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  1. 19 & 20 January 2021 Replies first, then updates. Feet assistance could be a good way to bridge a gap if I get stuck somewhere in my progression plan. Thank you both for the reminder. I'll keep that tool in my pocket in case I need it. ------------------ Quest Progress: No progress on the Support Hold times in this workout. I would've at least had more total volume, but I misread my numbers from the previous week and capped my warmups at 16sec when they should have gone to 20s. Mistakes happen.
  2. 17 January 2021 Change of plans on the falsegrip training. There's a lot of pressure bearing down on the spot where the rings and body meet. I was able to tolerate the discomfort/pain on the first day that I trained flexhang with falsegrip. But I couldn't tolerate it at all today. It was muuuuch sharper pain. When I went up for the first set, almost instantly I yelped in pain and let go of the rings. I gave it a few minutes, took a little more time setting my grip, tried again, with the same result. Wasn't happening today. My suspicion is that the last flexhang
  3. 16 January 2021 I'm excited to have moved up to the 25# dumbbells for head holds today. On smaller DBs my fingertips curl under the head to provide some extra "lift" against gravity, and that extra support helps keep from dropping the DB. The 25# DB's head is big enough that I can't get my fingertips underneath anymore, forcing me to use pure "grasping" strength to keep the DB from falling. Which means the training wheels are off. I'm a big boy now. 🙃 Quest Progress: No direct rings training on my deadlift day.
  4. 15 January 2021 Quest Progress: +4 seconds improvement on Support Hold over last time. Moving right along.
  5. 13 January 2021 Replies first, then update. I'm probably good there. I've got decently bendy wrists. ------------------ Quest Progress: 11s on the flexhang AMSAP today with a falsegrip, for a +4 seconds improvement from last time.
  6. 12 January 2021 Replies first, then update. If I remember right, it was @Machete that turned me on to using balls to train a bar falsegrip a few years ago. It works beautifully on the bar. Can't speak for the rings yet, but I'll be trying it and we'll see. Grip a tennis ball (or something similarly appropriate in size for your hands) in each hand. Bend your wrists over the bar. Place the spot on your body where your wrists & hands connect with each other onto the bar. Your fingers shouldn't be touching the bar at all. This
  7. I don’t know why this tickles me so much. But “forst” is now my word of the day. I’ve already asked my wife what she'd like forst for lunch, and she’s giving me a look like she knows something’s up but isn't sure exactly what nonsense I’m doing yet.
  8. 10 January 2021 Replies first, then update. Yeah, I thought I remembered you mentioning xbox. I'm using a PC. I probably have more mods available to me, but I'd bet the xbox is a much more stable system to play the game on. My character has spent most of his time so far standing in his skivvies in Whiterun waiting for the town to load. By "pseudo" I mean: I'm attempting my best false grip on the rings when in a flexed hang, while acknowledging that I'm not quite getting the grip right yet. I can't flex on the rings while holding b
  9. 8 January 2021 Replies first, then update. I've played with a lot of programs and progression methods over the years, so there's a good bit of stuff floating around in my head to pull from. To paraphrase a saying, "Anything I do owes a little something to each of the people who influenced me." While I've never seen anybody else doing exactly what I described in my last post, the training methods I come up with for myself originate from taking stuff, testing it, squishing it, molding it, and ultimately developing it into something that I like for myself.
  10. 7 January 2021 Replies first, then update. Thanks! Yes, the first two sets were intentionally stopped short at 9 secs, and the last set done for AMSAP. My support hold workout before that was 6s/6s/13s. I basically split the difference between 6s and 13s to arrive at 9sec. As another example, in yesterday's workout I got 9s/9s/21s, so spitting the difference between 9s and 21s my next support hold workout will probably look something like 15s/15s/AMSAP. SkyUI for better inventory management. Duel Combat Reali
  11. 6 January 2021 Replies first, then update. Since you only have so few, would you mind listing them? I still have space to install more. 😁 ------------------ Quest Progress: I went from 13 seconds last time to 21 seconds this time, for a nice +13 seconds improvement on Rings Support Hold.
  12. Thanks for the reminder! I was trying to decide between SPERG or Ordinator, set the decision aside while installing other things, and forgot to come back to it. Got Ordinator installed now. ..... 1 ? Is..... is choosing only 1 mod even possible?!? (I'm at over 140)
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