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  1. Lovely words of praise and encouragement, and I came here to report I had a poopy day! Food... I'm GOING for 80/20 paleo, but I went 20/80 today. Sigh. Lack of prep and funds made this a strike out. BUT, I will survive. Exercise: Rest day after yesterday's rehearsal. It's looking like my workout days will be M W F Sat.
  2. Lola slipped out of the dilapitated tavern, pulling a machete out from betwixt her shoulder blades. Mae's tavern was in an old fast food chain, one of the few original standing buildings in Nova. Mae, being a native of the Nova before, had claimed the space as her own early in the plague. She bartered bathtub whiskey and gin, and the occasional scavenged bottle, for supplies. People still loved to drink, so business was thriving. In the evening hours, Nova became quiet. Torches were dangerous, and batteries were hard to come by. Lola tread softly through the back alleys in the shanties towards the old fountain. Sitting awkwardly, canned peaches on his lap, was the stranger. He had a contradictory blend of youthful good looks and graying temples. But then, everyone was going a little gray these days. Lola whistled and jerked her head north, indicating the back of a burned out coffee house. They crept inside, weapons drawn. One couldn't be too careful in Nova, as breaches had happened in the past, and would happen again. After a brief survey of the backroom, Lola emerged. "Look. I don't usually go around helping people. I called you here because I know who you are." The stranger startled, dropping the case of food. "What do you want?" he stammered. Lola smirked. "I want to survive, Mr. President." (( I am going to tonight's choir rehearsal for my church, even though I frankly want to drop it. I have a lot on my plate and I don't particularly enjoy it. But, it's my way of giving back to the church, so I'm committing for 1 more year))
  3. Updated, because I've completed two tasks over the summer and DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT. I got a piercing, and helped to revamp an entire website. Go me!
  4. Ahahaha. Well, can you lift heavy things? Can you run realreal fast? If so, you're better off than I am!
  5. Oh girl, don't even. I chose my challenge because I a) already wear makeup daily, and have to do my hair because it is in the MOST awkward of growing out stages. "Doing my hair" consists of pinning back the short front pieces so that you don't notice that I have a mullet. I'm kind of cheating with the jewelry, because I'm ALWAYS wearing at least one piece (i never take my silver cross off). I also have been wearing the same bracelet for 2 weeks. If you want to get in the habit of wearing SOMETHING, check out Alex and Ani jewelry. They're beautiful, simple, and I barely ever take them off. And my third? It's because I'm gross and usually don't wash my face at night - therefore sleeping in makeup and grossifying my skin.
  6. Well, I was plaaaaaannnning on going to Barre today, but I left my workout clothes at home... And I needed them for my rehearsal. So, I had to go home and get them instead of going to class. Boooo. Today I: - successfully navigated TWO tricky food situations!! 1) company lunch: today's free lunch was Subway. Carb city with yucky lunchmeat. I went to the cafeteria and got veggie soup and a side salad with chicken, and brought it down to eat with my coworkers. Success. 2) I went to my first restaurant meal while on a paleo diet, and I did pretty well! I had a steak with mushrooms and broccoli! Delicious and mostly paleo (who knows what was in the mushroom marinade, etc). Yay! - did part of my Bathroom bodyweight (where I do 2 10-rep exercises in the bathroom ). I ended up doing 20 wall push-ups, 10 squats, and 10 good mornings. It's something! - had a relatively light dance rehearsal (just 1.5 hours), but I managed to sweat! I've also started taking my knitting for downtime, which is awesome. I might actually finish this scarf!!
  7. You are so awesome! I look forward to following your progress
  8. Lola plopped onto the stool, leaning over her empty tin can filled with three fingers of Mae's bathtub "whiskey". "Look," she grimaced, shaggy red hair falling over one eye, "I don't usually do this, but I saw you could use a hand." She stared with her one visible eye at the stranger at the bar. "You've got ZomMeat written all over your pretty-boy face, and we need all the breathing to stay alive." She leaned forward, her whiskey breath brushing across the stranger's ear. "Grab a case of foodstuffs and meet me at the old fountain in ten. I'm gonna show you the other side of the survival." Standing, Lola suddenly exclaimed "Mae, you sexy minx! Come here for a second!" Laughing, she spun that tavern owner around, giving the stranger a chance to make off with a case of sliced peaches. (I helped some new people learn something. At the rehearsals for the musical I'm doing, I helped some people I don't very well how to master a time step!)
  9. I love this! Is it too late to join? 1) plan outfits the night before, 2) 1 piece of jewelry minimum, 3) wash, toner, moisturizer 2x a day!
  10. I will have to lose a few lbs before I can even weigh in. Sigh. My scale's max is 350, and I was at 356 at the doctor's 2 weeks ago. It's very unsatisfying to step on the scale and be in limbo.
  11. I WANNA JOIN. Which do you need, heroes or villains? If I could choose... I would choose villain...
  12. I modify a third of the poses in my barre class. Why? Because I'm not at that level yet. Luckily, no one cares. If they do, they don't express it. In fact, the instructor commented on how much MORE I was able to do in my last class. I'll never be able to do it, if I don't do it! Screw the haters. Anyone who thinks like that is trying to deflect from their own insecurities.
  13. Today I: - Cheated a bit with food >.> Backstory: I submitted a pitch for a holiday decor article for a major magazine, and it got picked up! I was excited, until they asked me to send pictures of my decorations... I hadn't actually done it yet! So I did a super quick decoration for Halloween, complete with candy corn... and some of it got eaten. But I just did some Googling and found that 20 (about what I ate) pieces of candy corn is about 150 cals, 35g carbs. I'll let it slide - Took a rest day with exercise, because my whole body feels like death after the excessive workout yesterday!
  14. Yesterday I: - Ate a solid 80/20 paleo diet. I stuck to my IF and Paleo goals, and I feel good! I was desperate at dinner time, and had to eat something fast, so I got a dollar menu McD's burger and picked around the bun. It was something to eat, and I could have done a lot worse! - Went to a morning barre class before work (~500 cals burned ) and had a lonngg tap dance rehearsal (~800 calories burned). I'm exhausted today. Ugh.
  15. Trying something new this challenge. Not focusing on calories, but instead maintaining an 80/20 paleo diet. I split my 6 week challenge into two 3 week challenges: I find it easier to manage and also the more frequent scoring keeps on me on track. Three Week Challenge: Food: - 80/20 Paleo (strict paleo 11-5pm) - IF eating window 11-7pm Exercise: - 3+ workouts OUTSIDE of my dance rehearsals (I'm in a musical) - Barre at least 2x per week.
  16. So, I've been seeing some people are incorporating a "reward" in their challenges. I LOVE THIS idea. After all, that's why we game, right? We work to level up, to get that new item... I have split up my challenges into 2 three week mini-challenges, both with the same skill points (WIS, STA). 1: Paleo / IF Challenge (+2 WIS) - Food window: 11am-7pm - Paleo Only between 11am and 5pm - NO fast food (except coffee) Full WIS Points, Both Challenges: "Shopping Spree" ($30) at Barnes & Noble+2 Points: Yoga socks for barre class 2: Work on My Fitness (+3 STA) - 3+ work outs a week outside of rehearsal - Barre AT LEAST 2x a week Full STA Points, Both Challenges: A new FitBit (mine is gone )+3 Points: A yoga ball for work!
  17. Yesterday I: - Did my Flex & Flow Booty Barre workout (oooowwww) - Made good choices at TWO restaurants. Grilled chicken and side salad at texmex, beef w/ broccoli at chinese Today I: - Hobbled around like I just got off a horse, thanks to ^above^ - Ate my leftover chinese and other tasty, good-for-me things. Tomorrow, my challenge OFFICIALLY starts. 30 day (mostly) paleo, 30 days of yoga, and 20 lbs in 10 weeks.
  18. I'll be starting my challenge tomorrow (Monday)! I have a somewhat weird schedule. I work 9:30 - 6, while the rest of my office works 8:30-5. This is so we'll have someone on the phones a little later. So, I could definitely do yoga in the mornings. BUT, I also like to go to barre in the morning sometimes, so I would not be able to practice every morning.. I really want to establish myself in a routine. We have a fitness area at work - maybe I should try to use part of my lunch hour on my yoga! Hrm. When do you do your practice?
  19. Barre is so fun, isn't it? I'm in a local production of "Young Frankenstein". Just an ensemble role, but it's fun! Very dance intensive.
  20. Good luck! Glad you're joining us:)
  21. I LOVE the way you outline your challenge. In particular, I'm psyched about your rewards section. I will be stealing this! Best of luck with your challenge!
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