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  1. MY QUEST (8/18 pounds) Monday (Day 15): Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed:1127No gym, came home too late from work (according to my UP app) moved a total of 8,095 stepsSlept 7 hours and 12 minutes (according to my UP app). Tuesday (Day 16): Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed: 820No gym, worked late again and moved a total of 14,684 stepsSlept 6 hours and 48 minutesWednesday (Day 17): Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed: 990No gym, stuck at work but moved a total of 11,142 stepsSlept 7 hours and 3 minutes Thursda
  2. Funny enough, I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. I'm sore, but not in pain. The kidney stone pain went away for a few days before this. I just have a headache and want to sleep a lot. I didn't know that I'm not supposed to work out for a week after having them out so yet another week will go by without working out. However, I am sticking to my diet so I'm still losing and staying on track. I lost another pound so I'm down 28 pounds in 9.5 weeks or as I like to think of it: I'm halfway to my halfway pount. Now back to the couch to ice my face and maybe another nap.
  3. I've seen Middlemarch so I'm not overly enthused to read it, but it is on the list. As someone who just recently fell madly in love with The Count of Monte Cristo, may I say, I love your screen name!
  4. In case you needed proof of where I was in lieu of the gym this past weekend. This is the one that Katee Sackhoff retweeted.
  5. MY QUEST (7/18 pounds) Monday (Day 8): Okay on the diet, but didn't eat muchNo gym, came home sick (according to my UP app) moved a total of 9,172 stepsSlept 6 hours and 57 minutes (according to my UP app). Had a doctor's appointment and needed to be up early.Tuesday (Day 9): Okay on diet, stayed home sick and only ate one meal and drank a gatoradeNo gym, home in pain (kidney stone) and moved a total of 1,248 stepsSlept 12 hours and 30 minutesWednesday (Day 10): Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed: 896No gym, still in pain but moved a total of 7,120 stepsSlept 7 h
  6. Turned out the flu symptoms that didn't want to go away were the pre-cursor to a kidney stone. That was an unpleasant surprise earlier this week. Feeling much better now. Still sore, but no more sharp stabby pain. Hopefully, this means I can get back to my normal self. While still no gym, I have been really good on the diet and have dropped 27 pounds now over the last 8.5 weeks. 7 of that in the last 10 days and all by eating healthy.
  7. Have you watched Thug Notes on Youtube? His critique of Jane Eyre made me like it a bit more.
  8. Monday (Day 1): Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed: 1020No gym, fighting off cold/flu (according to my UP app) moved a total of 9,483 stepsSlept 5 hours and 38 minutes (according to my UP app). I took a 4 hour nap the night before and had to be up early for a doc appt. Tuesday (Day 2): Good on diet, calories consumed: 1368No gym, fighting off cold/flu and moved a total of 8,716 stepsSlept 8 hours and 15 minutesWednesday (Day 3): Good on the diet, calories consumed:940No gym, fighting off cold/flu, but moved a total of 6,563 stepsSlept 8 hours and 37 minutes Thursda
  9. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - I liked her sister's book Jane Eyre better and am a HUGE Jane Austen fan, but I was just miserable throughout the whole book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - I get its relevance, but I just couldn't get into it. I just wanted to read 1984 again instead On The Road by Jack Kerouac - It started off good, but it went nowhere. I can see being a teenager liking this book, but not reading it as an adult for the first time On flip side, I have recently fallen madly in love with The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
  10. Lost 2 pounds this week so far despite not making it to the gym because of being sick still. That is 23 pounds in 7.5 weeks!
  11. I hated a couple of the books from the BBC list so far and just was miserable. My friends kept saying then stop. I said, it is a quest and all quest have pitfalls or everyone would be doing them.
  12. I've been eyeing that list to do after I've finished the BBC Big Reads ones. It has some great stuff on it.
  13. So far I have lost 21 pounds in 7 weeks so I figured that seemed doable. May bad, 4x a week and of those 4 times have 1 or 2 of will be swimming. Although, not starting off great. Horrible head cold that won't seem to go away so I haven't made it to the gym yet.
  14. Thank you all! For the BBC Big Reads list, I started at 17 about a year and a half ago and now I am at 59. I have a lot of the really big books left. I recently finished Count of Monte Cristo, which I completely fell in love with. I have Possession coming from the library next week.
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