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  1. What's your range in the lunge without pain? Can you spread your legs into lunge position and squat down at least a couple of inches? Second, how's your quad flexibility? When performing a basic quad stretch, can you get your heel anywhere near your butt?
  2. Re Fascism: The Conservative agenda is - as per the federal Constitution - a limited and small government, with greater local autonomy. Pretty much the exact opposite of fascism. Re Death: *hugs* I recently re-watched The Last Samurai. There's a small part in it that caught my attention this viewing and, though not an exact metaphor for death, I think does somewhat speak to the human experience..... Algren: [shouting] What the hell am I doing here? Katsumoto: In spring the snows will melt and the passes will open. Until that time, - you - are - here. And --- Algren: [shouting] What do you want from me? Katsumoto: What do you want from yourself? These are questions we all throw out into the universe, often many times over the years. I think Katsumoto's answers are profoundly on point.