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  1. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    5.46 miles today, same as yesterday. Only 8 steps difference. Life is weird. In any case, we reached a ridge we had to climb, but the slope beyond the ridge was easier going. While on the ridge Strider spotted the Loudwater in the distance. We've come across a trail that we'll follow tomorrow. I've had four nights in a row of Little Love waking up too early. The sleep deprivation was mounting. There are no nap options most days. As the primary parent in the house, The Dude abides. But Mrs H had no work today. My body must have sensed the opportunity. I laid down in the early afternoon to relax for a few minutes of peace, and woke up five hours later. Mrs H, bless her, had noticed and let me sleep undisturbed. I woke from a silly dream though. I was sheltering from a hurricane, inside a warehouse-style cinderblock building that for some reason was a Planet Fitness. .
  2. karinajean finesses some fall

    Oh now, that's cool! You just Animal Planeted your life.
  3. Wobbegong Builds a Nest

    Oh good, it wasn't just me. I hated that game. I wanted to like it, but I couldn't. The controls were too frustrating and I gave up trying to deal with them pretty early on. That was my first, and only, FF7 spinoff game. I disliked it so much I never tried any others.
  4. They haven't said yet. The only clue we have is one is definitely an event in the past that we'll recognize as having been mentioned in GoT, and that they won't be doing Robert's Rebellion.
  5. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    I covered another 5.46 miles today. The hills in the Trollshaws have become higher and steeper, which must have slowed me down. And it's still raining. Today was the third morning in a row that my Little Love woke me more than an hour early. Booger. I really hope she has a peaceful full sleep tonight, so I can get one too.
  6. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    If he dies first, we'll just get Brandon Sanderson to finish the series. He will, of course, insert his own obligatory new POV character that readers have never seen in the series before and won't give a lick about. But at least we'll get an ending.
  7. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Thanks. Now, what do I need to bribe you with to get you to turn off your Tapatalk advertisement?
  8. From purely a weightgain vs weightloss standpoint, it comes out to much the same thing. If a person eats 50g of fat, 300g of carbs, and 200g of protein -- then they've eaten roughly 2,450 calories ((50*9)+(300*4)+(200*4)). Tracking macros basically is still tracking calories, but shifts the focus from total calorie count (by ignoring it) and focuses instead on eating the balance of and amount of macronutrients you want. Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum of Barbell Medicine has often advocated a macro-centric approach on the nutrition section of the Starting Strength forums.
  9. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    The berry has a face! A FACE!!!! it will probably eat us.
  10. Mission 1: N00b Quest

    It wasn't uncommon during challenges for me to add an extension to a quest that I completed early. If you wanted to, there's nothing wrong with deciding on the next step you want to acheive with your dumbbell lift for the weeks that are still left in this challenge, and adding that next step as a new goal extended from the one you just completed.
  11. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Wow my battery's drained. I just spent several hours drafting a reply to a PM. I know I passingly joked about it not taking long before I received one, but this is how serious I actually take it when people bring concerns to me, especially if the concerns center around a critique of me. Heck, I can spend 30 minutes just fussing over word-choice when drafting a two sentence reply to someone's forum post. Imagine how much more effort I spend drafting a virtual essay in a PM! There's a reason I never actually became a novelist, even though I used to think I might be good at it: I'd be like George R.R. Martin -- fussing so much over every little detail that the book series would never get finished! Hopefully getting more walking in will bring my energy back up. And maybe a Pepsi.
  12. Hello SweetPatate! Welcome to the game! I think you may have followed a link that points people to one of the older challenge dates. I've moved your Challenge thread to the Level 1s forum for the current challenge dates. Your Main Quest and subquests all look great! For Quest #4, are you training Judo on your own, or are you going to a formal training center that you're taking lessons at?
  13. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Kinda sorta. Knee pain on stairs hasn't really been an issue for me in a long time. I've built up enough strength in the musculature which supports the knees that walking up or down a flight of stairs isn't a big enough stressor to cause my knees pain. I am starting to feel noticeably lighter. Which does put a 'Spring in my Step'. My weight has gone down and up and down and up several times over the last few years, within a range of 174 lbs - 207 lbs. So the experience of getting smaller isn't new to me. I'm definitely going to feel lighter and more springy as my weight decreases. I'll also feel less "solid". Which is historically my big struggle. I don't like feeling less solid. I was skinny as a kid, and have "former skinny guy syndrome". Feeling less solid makes me feel like the world can shove me around. My plan has been to do slow bulking with periodic short cuts, once my waist gets small. But every time I've cut my waist down, I've ended up adding the weight back on too fast because of feeling too skinny. And while I get a bit of muscle growth during fast weight gain, I also gain waaaaay too much fat back. What I planned to do years ago, and still plan to do now, is get my waist small again and then slowly, progressively, grow muscle tissue while keeping my waist trim. Ultimately, my longterm big Main Quest aesthetically is to get as muscularly big as I think is reasonable for my lifestyle, while keeping a relatively small waist (under 32" for sure; possibly closer to 30"). After I've gotten my waist small, and then built up the muscle tissue, I estimate I'll be around 190-195 lbs. Which is just a few pounds less than I'm at now. But with the strength that comes from growing another 40 lbs of muscle, I'm guessing I'll have plenty of spring in my step even weighing in the low 190s.
  14. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Winter is Coming

    The first two books felt like reading well-written episodes of Scooby Doo; but put in a very, very creative and fun Setting. "And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those darn kids!"