this! I started a new job this week, and I made 3 "mega-meals" this week to serve as dinners for the night, and then lunch the following day. It worked out beautifully! Here's the recipe for my favorite meal this week: Quick Veggie Turkey Curry 1 Vidalia onion 2 Large yellow squash 1-2 cloves garlic (you want subtlety) 1 package ground turkey curry powder thyme salt + pepper
  9. Hey everyone. I'm lolavictrola. ("Hi lola...") I'm new to the site, but really excited about this approach to weight loss. I love gaming, and I always do best in weight loss when I have a support community to help me along. Me: 6'3", 27 year old female. This is why I chose my race to be "amazon". I'm ready to let my warrior woman out. The characters I play are always badassess... time to let myself be one as well. I'm currently flirting with my alltime high weight: 350. I've lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, so I'm on my way to remedying this. My ultimate goal weight is 190, which will put me into a healthy BMI. In the meantime, my goal is to be 300 lbs by July 4th. Can't wait to get started!
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