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  1. Peelout restarts KH2

    Looking good.
  2. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Weekly progress review (There should be 2 speadsheet screenshots in this post. Please let me know if they aren’t showing.) On my Walk to Mordor, our Fellowship continues to make it’s way down the Anduin toward Rauros Falls. I walked an uneventful 49-ish miles this week, reaching the northern edge of the Brown Lands and the Field of Celebrant, where the Easterlings once waged open war against a weakened kingdom of Gondor. And how have the miles ventured this week affected me? My belt is tightening. Yaaay! Buuut, I’m just shy again of reaching the week‘s Goal Waist. 1/16th of an inch! So close! I’m getting the impression I might spend this year chasing my weekly waist goals and always coming up a little short. (Donkey chasing the carrot on the stick. ). If so, that’s okay. Chasing the weekly waist goal is extremely motivating. Glancing at the top of that spreadsheet: As requested by @peelout, I’ve frozen the first row, Jan 4th, so that my Weight and Waist measurements from the first day stay at the top of the list for comparison. Let’s move over and look at my Weekly Averages spreadsheet. I added a column (“Maint. Cal.”) which you can see on the far right. I had enough data now to begin reverse-engineering what my daily Maintenance Calories are. (Daily Maintenance Calories are the amount of calories a person needs to eat in a day in order to maintain current body weight.) Keep in mind that what you’re seeing on my spreadsheet for “Maint. Cal.” is a calculated estimate and is based off weekly averages. I expect the Maint. Cal. estimate to change from week to week. But as it does so, we should be getting a pretty good idea of about where my body’s maintenance needs are at any given time. For example, if we take the estimate from the week of 1/14 and average it with the estimate from the week of 1/21, it suggests my body’s present caloric maintenance requirement is somewhere close to 2350 daily. From that, any calories I burn through walking to Mordor, and any calories of that 2350 that I don’t eat, puts me below my estimated daily maintenance —> which creates a caloric deficit and results in weight-loss over time. That’s our data for this week. Next week’s waist goal drops another 1/4 inch to 39.25”. As always, if anybody has any questions, observations, comments, etc., please don’t hesitate to chime in. Otherwise, you can still support/encourage me by simply tapping the “like” button for this post to quietly let me know you’re here on the journey with me.
  3. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    You like Japan. You like ocean things, like octopi. Octopuseseses have tentacles. Japan likes tentacles. Bulbasaur has tentacles. Therefore: Wobbegong!
  4. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    45 minutes! Where are we walking?
  5. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    T -2:55:00
  6. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    iPad. I haven’t unlocked the Walk While Using Laptop skill yet. I don’t think I’d pass the Dexterity check.
  7. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    It’s evening right now. Somewhere. Uzbekistan maybe? I’m walking right now. What are you doing?
  8. Wobbegong Prepares for the Best

    Take A Walk This Evening
  9. Lil_Red_Devil Channels the inner Demon Monkey

    Is that net calories? (Calories eaten minus exercise). Or is that the total you ate?
  10. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    I know some of my readers are into macronutrient percentages. MFP makes handy charts for that. So for those interested, here’s mine from last week::
  11. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Sure! I can do that for you. Belt holes are a great litmus test for whether or not our waists are significantly changing. I think of my belt as a backup checker for my tape measure. With the tape measure, human error is always a possibility. But regardless of what I get on the tape, if I have to move my belt to a tighter (or looser) hole, then my belt-line waist size has changed. One major difference between my belts and my tape measure though, is that I measure my waist at the fattest spot. Which is about 2.5 inches above my belt-line. My beltline is significantly smaller than my belly. I just measured it. My beltline comes in around 38.5”. Compared to my circa 39.8” bellywaist. And I wear size 36 pants right now. (Yes ladies, men’s clothing manufacturers lie on labels too.) The weekly Goal Waist is already laid out in the spreadsheet for the full year. It drops by a 1/4 inch each week. If my waist measurement keeps up with the weekly Goal Waist, then I’ll be on track for completing my 2018 Epic Waist Quest. If my Sunday waist measurement is above the listed Goal Waist for any given week, then I’m behind schedule. Please do. I intend to make this year one long remembered. Where I stand by a fireplace 30 years from now saying to my grandkids, “Now kids, let me tell you about the last year that I was ever fat. Back in the dinosaur age, when we still drove our cars instead of them driving us....”