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  1. Here's an updated change-in-bodyweight graph. That flat bit at the start of this graph is the same time-period as the graph above in the quote.
  2. 14 October 2020 Got all three Press sets this time. 💪. It's going to take a while to creep back up to 135 while on a cut. But slow progress is progress and all progress is worth celebrating. Also, I'm seriously just happy my shoulder isn't complaining.
  3. Hi! I'm Hazard. If you're a Level 1 beginner to Nerd Fitness Challenges, then I'm your Guild Leader. I've made this thread to give you an easy/quick way to ask me questions. Please make sure you've read the NF Beginner Guidebook first. But after that, if you have any questions for me, you can post them here.