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    How do you like it? I'm in the market for a new form of birth control, and I think the bf isn't quite ready for the vasectomy thing yet. (That would make things so much easier!) I've had horrible luck with hormonal BC in the past -- the 6 months I spent on Depoprovera was the worst of my life, and when I briefly tried the pill I was nauseous for the entire first month, plus then I had no libido whatsoever. Not gonna work for me. I had a Paragard a few years back but even after 4 months of having it in I felt like it kept poking me at inopportune moments. Not cramps, but sharp pains that I just couldn't get to go away. I reluctantly had it removed and went back to condoms because I couldn't deal with it every day. That said, I'm considering giving the Mirena or Skyla (a new IUD, apparently) a try, though admittedly my expectations are kinda low. That or I was looking at the Nexplanon thing. I've also heard some women say that having a Mirena has caused them to have, ahem, excessive lubrication issues. I don't particularly want to have to deal with changing my underwear multiple times a day, either. Last thing, I have never had kids. Probably never will, but I'm still just barely on the fence enough that I don't want to make the commitment to sterilization.

  3. I've done all kinds of things. It seems like every time I get a new job it's something totally different from the ones before... In high school it was cashier and then supervisor at the local grocery store, I've done a few years at two different Jimmy John's locations, I worked in medical (prosthetics) for a while, I have a BFA in graphic design, did pretty well with a catering company.... Fitness in general is something that has been important in my personal life for a long time, and so far (I managed to land a job at a new gym as a trainer after all) this gig is going well. It IS a lot of take-home work, but I'm still pumped -- no pun intended -- about it enough that it's not so bad. I enjoy genuinely helping people get healthier and reach goals that they've set, and for once I feel decently qualified for the work I'm doing. It's also helped motivate me to change up my routine and work at losing a few % of body fat -- something I didn't bother with this past year with the justification of "I'm bulking."
  4. I'd like to find a magazine to perhaps subscribe to in order to have a constant stream of ideas coming in for things to do for some fitness classes I've been asked to teach. I know how *I* work out, but people are not going to want to pay me very long if I just have them do squats/bench/deadlifts/etc all the time -- gotta change it up and keep it interesting. I decided long ago that most of the "fitness" magazines aimed at women are filled with garbage; there may be a few good kernels in each issue, but they aren't worth whatever the magazine sells for. I picked up the "personal training issue" of OnFitness today and it seems to be LOADED with great information.... So my question to you is this: Does anyone have a recommendation for a magazine, I don't care if it's aimed at men/women/everybody/nobody-in-particular, that tends to have high quality content as opposed to makeup ads and bullshit articles advocating dozens of crunches?
  5. That's what I wound up getting and so far it's doing a fine job. I liked the way the reset on the stopwatch on the Health Smart one was so quick, but other than that, I have no complaints on the Ironman one. Thanks for the input!
  6. I'm going to be teaching Tabata classes and training clients one-on-one, so I need a watch that has a good stopwatch/chronograph (they seem to be synonymous?) on it. I haven't worn a wrist watch in years; I'm a mid-size female so I'd rather not have a ginormous watch on my wrist. Digital is a must, and green (goes with my uniform). I recently purchased a Timex Health Touch that has been working well, but I am the only one at work without a green/fluorescent yellow watch... peer pressure and whatever, don't judge me.. plus I still DESPISE the fact that even women's watches seem to only come in pink and purple. Grrr! Anyone have any experience with a watch model and/or brand they'd recommend? The buttons've gotta be easy to press, and of course it should be comfortable in general.
  7. My cousin switched from low-carb to "eat all the things" and claims she feels much better. She's definitely got more muscle definition now, and I don't think she's changed up her exercise routine too much. Conversely, when I started eating fewer grain carbs (doing the paleo thing) I felt much better, less foggy in the brain and such. Admittedly I've been pretty lazy with my diet for a few months now and I'm going to have to start tracking what I eat and making some adjustments.... I think it depends on the person.
  8. I had the same issue when I first started lifting, and a personal trainer (female) friend of mine told me it could also have something to do with intramuscular fat -- fat that resides between muscle fibers, like how a steak is marbled. To be honest, I haven't done a ton of research into this but I have seen it mentioned elsewhere and so I'm inclined to think it's a thing. Over time that may "melt" as other, more visible fat does. Personally, I've still been lifting heavy with StrongLifts myself, and my quads haven't shrunk any. I wasn't going for that though, so it doesn't really bother me... especially since I tossed all the jeans I had except the one pair that's 4-way stretch with lycra or something, which I wear very occasionally. Leggings for the win!
  9. I've been doing Strong LIfts since June (so 7ish months) and have noticed some great gains -- my deadlift has gone from 70# to 150#, bench from 45# to 75#, and comparable increases in the other lifts as well. I've reached a plateau at this point with the squats and deadlifts, so am changing things up. I've been supplementing with push ups, pull ups (assisted.. also getting better!), the occasional set of walking lunges, etc just to keep me interested. After 6 months on a program if you stop seeing constant improvement it gets a bit frustrating. It was great to get me started with heavy lifting!
  10. Seeing as the job search is continuing to be unfruitful, I am considering a career change. I'm at the gym a lot.. I know a few things about lifting.. I like helping people, and I've taught fitness classes before, so I am entertaining the idea of doing the personal trainer thing. Anyone here certified? If so, which certifications would you recommend (or not)? Pros/cons? Things I need to consider that I may not have thought of?
  11. I'm putting in another vote for Under Armour. I have some of their cold gear leggings (which I admittedly always regret wearing to the gym... but they're great outside in the winter!) and their raglan tees and hoodies are super comfortable and flattering. Also, I'm a big fan of Mika Yoga Wear. Their stuff is kinda pricey but it's comfortable, well-made, it looks good, AND they have free shipping on exchanges. And I think all orders over a certain amount. I recently discovered the "Ella" top and even though it looks like nothing fancy in the photos, it is the most flattering workout top I've ever owned. Customer service is great, colors are fun, lots of styles to choose from. I definitely recommend if you have a few bucks to blow on your athletic gear. Other than that, I also like the Tek Gear capris (I think they come from Kohl's), and I Fabletics isn't too bad either. Their styles are kind of hit or miss for me, though, and the quality isn't as nice as Mika's.
  12. UPDATE! I reread Staci's article on squats and adjusted mine when I lifted today: made sure my feet were only hip width apart, pointed my toes out just a teeny tiny bit, and held the bar lower on my back. It seems to have made a huge difference! Knocked out those 140# no problem. Then again, I suppose it could also have something to do with the fact that I've taken 5ish days off from lifting due to other things going on... giving my joints a rest probably helped, too. ..... in case you all were interested.
  13. I just love getting unsolicited exercise advice from family members who have no idea what they're talking about... Why yes, actually, you can do squats past 90.

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    2. starsapart


      Yup. He told me not to lift with a runny nose because 15 years ago in high school he did drum corps with a cold and got sick for months, and my poos, fragile body couldn't possible handle lifting with the sniffles.

      You can imagine the look I gave him. This didn't even happen in a gym, by the way - I don't think he's set foot in one for those same 15 years...............

    3. Brawlrus


      Dude got sicker because he didn't work his body, he let it get weak and brittle. I swear... I can't get past some people's idiocy.

    4. kaelvan


      Omg that's the best

  14. Narrowing my stance seems to help a bit... with the knees, anyway. No foam roller. What would I roll? My hips only really hurt when I'm actually down in the squat. I've already deloaded a couple of times and frankly, I'm getting frustrated at my slow progress. :/ I'm guessing my diet is the culprit; it's not terrible, but it could be much better. I stretch between sets because I feel like I need to, and it does seem to help a bit.. I could probably stretch more outside of my actual workout. I used to dance like 6 days a week and stretched pretty much anytime I wasn't doing something else that required my legs (seriously, heh) but have gotten away from it. Hmmmm......... Thanks for the input, all!
  15. ^^ Me too. One thing I just discovered is that if I use the smaller, 15# "curl bars," the ones that look like a W, it changes my grip slightly and that makes it easier for me to get the full range of motion out of my rows. I'm sure it works my muscles a bit differently but it's way less awkward.
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