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  1. Good luck moving and welcome to Vegas!
  2. I have a weird cramp in my lower side area that almost makes me want to skip the workout but NOPE. Still going. And bringing a hacksaw because I found an oak tree that I want to borrow from. Logging flexibility work almost every day now, it's rough but I'm keeping at it.
  3. What Slates said about the Challenges - I'm doing the Assasins Star Trek themed challenge right now and it's just plain *fun*. It makes me look forward to the time I set aside for it.
  4. Now I want to learn to fly, too! Do you have pics?
  5. I'm with you on the roller coasters, especially the older wooden ones that fling me around like a rag doll and leave me with a crippling headache. Welcome to NF, btw.
  6. Pics of leather working projects anywhere? I'm curious and want a peek. what are you going to school for? You're one tough dad for taking on school and fitness with a family!
  7. Hey Jordan! Welcome and glad to have you. I'm secretly excited you want to get into parkour someday because that's my goal too, so I empathize. Now go forth and get strong so you can kick that final Heartless bosses ass.
  8. There's some nasty plague floating around right now. Hope you feel better soon. Liked the lovely whore gif...welcome to Vegas!
  9. Progress: running .71 miles nonstop, 6.22 miles walk/run total distance. Bonus: got scolded by an elderly woman at 6am for climbing on top of the playground to practice balance. Needs work: keep forgetting to practice Spanish.
  10. That sounds like so much fun! I work with an ex aerial performer and his stories scare the hell out of me. Good luck and can't wait to read more about your progress.
  11. How is your stretching going? I've discovered I'm quite miserable at it, and now I'm looking up tutorials and beginner videos for my daily workouts. If you know any good ones please share! I think my phone is not being cooperative about showing the link options. Should have my computer back in a week or so, but now I know how to do it when I'm ready. I did join the local parkour FB group, they don't seem too organized as far as meeting up for stuff but I'll work on them. No I haven't, but I signed up to volunteer at Tough Mudder in October just so I could try it out for free and see how I do. And I actually just joined the local Spartan group too. I think if I do one I'm going to love it and probably get hooked. I'm over in Nevada, alas. But I had the same idea about raiding NF for hiking/obstacle teammates. Hope we both meet some cool people in our area.
  12. Well I do have something to ask... How do I get progress bars or my current challenge in my signature? I know there's got to be a how to thread for newbs but I can't find it. So far, success at running and stretching and I did meet a group that practices parkour in my area. I'll try to attend their next few meet ups to see how they feel about letting me hang out and receive guidance. I also met a group that seem stark raving mad and appear to want to run down a mountain for two days straight. Either way looks like i'll be running and jumping soon enough.
  13. So far so good, ran and stretched both days and had fun in the process. New personal challenge -figure out how to get my current challenge in my signature....
  14. I just popped in for a look and now find myself on my ass after attempting a pistol squat after watching someone's form check video. Good times. So.... PR: pistol squat +1 from 0 PR: push-ups +3 from 10 Hope I'm doing this right!
  15. Not exactly bizarre, but more uncomfortable as far as poses go. In other news, I've done two now and my armpits hurt. The heck?
  16. Thanks for posting those! I'm just starting out with flexibility and was wondering where to begin when I saw that.
  17. I just wrote my first challenge today and added flexibility so...perfect timing! You were right, this place is good motivation.
  18. I love Supernatural, and I laughed coffee out my nose at the "Assbutt" gif.
  19. Hello! I'm new to posting, but I started the academy about a year ago and got into the barbell battalion. Loved it, made a lot of progress and now it's time to make even more. I'm 36, 5'4 and weigh 136. I'm fairly active - I do strength training and run/hike about 5x a week. What I'd love to get into is free running, and to prepare for that I created my first challenge. Main quest: build running endurance while increasing agility. (Zombie dodging!) Endurance - Someday, at an unspecified time in the future, I'd like to be able to run most of five miles without completing stopping. For now, I'm going to aim for 2. I already run pretty regularly but I rarely keep running throughout the entire trek. So for the next six weeks I'm going to slowly add on until I gain some endurance. Tomorrow I'll start with .5 and track how far over that I can do at a comfortable pace without stopping. Once I have this number I'm just going to aim to do a little more every day. That's it! No matter how small, progress is progress. Agility - stretch time! This will be harder as I generally forget to do it and I'm not as flexible as I'd like. But I've been reading up and know this is critical towards my progress so here I go. I'll do this after every run, and do a full session of yoga on my rest day. Commitment - I'm already attaining my goal of exercise 5x a week, but I want to adopt a mindset where I have a willingness to learn and gain abilities over a lifetime. I don't want to stop after I meet a specific goal but rather be able to change and grow as my fitness improves. Test of skills: will sign up for Zombie Run in October. Life quest: practice Spanish on Duolingo at least three times a week. SMART: *This goal is very achievable - I have given myself plenty of time to ease into it and by starting with .5, I won't place too much stress on myself and burn out before I can make progress. *My three quests are complimentary and reasonable for my fitness level. *I can absolutely scale my goals down just by reducing the distance. *I will be tracking my goals with Runkeeper, the measure test, and Duolingo. *I will be grading my goals by weekly rather than daily progress. I don't want to fail because I have a couple of off days. I'll be rewarding myself with fun runs such as the Zombie Run, just to get out and enjoy using my new skills. *If I become ill or injured I'll adjust my rest days and do some yoga instead. *no special occasions anticipated in the next six weeks. *My goals shouldn't conflict because the second one is just recovery for the first and the third is more of a mindset. *I have already made time in my schedule for fitness over the last few months so I'm good I go. Final grades: 1st week: A- 2nd week: B 3rd week: A 4th week: B 5th week: B 6th week: A Conclusion: I had a harder time sticking to Spanish than I thought and this knocked my grade down a little. But I did sick with my fitness goals just fine, and made huge progress in flexibility...went from nothing to something! That's always good. 😆 First challenge completed!
  20. you can do it! . And awesome about making video game music...I'm a huge fan.
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