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  1. Today I: Stuck to my IF window (so far!) Stayed Paleo (except for milk in coffee, need to get an alternative) Did my "Bathroom BW" exercises 3x. So my new routine is that everytime I head to the bathroom at work, I do a little rotation of exercises. 1st Time: 10 right angle squats, 10 wall push ups 2nd time: 10 good mornings, 10 wall push ups 3rd time: 10 right angle squats, 10 bent over lateral raises. ... ow. my legs tho.
  2. Walter is pretty Walter-y. He was not happy that I made him pose in the dog's sweater on Christmas, though.
  3. You know, I do this with every other animal I have. But then, you name a cat Walter. And nothing in the whole world suits him better than Walter. Sometimes I call him BabyBoy, but that's a small percentage of the time. HE IS WALTER.
  4. Because I'm starting at such a low-strength place, I'll be doing a lot of the basic stuff. I love to dance. I also love bodyweight workouts. That's why Barre classes are such a perfect fit for me! M - Morning Barre Class, Evening Rehearsal (50/50 Dance or Music) T - Evening Zumba OR Barre Class W - Evening Rehearsal (50/50 Dance or Music) Th - Rest F - Zumba OR BW Sa - Morning Barre Class Su - 20 Minutes BW In addition to my weekly schedule, I'm adding a mini Bathroom Workout to every workday bathroom trip (2-3 a day). I will be doing 10 Wall Push-Ups, 10 Bent Over Lateral Raises, and 10 Squats and/or Good Mornings. The Mark Lauren YAYOG app is AMAZING, you guys. Totally worth the 2.99. It has 200 different BW workouts, with gifs showing you proper technique for each. And they're organized by body area AND difficulty.
  5. This little guy... HE KNOWS HOW TO LIFE.
  6. Today I go FULL PALEOOOOO. Here's to an adventure. 2 of my coworkers are doing a 30 day paleo challenge, and asked if I'd like to join.
  7. (This challenge will be dedicated to the best television character of all time, Mary Cherry from the short-lived WB comedy "Popular) Current Quest: (PART ONE) 9/15 - 10/10 - Becoming the Zombie Slayer MAIN QUEST: Back to Basics :: Get the Vapors Hi everyone! I'm back for my 2nd challenge as an assassin. I definitely want to be more active and vocal this time! Love me, ya'll Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse NECESSARY SKILLS STR: Fend off zombies with brawn STA: Outrun hordes for long distances DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly CON: Have the supplies and means to bunker down and equip myself properly WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. CHALLENGE PT ONE GOALS At the midpoint of this challenge, I will assess, assign points, and create a new set of challenges! (5 points possible for each 1/2 challenge) 1: Paleo / IF Challenge (+2 WIS) - Food window: 11am-7pm - Paleo Only between 11am and 5pm - NO fast food (except coffee) 2: Work on My Fitness (+3 STA) - 3+ work outs a week outside of rehearsal - Barre AT LEAST 2x a week PVP: 30 Day Yoga Challenge & 20 Pounds 10 Weeks LET'S DO THIS!
  8. I got the same response, and I realized that I had copied the "link address", and not the image url. Try again?
  9. You know, I signed up for this about 2 weeks ago... and then promptly ignored every email. Srsly, I didn't even do day one >.> So, maybe this PVP is just the group I need!
  10. I didn't either for the longest time. Click the little "picture" icon and insert the image url. It's that easy!
  11. No doubt: (BTW, how fly is that croc? He's all "Damn girl, I got this")
  12. I'll sign up for 20lbs! I like PVP challenges, because they keep me coming back I'm currently 356 lbs. I'm pretty close to my highest weight, even with revamping my exercise routine. My favorite workouts are barre class (so fun), hikes/walks, lifting, and bodyweight. I'm doing well with exercise - what I need to curb my compulsive eating! I'll probably weigh in on Saturdays!
  13. 1: Eat Well (+3 WIS) (Earned: 0 WIS) - No fast/bad food I didn't do so well with this. :/ 2: Exercise (+4 STA) (Earned: +4STA) - 2 exercises in addition to rehearsals (such as badminton, insanity at work, or barre class) NAILED IT. NAILED IT SO HARD. GRRRR FEEL ME WRATH. POW POW. Life Quest: Get Stable: Finish Paying off CC Debt (+3 CON) (Earned: +2 CON) - Pay off another $500 in Debt. I did a really great job here. I am deducting 1 point because I did use a credit card a little bit during this challenge. I didn't rack up massive debt, and I am still WAY closer to being debt free, but I broke my promise of never using credit unless it was an emergency. Challenge total: +2 CON +4 STA
  14. I have incredibly sensitive skin, and I will get horrible rashes and bumps if behave OR wax OR use dreams. There is nothing that will kill your sex drive faster than an itchy and inflamed vulva (also, you don't look so sexy either). My world was rocked when I spotted a small hair trimmer at a CVS. It was about the size of a dollar bill, purple, and cordless. I'm hooked. It's essentially a beard trimmer, but for your lady business. No more irritation, and no more rashes. I was so psyched, because before this my only option was tidying up with a pair of scissors, which always felt like a very dangerous game!
  15. This is one of the many reasons I am so excited that Lane Bryant has made activewear sections in their plus size stores. There is pink, but there's also a ton of black, blue, purple, green, white... It's great. Plus, the tops are long (for better coverage when moving) and are fitted in the waist!
  16. I did not end up going - I hate being late to things and I wouldn't have had time to shower... I'm going again on Saturday! I enjoy the class, but it is HARD. My calves are KILLING me at the end, with all of the toe work! (standing on toes, rising up and down, arabesques, tendus... Also, who knew holding your arms in second position was so tiring?) Thanks! It feels really good to be getting close to free. Also, I've decided to start saving to buy my own place ( a condo, likely), so I have a big motivator!
  17. I bought my 6 week ultimate pass for the barre classes, so I can go WHENEVER I WANT. Woohoo. Right now, I'm debating about whether or not to go tonight. It would be RIGHT after work, and I would have to run over to my rehearsal right afterwards, which will be 2 hours of singing followed by 1 hour of dance (not particularly strenuous dance). Hm. I would definitely be late for the class, since I have 10 minutes to leave work, park, walk up the stairs and get set up... and It's about 10 minutes away! Hmm.. Why am I posting this here? Well, because I'm thinking through text. Don't judge me! Should I go?
  18. I have become a Booty Barre addict - and this is one addiction that I'm psyched about. I just purchased a 6 week pass, so I can go to as many as I want... and i've gone to 2 classes in the last four days! YEEAAA. My booty. It hurts. With two weeks left to go in the 2nd half of my challenge, for the FIRST TIME I can say that I am ending stronger than I started. Food still might be an issue, but I've been working on my fitness like a champ. 1: Eat Well (+3 WIS) - No fast/bad food I'm at like... a C- for this... Mayyybe a D+ 2: Exercise (+4 STA) - 2 exercises in addition to rehearsals (such as badminton, insanity at work, or barre class) Nailing it. I've been to 2 big dance rehearsals so far (whew), and have worked out at least twice a week for the last several weeks. Life Quest: Get Stable: Finish Paying off CC Debt (+3 CON) - Pay off another $500 in Debt. Not only am I on track for this, but I just got below the $1,000 mark on my scariest credit card. It was at about $8,000 when I started, guys. My total "bad debt" is now at about $1500, which I expect to be free of in the next 3-4 months. This is so awesome. College kids, don't screw over your future selves like I did!
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