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  1. So, this challenge is about treating my body like an experiment with my doctor, which means I need to do a few things: 1. Track food 2. Track blood sugar 3. Start a morning routine 4. Take supplements daily If I can do 80%, I will get full points. 60% is 7 points, and 40% is 5. Anything less than 40% results in 0 points. Food will be logged via SparkPeople, as will blood sugar and supplement usage, as I have my blend saved as a group. My morning routine is to involve the Rebellion, tracking the previous day's progress as well as that morning's. The morning routine will involve: 5 minutes of meditation (working up to that), 10 minutes of house cleaning, 4+ ounces of bone broth (after I make a new batch), and 15 minutes of reading for pleasure. Reward for completion: 4 Con, 2 Str, 2 Wis, and 2 Cha.
  2. So sorry! I completely fell off the wagon, but I'm back on. My doc and I are using me as a lab rat, so I need to act within protocols
  3. Good call on the hiatus for injury. Rather you take a week off than seriously injure yourself! I miss doing quad counts, they made me feel badass whenever I worked out with someone lol. They'd say 20 push-ups and be dying at the end, and I'd be "What about the other 10?" (disclaimer: I was kind of a jerk in high school that way). It's hard to get used to though. Dig the goals, but have fun with the bedtime.... One of us should!
  4. Great goals! For infused water: I dig berries or melon, especially honeydew, which I normally hate. It's good in water though! As for those Shadows, a little Light in the Dark. Good to see how well you seem to be doing this week! Congrats on your surprise!
  5. Hey! Sorry, forgot to follow my own thread. So week to date: No processed grain at all! Yesterday was temptation, but managed to stay away. The real challenge will be this morning's breakfast at the Barrel: must not eat biscuits! haha. Hope my sleep gets better, but that's what happens when you try to use liquor as a sleeping medicine. Not a drop this week, though!
  6. So, I'm going back in time, to nearly the beginning of my Rebellion days. Back to basics. My first two weeks of this challenge will be no processed grain and no alcohol. If I get get my wife into joining me, I may go coffee-free as well. These weeks are strictly pass/fail. The next four will be maintenance weeks. I will grade those on cleanliness of diet, but these are letter scale, with +/-. I feel like crap and I need to fix it.
  7. I'm back! I went through a minor depressive episode after my grandmother passes, which I'm still working through, but it's also influenced by how I eat, which has been TERRIBLE. I'm going to go back to basics next challenge and see if I can bootstrap this.
  8. Awesome, Artemis! Knocking things off the bucket list! I'm sorry, everybody, I wasn't around much this challenge. Next one, though, we'll rock together!
  9. I'm sorry guys! The day after my brother's graduation, they found my grandma gone. I've been busy picking up the pieces.....
  10. I'm so sorry everybody! Taking the bus to my work has been killing me! I'll update with last week's mini answer soon.... Sorry this is rushed, but it's bed time. Artemis, good job surviving finals! Feowyn, that's a great step! Just getting to the "a mistake doesn't mean I'm a failure" is a hard, but wonderful, step in the right direction. Mini challenge 4: I name thee: Miyagi Tell us what inspires you and/or motivate four people through slump time
  11. Good luck on the finals! Looks like you're keeping up great!
  12. Weapon XI Progress sheet Week ending 26 Apr 2015 Track Food: X Grain Servings: X Cooking: X Goes to gym: X Recommended course of action: Memory wipe followed by being held with a flame to the posterior region. Key- X= Fail P= Pass
  13. Good morning everyone! Oxymoron though it is lol. It is the dawn of week 3, and we're coming into the slump weeks, so this mini is about changing mindset and pre-empting them. If you're anything like me, the hard part about this week's mini is narrowing down which one you'll use..... Mini challenge 3: I name thee: Edison Admit a time when things proved they didn’t work in fitness/health and how you fixed them
  14. Looks like you're doing great! Glad to see you rocking out to spite the job stress!
  15. I'll be going back on the wagon on Monday, as this weekend will be difficult. P might end up being Petunia.... But for now, I think it's Pass. No self-flagellation here, at least not literal. I'll be better soon, though.
  16. Sorry I'm late! Pre-finals week is killing me lol Welcome to the team Schnln! Always happy to have new people! Personal record: one 30 lbs dumbbell curl per arm. It hurt SO good!
  17. Weapon XI Progress sheet Week ending 19 Apr 2015 Track Food: X Grain Servings: X Cooking: X Goes to gym: P Recommended course of action: Flogging until ears bleed Edit: Transcribed without key. Will fire with flamethrower when Wilson's s'mores night is over. Key- X= Fail P= Pass
  18. So... Sorry I'm late. I'll be doing a full report of last week soon. We have some financial issues, so it looks like this week, processed grains are gonna be a big part of the diet. We'll be back on track ASAP, especially with her on board. Raptron: YUS!!!! I LOVE me some leg day! It's my favorite! Design Wizard: I'm gonna try talking my wife into bringing some fish into the house. She hates everything about seafood, but it used to be a huge part of my diet. I miss it. Feowyn: You're back!!! Thanks for the encouragement! I felt better when I was processed grain free, but they're so cheap.... But with the new job, it should get better.
  19. Sorry I'm late, started my new job yesterday.... Mini challenge 2: I name thee: Max Payne Break a personal record in any category
  20. Body and health of my dreams! Step 1: Begin taking back control of my nutrition Step 2: Lift like my life depends on it (it does!) Step 3: Learn proper meal preparation Step 4: Research proper supplementation Step 5: Begin working on symmetry Step 6: Consider competing in bodybuilding competition
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