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  1. Haven't been here in a long time, but I'm back and ready to work!

  2. Nirvi

    Heidi: Demon Slayer

    Oh man - maybe you can teach me your ways of not biting your nails! I am an epic nail biter, and have been for over a decade. Nervous tendency Glad you had a good fourth from the looks of it. 12,000 steps... holy! Also glad you are feeling better. Those bentos look awesome!
  3. Thank you as always, Heidi! Dinner last night for the 4th (served with an apple cider): andddddd something we made last night... and I had a piece for breakfast this morning.... paleo key-lime pie!
  4. Things haven't been too good here; grandma fell a couple of days ago and broke 4 ribs and is on oxygen now. And as if that's not bad enough, Hurricane Arthur is heading right where my NC house is (Hatteras Island) right now... the only area with the mandatory evac. All the housework I completed there two weeks ago may have come in handy, at least (or, may be for nothing). When Jim Cantore is right outside your house you know it's not a good thing! Hopeful for a better tomorrow and better days ahead.
  5. Nirvi

    Heidi: Demon Slayer

    You're doing well, totally deserved. Good on the alcohol and carbs, too. Now I have to follow suit!
  6. Moar foodpixxxxxxx coming, I promise. made a yummy mango/avocado salsa (one of my favorite, easiest meal to make). serve w/ sweet potato, yucca, or if you're non-paleo/primal regular tortilla chips... easy, healthy meal! Finally got my fitbit up and running since I am in Alabama now, and will be updating/syncing daily. Also no more cheat meals, I feel like crap - full paleo/primal now.
  7. I TOTALLY hear you on how miserable you feel (physically) when you get off track from dieting. Any little piece of bread I had (or anything in batter) just left bloated for hours. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! IPA's were my beer of choice when I drank them (now just cider). I added you on FitBit - it's a wonderful little tool!
  8. Thank you all for the congrats I added you on FitBit, LittleTurtle! Lunch today: tomato-avocado vinaigrette brushetta over chicken breast with fresh homemade mozzarella
  9. Nirvi

    Heidi: Demon Slayer

    The only thing bad about fitbit (that I've noticed) is bad and good carbs are all just "carbs." So you may be ingesting a lot of good carbs that are easy to break down and contain a lot of fiber, and not the processed and refined ones! Not all carbs are equal. You're doing well! Scrubbing bathrooms can be a good workout, that's for sure.
  10. Sorry for the delay! Back in NJ... we had so much work to do on our little beach cottage that the time flew by (the renters we had the last few months really did a lot of damage Realized a few days in that I brought my fitbit dongle, but didn't bring the computer with the program to update it... do'h. Used my boyfriend's (broken) iphone5 to update and sync a few times but it was easy to forget Been 80/20 paleo, and my grade has improved to a 95 Will be wearing my fitbit more this week and getting back into the swing of things / normal behavior. Hope everyone's been well! I'll start updating more frequently now!
  11. Cool goals! I work with HTML/PHP/CSS too - it's my favorite hobby and is so much fun (and at times, frustrating... especially when something is a pixel off...) jQuery though... *shudders*
  12. I attend the University of New England. Doing pretty well Most of my schoolwork is complete (minus the last paper) and I am averaging a 93.4... so it's steadily rising and should be a 94 after my last assignment is graded. Swimming a lot. Today I can say I am exhausted.
  13. Totally blew paleo today and last night but I have an OK reason I think: I'm engaged! Also forgot to wear my fitbit Failz. Dedwyddwch - sign up at geocaching.com, find some coordinates, and go hike! It's so awesome and enjoyable. It's cool to see a place you've been to thousands of times had a little geocache hidden there all along. Thanks all
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