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  1. I am having the weirdest pains throughout my body. I've been feeling a little under the weather this week, so the only exercise I've really committed to is the Quidditch push up challenge (link in my signature). Therefore, I understand why my upper body is sore, but my WHOLE body is weirdly sore. I stand up, and I do the old man "Ugghhhh....". I have random knots in the back of my thighs (what?) and I'm just in a lot of pain. Oh yah, plus it's "lady time". It's getting to the point where I'm wondering if it's some sort of virus. I've been sore in the same places for too long...
  2. Remember - The "Keeper" negates points on your team. So, if you have 10 points and choose to block the Keeper's 12, your team will only lose 2 points!
  3. Okay, okay. It was such a non-date that I hesitated to count it. I met up with a guy from OkCupid to grab coffee. It lasted about 20 minutes, because he was being a real jerk. I bet 50% of it was nerves, but Mama don't play that game. Essentially he was very pushy and clearly only interested in sexy times more than lovey times. NEXT.
  4. Current Stats: Be Strong: .... +35 Pts (Goal:100) Be Flexible: .... +23 Pts (Goal 50) Be Fearless: .... +18 Pts (Goal 100) Be Vulnerable: .... +10 Pts (Goal 50) I'm getting there!
  5. Go ahead and open up the spreadsheet and find your name. Column D is where you will be adding your score. If you did 200 pushups, type 200. It will automatically calculate your score. Because you have a very high AMRAP (Starting) score, you will have to do more pushups to get a point. You have to do 51 pushups per point, while Sjard has to do 20.
  6. I can't believe how inflexible my wrists are! This is definitely becoming a part of my normal routine...
  7. I'm such a dork, but I'm loving the Quidditch Push-Up Challenge (link to thread in my signature). I'm a Ravenclaw Keeper, which essentially means that every point I earn is subtracted from the other team's score. I earn 5 points, they lose 5 points! It's super competitive and really fun. Plus, I get to be a Ravenclaw (FINALLY).
  8. I saw we were tied and popped off another 30 in the bathroom at work. LOL. I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow. Worth it.
  9. I added 24 while my coffee brewed at work. New routine? Ow. I'm outta practice.
  10. CRAP I'M LATE! (*drops to her knees and starts doing pushups ferociously*) How long does each "game" last?
  11. IT'S AMAZING. I watched that movie with my family at about age 9, and firmly stated "I want to be a drag queen." I just thought they were fabulous ladies in cool costumes.
  12. Possibly the greatest comedy of all time. For those of you not aware, the movie is"To Wong Foo...". It stars Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo as the most wonderful, realistic, and touching drag queens.
  13. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND. THAT IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. "Oh! No one say anything frivolous for the next few moments. I am having a significant experience."
  14. I've been using a tennis ball to work out some knots today... I'm not sure if it's super effective, or just bruising the heck out of me! Stay tuned...
  15. Hello an welcome from a fellow BFP (big fat person)! In fact I'm much more obese than you are. The biggest obstacle to overcome in the beginning stages of getting fit a you confidence level. and considering your tone in your OP, I'm betting this is so etching you struggle with. The people at NF are some of the most supportive people I've ever interacted with. I've made friends with people twice my age, marathon runners, intense cross fitters, and everyone in between. When you stumble (and we all do), you know have a forum full of cheerleaders to help you get back on track. As for confidence in public- It's really important to remember, and BELIEVE, that people are far more self-centered than you think! That buff guy on the treadmill across the way is not thinking about your jiggling bum. He's thinking about pushing himself to a new level. That slim girl using the kettle bells? She's worried about looking like a noob. People generally are thinking about their own stuff, and not paying any attention to you. And if they do notice a big lady using free weights? They're probably thinking, "Good for her."
  16. Orreeeeooooooooossss. I'm trapped on a bus for another three hours, and now I want Oreos. The homemade kind. Aaah.
  17. DOES NOT COMPUTE (Fun fact, I'm listening to Regina Spektor's son "Lulliby" right now...)
  18. I hit up Macys Herald Square after the show. If you don't know, that department store is a whole city block, and 8 floors high. It's nuts. And the plus size women's department is about a quarter of floor 7. I've never seen a more impressive selection of plus clothes in one place! Calvin Klein, Michael Kohrs, American Rag.... There's something for everyone, or everything for meeee. Anyway, I had a tight budget, so I was mostly window shopping. But then I spotted the $150 I passed on back in February. I had always regretted not getting it, because it is super flattering. And now, it was 65% off! I grabbed a $25 dollar white top to go with it (it's low cut) and headed to the register, where the woman gave me an extra 20% for being so pleasant. Amazing. It pays to be nice, people!!!
  19. It's a bummer that I keep forgetting to actually post on this thread. Throughout the last few months, I've completed a lot of goals!
  20. Oh girl, you know I love stretches. They also fit nicely into my Be Flexible challenge. I've been experimenting with a foam roller, but I don't like it as much as a tennis ball. I may go out and get a Kong dog toy tonight!
  21. Ravenclaw, por favor! AMRAP - 22 incline I'd like to be a keeper, but I'm fine with any!
  22. I admire all of with your headstand practice! I still have too much extra weight to even think about it! Some daaasy my handstand will cooommme...
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