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  1. I tried doing 205 for 20 reps today and only made it to 12 before I collapsed! I just might have moved too fast. I'll try out 195 for my next set.
  2. The primary methods I've seen suggested are either subtracting 90 lbs from your 5RM or just calculating your 12RM based on your 1RM. I subtracted 90lbs from my 4RM of 275 (when I said my max on squat was 280, that was only current as of a month ago). Every session, 5-10 lbs are supposed to be added. If you fail, you just try the same weight again next session.
  3. First day of the routine, squatted 185x20. It felt like hell, but I definitely could've started with more. I think for the next work out I'll probably do 205 and see how that goes.
  4. Uh, looks like I accidentally put this in the wrong place. Whoops!
  5. Last challenge, I decided to stick rigidly to almost solely calisthenics, and one of my missions was to pack on size on my legs. The progress was rather pitiful. And while I now understand that size may not come as quickly as I want it, there is a time-tested method for strengthening my legs that I'm going to give a whirl. So for this challenge, I'm going to be joining the warriors for my 20-rep squat routine! Main Quest: Develop Stronger Legs My lower body has lagged behind my upper body to a ridiculous degree; my maxes on bench and squat are only 35 lbs apart at 245 and 280. Mission 1: Complete a 20-rep squat routine The supposed sure-fire way to strengthen your legs, and also an extremely brutal method. I want to complete 12 sessions of it by the challenge's end. Mission 2: Ensure I get proper caloric intake I have trouble eating enough to grow, so I'll need to be counting calories to make sure that I'm bringing in enough food. My goal is to eat at least 500 calories over maintenance 5 days out of the week. Mission 3: Cut out junk food I have a problem with eating like crap. I've decided to make nutrition a priority and give myself one cheat day a week to indulge in whatever candy/fast food/etc that I would like, but otherwise stick closely to a diet of fruits, veggies, and meats.
  6. These past few weeks have been pretty interesting and I wasn't sure if I would make it, but I did pretty well! My final max on pull-ups was 22. Just one short of my goal, I'm still happy with this. My final 400m time was 11:21, the one that I least expected to make this much progress on. My legs saw no size growth and a small amount of strength/power gain. Aside from that, I just didn't really find this method of training my legs to be very enjoyable; I think I'll definitely have to go to barbell squats for the progress that I want. All in all, I can appreciate this, but I can do better since I wasn't entirely consistent with my training (something I should really work on) I'll be sticking with the Assassin guild. I've gained a new appreciation for bodyweight movements part of my next challenge will definitely be a 20-rep BB squat routine and keeping consistent with workouts. Aside from that, I'm not entirely sure. I'll figure it out when I get there!
  7. I got into the pool today and swam 400m in 11:21, exceeding my expectations by far. Woo!
  8. Haven't been able to make it to a pool for a few days now; I really think I have the potential to swim those 400m right now but it'll just have to wait Aside from that, workouts have been good; I recently hit the gym to test my max on bench again to ensure that I still have my strength and put up 245 lbs (which puts me at #3 on the NF leaderboards!). I haven't maxed out pull-ups again yet, but I honestly feel pretty confident that I can bust out 25 in a row the next time I try. And though my legs aren't any bigger, there's been a noticeable improvement on my pistol squats and sprint speed. Woo!
  9. I've heard some people claim that it's because the synovial fluid in your joints isn't warmed up properly. I don't know if this is exactly why, but when I don't warm up for long enough I know that my right shoulder pops after every pull up. Maybe try a little more extensive of a warm-up?
  10. I think the whole story about this girl's diet isn't being told. These are some pretty strange side effects.
  11. Nothing very specific. My swimming is still improving, but I haven't timed myself again yet, and pull-ups are becoming increasingly easy. As of measuring my legs a few days ago, there has been no size increase, so I plan on starting a 20-rep barbell squat routine to give things a little boost and ramping up my calorie intake. I also achieved a single-leg front lever; now I just gotta get the other leg out!
  12. Looks like you've got your priorities pretty straight. Good luck and welcome!
  13. +1 to what JPrev said. I do an upper/lower split and it works well for me. It usually consists of upper body push/pull strength training, and then lower body plyometrics.
  14. Great day training today. Swam 400 yards in approximately 14 minutes, probably a little less (I can never remember where exactly the pace clock started at!) Goals are in sight! Looking forward to totally surpassing them pretty soon.
  15. I maxed out pull-ups last night at 20. Moving up in the world!
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