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  1. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    The last couple of weeks have actually been a wash, on the fitness front. We bought a house up the road in another town, and have been eating out at local restaurants a lot while progressively moving stuff from the apartment over to the new home. My weight has quickly crept back up a few pounds. We’ve got the new kitchen in somewhat working order now though, so I can get some groceries into the fridge next trip. That should help a lot.
  2. Wobbegong Conquers the Sakamichi

    Maybe something on this page will help for the 蚊. On the page, they link directly to Amazon Japan for each product.
  3. The Hero's Journey

    Day 1 done Reflection: I did Level 1, but had to pause briefly (10 sec or so) during 3 of the 4 exercises — splitting those into two or three sets to finish the 60 reps. Not surprised at all. My aerobic conditioning is lacking right now. But I knew going into this that Neila Rey’s stuff is essentially aerobics with a creative twist. It’s a type of training that will be good for me right now.
  4. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Welcome. I’m always happy to make new friends and have another person haunting my log. Not that I’m aware of. Doing my next virtual-traveling sidequest, using Japan, sounds like fun.
  5. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    The end-of-year goal is intimidating for me, too. But today’s goal is just to under-eat and move my body. <—— That, I can manage.
  6. Wobbegong Conquers the Sakamichi

  7. The Hero's Journey

    I'm in. Short Intro: Hola. I'm currently on a year-long Epic Quest to get a tiny waistline. I do a lot of walking. But getting some randomish other exercise-movement in is nice for variety. Last month I got that variety by participating in a Quidditch-themed PVP. Conveniently, right after that pvp ended, this Heroes Journey group got made. So here I am. . My battle log is my challenge thread these days: Hazard Rebirth: the second evolution
  8. Wobbegong Twists and Turns

    Don’t you dare stop! I love slice-of-life manga/anime, and this story is just getting started!
  9. Rawr This battle log is my "challenge" thread now. As I half-jokingly wrote in my last challenge thread: instead of a 4-week challenge, you can think of this battle log as my 520-week challenge. Don't worry if you weren't here to read along when this log began. You don't have to read all the older posts if you don't want to. Click here to skip 20 pages, to the beginning of my Main Quest of 2018 You're also welcome to jump straight to the last page of this log (the most recent posts), joining me on my journey wherever I happen to be. Whatever way you come to me, I'll be happy to have the company when you arrive. . Hang around. Chat me up. Offer me advice. Ask me questions. Etc. I'll make a point of trying to return the love on your battle log or challenge threads, whichever you tend to use.