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  1. Weigh-in update: Lost 1.5lbs, making my CW 242. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. As a bonus, here is a picture of me dressed as Business Casual Thor for halloween.
  2. Update on Week 1 1. Exercise: Success! 4/7 2. Eat Clean: Meh. 3. Didn't weigh yesterday. 4. Drink More Water: doing better
  3. Day 1 Recap 1- Exercise: FAIL. 0/42 2-Eat Clean: Success. 1/42 3-Lose Weight: Weigh-in days are Sunday, so I'll check back then. 4- Drink More Water: SUCCESS! 4 bottles of water yesterday. Still not where it needs to be, but I feel good about it. 1/42 LG 1- made an outline for current project. 1/42 LG 2- 0/42
  4. Starting stats: Height: 5'5" Weight: 243.5 Highest Weight Ever: 260ish Starting Weight from last challenge: 251 Total Weight Lost Since Joining NF: 7.5 lbs Miles Walked: n/a (the day is young)
  5. So, last challenge went OK. OK is not good enough, so this challenge will be AWESOME. I'm going to London in January, and I love to shop, so I want to be able to buy clothes 3 sizes smaller when I'm there. BRING IT, NOVEMBER. Diet/Fitness Goal 1: Exercise. EVERY DAY. Follow the Rebel Fitness Guide. Walk. Everywhere. Diet/Fitness Goal 2: Eat Clean. Looking at my food logs from the last challenge I actually did OK in this- I've cut out a lot of the stuff I used to turn to, but planning & execution are still my weak points. Diet/Fitness Goal 3: Lose. A Ton. Of Weight. Ideally, 15-20 lbs. I
  6. My lack of logging in over the last 4 weeks might be one way of telling why I did so poorly in this challenge. FITNESS / HEALTH GOAL 1: Lose 15 lbs. Current weight: 250.5, height 5'5" Ending Weight: 245.5 I did lose some weight, but not as much as I wanted to. FITNESS / HEALTH GOAL 2: work through the Rebel Fitness Guide workouts consistently, meaning 3 days / week of those workouts and 4 of another kind of activity (walking to work, swimming, etc.) I did walk to work #2 from work #1 almost every day, weather permitting, which I am pretty proud of, and I had kept this up, trying to find mor
  7. I know that technically I have only been doing this five days, but for the sake of record-keeping, I'm going to do an update since it has been a few days since I checked in. How is it going for me? Glad you asked. It is going GREAT. Health / fitness goals 1 lose 15 lbs sw:250.5, cw 247.5!!!!! 3lbs! Aaaaaaah!!! Grade: A. If I step it up and stay committed I am definitely on track. 2 work through the rebel fitness guide consistently Grade: D. I have been getting in more activity by walking from job #1 to job # 2 and I did workout A from the rookie level once last week. My biggest challenge has
  8. Day 2 Update: 1. I know weighing oneself every day is a guaranteed crazy-maker, but I weighed myself when I got up this morning and it said 249.5! So, 14 lbs to go! A 2. Yesterday I did the Rookie workout A and did stairs as my cardio. It burns, precious. A 3. Other than the stairs for the workout, FAIL. This is turning out to be the harder of my goals to implement. C 4. Did very well with eating yesterday, with a small break for a kudos 100 calorie bar that my coworker brought in. At least it's not pastry? I guess? LG 1: A. Bought coffee, that's it. Also scheduled a transfer to my ING sa
  9. yeah, how are the squads working? Do we put our week 1 goals in right now or later? so confused.
  10. Thanks, wolfman! I figure that if they all feed into each other it's like I'm accomplishing one big goal instead of four little ones? Or something? haha. BTW, I don't understand your icon, but I love it.
  11. Fitness/Health Goals 1: Still 250. 2. Got in about 30 minutes of cardio chasing actors around the McKittrick Hotel. If anyone has a chance to go to Sleep No More in NYC, I recommend it! 3. Failed at stairs. 4. Very good on the eating- didn't get my usual morning pastry, didn't buy a fatty lunch, an A for today on food. Life Goal Decent. I did drop $20 on a program for Sleep No More, but cancelled out by the lack of purchasing lunch / dinner/ breakfast. Day 1 Grade: B/C. Need to improve on stairs and saving!
  12. I think this quote from the original article is also pretty interesting: . "dust and dreams," yechh. Give me a full chicken any day. (No, seriously. Gimme.)
  13. woohoo for similar goals! are you planning on joining any squads?
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