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  1. I just learned that scrambled eggs can keep in the fridge for up to 4 days. Why didn't I already know this?!??! Batch Cook! Batch Cook! Batch Cook! Batch Cook!
  2. I'm zipping around prepping for a trip and don't have time to hop on the desktop to make this one pretty. --- Quest #3: Save Trillian! One of your traveling companions has been captured by the Vogons. Navigate the Vogon bureaucracy by finding the correct customer service queue, fill out the prisoner release form, find out it's the wrong color form, grab the correct color form, get back in line, wait your turn and..... Just kidding. You're an Assassin. Skip the line and infiltrate this place. To complete this quest you must: Go into another guild forum (Locate Trillian) Look for a challenge in that forum by someone you don't typically know/follow/read. See if they have a physical fitness goal If they don't, or if all their goals require equipment you don't have any access to, then move on to another person. Once you've picked it, post in the Assassins' Den telling us whose goal you picked, from which guild, and what the goal is. Steal it (Recover Trillian), by completing their goal for the next week. Don't forget your towel! You have until Sunday night to complete this quest. Post in the Assassins' Den again after you complete the goal to let us know your infiltration/rescue was successful. Note: You may scale their goal to a difficulty that's appropriate for you. For example, if the goal is running a half marathon (13.1 miles), but you can only jog half a mile, then scaling the goal so that you do 3 miles of walking with some jogging mixed in would probably be more appropriate for you. Challenge yourself, but within reason.
  3. This is why I <3 you. Or maybe it's the dinosaur onesie.
  4. Who wouldn't want to walk to a barren, orc-infested, hellish,..... How many miles is it to Candyland?
  5. guild chat

  6. Progress bars don't work with the current forum software.
  7. guild chat

    Completing the second minichallenge quest. My Big Why that feels truest for me is: For happiness. I do what I do both because I suspect/hope it will lead to future happiness, and also because I try to do things that make me happy now, in the moment of doing. It's an "enjoy the journey" kind of thing. No goal I can think of that I've ever reached has made up for suffering an unhappy journey to reach it. I always remember the time - what feels like wasted time - being spent unhappy to get there. There's many ways to reach the same destinations. If the path I'm on consistently sucks, it makes total sense to me to hop off it and try for a happier path. Being happy on the journey toward a goal, I've found, is every bit as important for me as the happiness that comes with reaching the goal. Possibly even more so.
  8. Mrs. H has decided that my unplanned bulk is over. . I don't feel like counting calories. Sooooooo, since I proved last year that I absolutely can outrun (outwalk, outpace) my fork, I'm going with that method again. I started yesterday. Pacing whenever my daughter took naps or was otherwise engaged, I racked up 11-and-a-half miles on my pedometer, (without ever stepping outside my home's lovely air conditioning). For funsies, I made a new googlesheet to track my miles. As some of you may remember, I read to my wife at night, (and daughter too after she came along). The latest thing my wife wanted me to read to her is the Lord of the Rings - which neither of us had read before. (Seen the movies many times). Doing so reminded me of the Walk to Mordor thing, and I thought it'd be fun to track my milege and see how long it takes me to reach Bree, Rivendell, Moria, etc.
  9. Vid lady is doing deficit calf raises, with a slow eccentric.
  10. old fart

  11. I'm finding myself using "wall test" version of working ankle flexibility the most. It's easy to control and can be done pretty much anywhere anytime. And speaking of, working my ankle has been the spark to get me randomly stretching like I instinctually did as a kid. I used to do various stretches every day whenever/wherever. Not sure why I stopped. There was no good reason to stop. I'm consciously making myself that kind of person again.
  12. Third challenge round of doing my Pullups, Pistols, and Dips routine. Last cycle I made it 25 days before exhaustion beat me. (Or, in old-school videogame rpg terms: my hitpoints got low and I retreated to the nearest town/inn to recoup them). My PPD routine is simple. I do 1 rep of each exercise on day 1. I do 2 reps of each on day 2. I do 3 reps of each on day 3. And so on, adding 1 rep every day. It's total reps done on the day, however. I don't necessarily do all the reps all in one set. It doesn't matter when I do the reps, how many I do per set, or how much break I have between sets. As long as I complete the total reps for the day before I go to sleep for the night, the goal is met. I began this cycle yesterday. Today was PPD day 2. I've already done my reps for today. And they were very strong reps. Both pullups were shoulder height. Both dips were slow, controlled, and as deep as I can go (any deeper and my knees would be hitting the ground). Both pistols were good, except for one minor annoying issue -- I'm still having to grab something as a balance aid. It feels like I'm all leg when I'm lowering and pushing back up. But without grabbing something, I still fall on my ass. I tested the dumbbell method, holding one out in front of me, to see if that would solve the problem, but it didn't work at this stage. So, we'll see how things go. Maybe after gains from this cycle I'll be able to do it freestanding. I feel like I should be able to, so maybe I'm close. Also, I'll note, I'm 5'9" and sitting at 207 lbs right now (that's 174 cm and 94 kg for you metric folk). I've got a noticeably chubby gut. But I can do pullups. I can do dips. I can do pushups on gymnastics rings. If I use two legs, I can squat all day long. I'm writing this to remind you: Appearance doesn't dictate fitness.
  13. (Minichallenge talk can go in the Den)
  14. guild chat

    This thread is for general chatter, questions, suggestions, and other yakky yak. Half the gifs I try to post from my iPad don't show up when I post them. So, my lovely guildmates, you'll have to decorate the Den for me. Show me your gifs!