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    Hey all. I see two weeks have passed since my last update post. Haven't had anything to share really, as I haven't taken any more videos during that time. Aside from one or two minor assistance exercises, the videos I posted this challenge pretty much show the various exercises I do. As you may remember (or will now be reminded anyway), the videos weren't really about showing my training anyway. I posted the videos as my way of attacking -- head on -- body image issues. My goal for this challenge was to fix my brain. To see my body for what it really is presently, rather than the false image of myself that I've had stuck in my brain for a long time. A false image that I've now seen was waaaaaaaay worse than I really am. Sure, I can see in those videos that -- by my standards -- I'm still fat. But not nearly as fat as I thought I was. My mental image of my body was messed up. But this challenge has helped make it better. Enough that it's affected my choices. The past couple of weeks, when taking my dog outside to run in the yard and do her business, I haven't even bothered to put on a shirt. I still have a "please don't look at me" thoughts in my head while out there, but despite those thoughts I'm out there topless anyway. How's THAT for body acceptance? Boo-yah! Though I do hope that soooooomeday I'll reach a point where I go outside topless and instead of thinking, "please don't look at me," I find myself instead thinking, "Hey everyone! Look at me!" while walking with a swagger in my step and humming "I'm sexy and I know it." #LifeGoals. Anyway. Thank you to everyone who commented this challenge, or read along and hit the like button. Your presence, support, and honest feedback was very important to my success. This was a challenge that required people to see me, so it wouldn't have worked without you. I really appreciate that you were here for me and helped me out with this.
  3. Push Play ELLIPTICAL. ROWING. WEIGHTLIFTING. CUTTING/BULKING. I do all the things 5'9" ____________ 174 cm 190 lbs __________ 86 kg Primary Stat: Endurance/Stamina/Constitution My 8 Day Training Rotation First Thing Every Day ~40 minutes Elliptical ~20 minutes Rowing Chest Day inclined widegrip bench press --- warmup sets, 3x5 top sets, & 3x10 volume sets cable crossover --- 4x15 Leg Day #1 olympic squats --- warmup sets, 3x5 top sets, & 3x10 volume sets weighted walking lunges --- 4x24 BB calf raises --- 4x20 Back Day cable lat pulldowns to lap -- 4x8 cable one arm pulldowns -- 4x15 cable straight arm pulldowns -- 4x15 BB landmine rows -- 4x8 Recovery Day elliptical & rowing only Shoulder Day overhead press --- warmup sets, 3x5 top sets & 3x10 volume sets cable one arm overhead press --- 4x15 cable lateral raises --- 4x15 cable rope facepulls --- 4x15 hand release plyo pushups --- 4x AMRAP Leg Day #2 deadlifts --- warmup sets, 1x5 top set, & 3x10 volume sets BB calf raises --- 4x20 Arm Day EZ curls --- warmup sets, 3x8 top sets & 5x12 volume sets DB curls --- 4x15 cable one arm curls --- 4x20 cable one arm reverse grip pushdowns --- 4x15 Abs Day BB landmine twists --- 4x20 Follow me.