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  1. Hazard

    How often do you weigh yourself?

    Gathering weight data is a perfectly valid fitness tool, at whatever time intervals it's gathered. So people can weigh daily, or don't. Let's not throw shade toward those who do.
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing that. That was a great listen. I came across your post right after a workout. That was great for post-workout relaxing.
  3. Hazard

    Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Definitely enjoyed it. When those endorphins kick in, woo boy. It was wicked to feel the runner’s high again, just like I used to get in my youth. When it hits, my body suddenly goes from “ugh, I’m having to work” and transforms into “that’s right you freakin’ gazelles and antelopes and stuff, you better run! Because I’m coming hard and my teeth are sharp! (That’s what she said. huh? Huh? Lol. Badump tsk.)
  4. Steve’s blog posts have long had a negative undertone concerning running for exercise. Scouts have occasionally expressed their displeasure about it, with some veteran Scouts who are excellent runners having openly exprssed their feeling that their chosen fitness activity is not being positively supported on Nerd Fitness. And though I hate to say it, they aren’t wrong. I haven’t been at all surprised to see the Scout guild shrinking smaller and smaller over time. People aren’t going to stick around a community where they don’t get positive and encouraging support.
  5. Option A. I already want to listen to it. I wouldn’t even turn B on to try it out.
  6. Hazard

    Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Update I’ve been transitioning from all that walking into running. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing intervals of jogging, walking, running - no particular program set, just listening to my body and doing what I feel capable of each morning. As of this morning, after about two weeks of this, I did my first full mile of non-stop jogging. I completed the mile in 9 min 40 seconds. When I completed it, though the muscles in my ankles felt a tiny bit tight, I was sweaty, and breathing a little harder -- I wasn’t hurting or tired. I could have kept going. I didn’t (aside from continuing right into a 30 minute walk afterward) because I train 6 mornings a week now. Knowing that I’ll be training again the next morning keeps me from over-doing it on any given day. It’s not even close to what I used to be capable of as a runner, but, physically, that jog made me feel more like myself than I’ve felt like in years. I was a track runner when I was younger, and this feeling is a reminder that being a decent runner is simply part of my body’s nature. It’s long past time that I reclaim that piece of me. And for my strength-traning friends out there, no worries — the run training hasn’t stopped me. After I was done with the jog & walk, I went straight into Leg Day. Moving that barbell with Squats, SLDLs, and alternating Lunges. Rawr! Edited to Add: Fooooooood — The rest of the day I do 4 alternating meals of chicken & broccoli with 150- 200 cals from whatever carb source I feel like, and fish & asparagus with 100-150 cals from whatever carb source I feel like. Then I finish off the day with more steak & a spinach/tomato salad. If I happen to still be extra hungry any given evening after all those meals, I feed the Stomach Beast a bonus 5 scrambled egg whites and a 15 gram protein shake. Total calories from meals comes in under 2500, and when combined with the morning exercise puts me into a deficit to keep the bodyfat trimming off. If I ever hit a cut plateau, it’s as simple as moving those carb-source calories lower. If I want to bulk, it’s as simple as moving those carb source calories up. That’s 2 beef meals, 2 fowl meals, 2 fish meals. Plus veggies and flexible carb sources. Simple. Varied. Tasty. And Nutritious To break any feelings of monotony that might creep in, I also give myself one high carb “cheat” meal on Sunday evenings (Sundays are my Sleep In x No Work Out day), which helps with recovery and replenishes some muscle glycogen so I can wake up the next morning filled with energy and ready to rock the week!
  7. Rawr This battle log is my "challenge" thread now. As I half-jokingly wrote in my last challenge thread: instead of a 4-week challenge, you can think of this battle log as my 520-week challenge. Don't worry if you weren't here to read along when this log began. You don't have to read all the older posts if you don't want to. Click here to skip 20 pages, to the beginning of my Main Quest of 2018 You're also welcome to jump straight to the last page of this log (the most recent posts), joining me on my journey wherever I happen to be. Whatever way you come to me, I'll be happy to have the company when you arrive. . Hang around. Chat me up. Offer me advice. Ask me questions. Etc. I'll make a point of trying to return the love on your battle log or challenge threads, whichever you tend to use.