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  1. My curiosity is getting the better of me. I may go have a gander at said yoga mini....
  2. Trying to get in a few more before tonight! I kinda like what this challenge is doing for my arms and legs, so I may adopt it as part of my routine a few times a week.
  3. Following your awesome Supernatural themed challenge, you had me at 'ass butt'. Cas gets me every time. Looks like you're doing great so far!
  4. I work graveyard so I come home full of rage and do sets in between my normal workout to blow off steam. I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be, either, so that helps. Plus I had Wed off work and my computer was down, so instead of gaming I ended up cleaning the house and working out like a maniac. Those blasted dwarves are way ahead now, though! Sheesh....
  5. I may be a very regretful elf tomorrow, but it's my day off and I have my sights set on catching up to the Dwarves.
  6. Lol, thanks! I live up against the mountains and there's a trail that leads to some caves that I've been wanting to visit for the last year and just never got around to it. I figured since I knew I was in good enough shape to make it out there now, may as well take a crack at it. Plus the icky summer weather had finally turned a little cooler, so I was in a good mood.
  7. Awesome, thanks! The squishy pillow works great. I watched another video on rail balancing where the guy was doing duck walks and pistol squats on the rail and kinda went O.o. I'm tempted to try it, because I'm impulsive like that, but I'd rather not have to go to work on a sprained ankle or whatnot. /sigh. Adult problems. So I'll wait a while and make sure I really have the ankle strength down. I have been doing Age of Pandora every other day just for random workouts and it's pretty neat. Thanks for the yoga suggestion, I was in need of something new to try. My old yoga videos are good, I've just done them so many times.
  8. Mesh 'cool dry' athletic/camping underwear here, and they don't ride up on me. (I live in the desert...running in 110+ degrees makes anything lightweight a necessity) It could be the material has more grip on my skin, not sure.
  9. That is exactly what I am doing after my second round. Also walking like a 90 year old and muttering to myself 'why, why, why'.
  10. This morning, I ran just over two miles nonstop. I hit the 1 mile mark and just kept going. Had to slow down a few times but I never stopped. I had been working on my form and mid strikes and I think that really made a difference...I was so elated I went hiking for another four miles! Agility...I started off in a very sorry place. I couldn't touch my toes in even the most basic hamstring stretches. But I was surprised at how quickly I made progress, by week two I was finally able to touch my toes. This is definitely something I need to keep doing because it's my weak point and I want to improve on it. I didn't use Duolingo but I did manage to practice Spanish four times. A+ for me! Between this and the Away Team HIIT workout, I'm feeling pretty strong this week. That's the only thing I haven't gotten to yet. I'm waiting until I have more funds available, just to be practical. But, the playground at the park is a good starting place. And it's free. And I haven't tripped and bashed my head yet, haha. I'm taking it slow and steady and doing simple practice videos until I get a better sense for my balance. I figure I have the rest of my life to improve.
  11. I have some free time this week, hoping to knock out as many as I can. Just completed a round and omg. I'll just lay on the ground for a while. And not move.
  12. I can't wait to try that insane workout as soon as I get off work.
  13. Bomb away! I can always use more motivation and fun workouts. So far it's going well, I forgot to grade myself every week but I'll do that now.First week: A. I actually made it out 6 times a week because the weather was strangely mild for the desert. I was appalled at how terrible my flexibility was but by the end of the week I had seen noticeable improvement. And I practiced Spanish 3x. Second week: B. Exercise went well and posted progress running but completely forgot Spanish. Third week: A. joined a local parkour group, haven't met up yet but started practicing some of the stuff they posted and found a local parkour gym. Really pushed myself and ran a whole mile nonstop. Averaging about 38 minutes of flexibility work 5x a week and didn't forget Spanish. Thank you! As much as I wanted to tackle all five miles in my first challenge...I knew slow and steady would serve me better as far as not getting burnt out. And now I'm halfway there already.
  14. I like the pork, but maybe because I haven't had it in ages. They both look yummy, though!
  15. Twilight princess, nice! Welcome. dancing at Legolamd sounds awesome btw.
  16. Welcome and 'grats on choosing assasin. I'm easing into parkour myself and it's been pretty fun. Hopefully over time your balance improves as your get healthier and you can give it a try too.
  17. Welcome back! Melbourne sounds like a pretty place to go out walking in. Also, how did the vegan chocolate come out?
  18. Welcome! Glad to have you, and your virtual hugs too.
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